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Germany sets date for Google vs newspapers smackdown

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Re: Alternative news wins it.

If only the Sun and the Daily Mail would take their tripe behind a paywall too. I'm sick of seeing that sensationalist crud on GoogleNews.

Fish grow ‘hands’ in genetic experiment


I think it's fitting that it looks like the new life-form is saying "Howdy-ho!", it being Christmas-time and all.

Search engines we have known ... before Google crushed them


Well, Yahoo haven't had their own search engine for years. Microsoft pay them to use Bing search results. In return, Yahoo pass user stats back to MS to help with targeted advertising.


Re: So much for Bing

DuckDuckGo gets most of their results from Bing, though. And it gets its revenue from Bing Ads. And its anti-Google marketing campaign is identical to Microsoft's anti-Google marketing campaign.

If FUD hasn't helped Bing grow, I'm not certain it will work for MS funded DDG.

DDG have made it into some browser search boxes, which may help them. The highest profile example is the one in Linux Mint. Ironically, this means that a Linux distro is not only being funded (albeit indirectly) by anti-Linux Microsoft, but it's also helping to increase Bing market share at the expense of Google, the company that finally brought Linux to the mainstream.

We live in strange times.

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