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SURPRISE! BT bags more gov broadband cash - this time in Bucks & Herts


Re: but...

Wrong way round, it's the Government wh***** for its BT pimp.

The new capitalism, or corporatism, you don't need to win customers with product, you just get the Gov to tax them and transfer the money to you! Railways, for example, are just a mechanism for transferring money from Government to corporations, travel is a side issue. I wonder want incentives the politicians have for these arrangements? Better not speculate!


BT wins another HUGE gov-funded rural broadband deal


Re: Have I got this right...

Not only that, but the possibility of a subsidy must positively encourage BT to drag its heels over providing an adequate network. My cabinet will be upgraded eventually under the much delayed planned roll out, but for mysterious reasons only some of the subscribers on it will be offered an upgraded connection.

If taxpayers have to pay for the network, perhaps it's time to take it back into public ownership. leaving BT with retail services only.



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