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Ten smartphones with tablet ambitions...



I know it's not available here yet (if at all) but the K900 Ideaphone looks quite sexy with it's Intel innards, 5.5" screen, 400ppi and Lenovo's trademark tank-like build quality. It even had the same 13mp Exmor sensor as the SXZ!

The only question is the dual core CPU.

It's also a shame that only Samsung have nailed the wacom-style input. It's something I really like using on my Note.


Big screened quad-core Chinese beasts splash down at CES


Yuga Party

As a relatively happy Galaxy Note (CM10.1) user I wish I had a pound for every time I've heard the Dom Joly remark!

Personally I'd quite like something just a tad larger. I tend to use the device for video, reading ebooks, gaming, nav etc so an even larger screen really appeals. When I do use the Note as a phone I've never get any major problems from that side of things.

As a custom firmware flasher though I have to say that Samsung's exynos is a bit of a mess really. They've really not given the opensource code that the devs need to make it a great custom fw platform. Sony on the other hand have been extremely helpful and supportive. That's why, unless something even better appears in the meantime , my next device will be the Yuga. The only thing I'll miss will be the S-Pen since that makes texting/mailing/form filling a brilliantly fast process.

I guess the point is though that Samsung have pretty much comprehensively shown that there's a market for large form factor smartphones. The battleground is your pocket! Just how big will manufacturers dare to go? 6" is about right for a pocketable HD media device.


Ray Kurzweil to become Google's top engineer


Self driving cars and virtual assistants may have been predicted by Ray but it seems it was Google that actually made them a reality. They did all that without him so I wonder why they feel they need him now?

I must admit I find the the 'singularity' a seductive concept and Kurzweil an interesting person but another part of me sees him as a typical 1970's hairy future-doofus who may have dropped one too many tabs.

I guess we'll know one way or the other pretty soon.



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