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Kraftwerk versus a cheesy copycat: How did the copycat win?

I am a machine (says Turing test)


Have you noticed that with copyright, the people who complain loudest and longest about how unfair it all is often the least talented?

Have you noticed that there is a verb missing in this sentence? Is the word "ARE" copyrighted?

Google engineer names and shames dodgy USB Type-C cable makers

I am a machine (says Turing test)

Do nuclear power plants use USB Type-C cables?

After reading this, I just hope USB Type-C cables are not part of the standard Chinese nuclear power plant design, particularly the "export" type.

Two weeks of Windows 10: Just how is Microsoft doing?

I am a machine (says Turing test)

Incompatible with Microsoft products that are supposed to be compatible

I have it up and running on the "home theatre" pc where I run only literally two programs foobar2000 and VLC player.

I installed successfully on the main pc but:

- could not send email from Outlook (according to the MSFT forums it can be resolved running the "sfc /scannow" command but I found out when I was already back on Windows 7)

- MS Money does not run. You can make it run editing the registry but it still doesn't import OFX files (it crashes when trying).

- My TV card had a wrong driver installed and it didn't work.

- I hate the confusion of the half-baked start menu.

- I don't want to use "search" via bing to find something on MY computer.

So back to Windows 7.

Notebooks drag PC sales out the toilet, fondleslabs still falling

I am a machine (says Turing test)

what market?

From the figures and the fact that you use GBP as currency it seems that you are talking about the UK market. Are you? Do we need to fall into the US syndrome where US and planet earth tend to merge into a single entity?

Apple's Tim Cook and Salesforce's Marc Benioff DECLARE WAR on anti-gay Indiana

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Re: Ban Craigness for freedom's sake

I suppose my irony got lost. I was just trying to point out that calling discrimination "freedom" is absurd.

I am a machine (says Turing test)

Ban Craigness for freedom's sake

I think The Reg should exercise the freedom to ban Craigness from this forum because he is against our religion. I am sure Craigness will have no objection.

Fanbois: We paid $2000 for full satisfaction but now we have SPREADING STAINS

I am a machine (says Turing test)


What do you expect? Apple operates on wafer-thin margins and with very tight cashflow. Addressing the problems of 600 customers with an expensive recall programme could put them out of business.

Nexus 9: Google and HTC deliver Android 5.0 'Lollipop' at iPad prices

I am a machine (says Turing test)

I'd rather buy the Sony Z3 Tablet

Slightly smaller screen but 3GB of RAM and microSD card slot. The 16GB WiFi version is £300 on Amazon.

Still expensive but at least you can stick a memory card in it.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: My well-known gayness is 'a gift from God'

I am a machine (says Turing test)

It is not "so what" yet

I am afraid all those commenters banging on the point that this is not news, carry on nothing to see, etc, fail to realise that Apple is a global company and in some countries in the world you go to jail or you get sentenced to death for being gay. Besides, teenagers coming out to their parents usually do not get that "so what" reaction even in our first world countries.

So as long as these things still happen in the world, a celebrity coming out as gay is still news unfortunately.

Amazon's AWS opens data center in Germany – just as we said

I am a machine (says Turing test)


You forgot "Yeah, right" in the title.

Don't bother with Apple's 9 Sept hype-day: Someone's GONE AND BLABBED IT ALL

I am a machine (says Turing test)

9th September is when all the Beatles catalogue is re-issued in mono on vinyl. I am not going to buy it but I am sure that whoever does will get much more pleasure from that than from an iPhone.

Security guru: You can't blame EDWARD SNOWDEN for making US clouds LOOK leaky

I am a machine (says Turing test)

Apparently storing data outside the US doesn't help either


If you deal with an American company it doesn't matter where the data is, a US warrant will be enough. For the American government other countries' laws do not exist or are just meaningless.

(More details also under dictionary entry: "drone")

EU: Let's cost financial traders $400m a day, because EVIL BANKERS. Right?

I am a machine (says Turing test)

Re: Conservation of value..

Real economy in the western world grows 2-3% in a year at best. So discounting that element there is indeed no money made, just money stolen.

I am a machine (says Turing test)

Here is an idea

If my pension can only be saved using these pathetic speculative tricks then here is an idea: tax those who get rich thanks to these speculative tricks and use the money to give us a decent state pension. If you have plenty of money and want to speculate to make even more, good for you but you take the risk, not me with my small pension pot.

The state will collect tax and use it to pay pensions to the normal people who can't afford to take risks.

PS: I am fed up with the "free market" religion.

Dropbox defends fantastically badly timed Condoleezza Rice appointment

I am a machine (says Turing test)

Bye dropbox

I know it won't make any difference but it is good to delete your account and, when asked why, congratulate them for their new (water)board member.

Zuckerberg tops the list of most generous Americans with billion-dollar gift

I am a machine (says Turing test)

Silicon Valley Community Foundation only?

Really? No money for the Beverly Hills Wine&Dine Foundation and the Montecarlo Yachting Community Club?

Microsoft 'surprised' by Google Gmail 'winter cleaning'

I am a machine (says Turing test)

Re: Why?

You can use android-sync (www.android-sync.com) to create local contacts and calendars on your Android phone and sync your outlook data over USB. That's how I carry my work calendar and contacts on my Android phone. The local contacts and calender are not synchronised with the Google cloud so Google thinks I am Billy-no-mates and I spend my days in bed never meeting anyone.


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