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Apple iGlasses


Re: Was there something similar then? YES

Chris, you really should try harder than just mention and provide Google glass pic, there's the earlier 2009/2010 Motorola Kopin Golden-i headmounted computer system that Google got the idea from


but OC there's more to choose OC....

its not even hard to find prior art if your an old Mac emulator user (older than many I whatever users have been alive never mind since i something existed ) ) on the AMIGA platform that ran the mac OS faster that the real mac and the AMIGA hardware devs that that later made their licensed faster PPC mac HW upgrade cards that were also faster that the original hence Steve killed them off after his return :)

for example the ,mans is Dr. Jonathan D. Waldern, the device is the headset with 'VIRTUALITY' embossed across it


and here's some of his papers


and some of his patents


theres plenty to invalidate most apple patents if you look

Hands on with the Apple iPad 3


Re: Retina display??

"Retina" is being used as a standard one way or the other."

im sorry but its not "a standard" as in "industry standard" its a description of a device that is in prototype in some medical devices today....the most exact description to date is this

"A virtual retinal display (VRD), also known as a retinal scan display (RSD) or retinal projector (RP), is a display technology that draws a raster display (like a television) directly onto the retina of the eye. The user sees what appears to be a conventional display floating in space in front of them. "

the key being draws a raster display <b>directly</b> onto the retina of the eye. as opposed to reflecting light off an object or screen, apples false "retinal display" description PR does NOT make their display device a REAL retinal display.

Boffins crack superconducting graphene's melting mystery


Re: Not too bad really.

Graham Wilson,thats not as odd as you might think, it always seems odd to me that the nano guys dont really talk to the tried and trusted mechanical engineers and how they solve problems and simplify things to make them work in the real world outside the lab every day, they should be talking on a daily schedule in all field's bio mechanics too, to you guys.


late to the party i know but....

i wonder if the Manchester prof's Andre and Konstantin ever nipped down the road and looked at doping their Graphene with "Blue John" given thats a mineral you cant get anywhere but the north west England http://www.mindat.org/min-698.html , or even looked at its properties/Makeup at these scales.

i always like reading and being inspired to make hypothetical hybrid devices by combining several of the current tech as found at http://www.nanodaily.com/ etc

, shame the UK universities cant be bothered to set-up and make popular a daily to advertise their discoveries in an end user UK based central nano news uk site for all like this....

plenty of choice for many a hybrid device if anyone large or small cares to try and make something viable for the UK markets in limited quantity.

Apple's Chinese labourers get 1.6 per cent of iPad loot - report




"asic salary is far from a living wage

SACOM suggested that the living wage in Shenzhen was about CNY 2300 referencing to the Engel Law formula in last year.

Owing to skyrocketed inflation in the cities, the living wage in2011 should be CNY 2728.8 And the monthly living wage in Chongqing should be CNY 2192.

SACOM estimates the living wage in Chengdu should be CNY 2600.9 This echoes the aspiration of the workers that a monthly income should be around CNY 2500 in Chengdu and Chongqing, and CNY 3000 in Shenzhen.

In other words, the basic salary at Foxconn in the three cities lags behind the basic needs of workers. Eventually, workers have to earn a living from overtime work.

“I work very hard everyday and I deserve CNY 3000-4000 per month.,”..."

[cut lots as text is tight read the original]

Not many workers have experience to decline overtime work. During low season, a request for an un-overtime shift will be easily approved by supervisors. In contrast, if there is influx of order, workers must stay for overtime shift. Penalty may be imposed if workers decline overtime shift."

and far more, perhaps el reg should take a serious look and condense these and other figures and their meaning today into a condensed pocket edition.


are you serious jonathan, try reading some of the SASCOM (Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour) reports and get far more realistic idea of workers conditions,pay, accommodation etc from their very mouths

iv not even begun to look in to them properly yet but they paint a very different picture to the one you seem to have and want to paint.


"at foxconn there is a common saying:

women work as hard as men,

men work as hard as machines,

thats how it goes.

we wake up before the roosters,

go to sleep after the dogs,

Eat worse that the pig's."


"Low wages

“We have to pay CNY 150 for dormitory and about CNY 200-300 for food. After these

deductions, our basic salary is only CNY 950,” said a female worker who had joined Foxconn 2

months prior.

Many workers have grievances about the low wages at Foxconn. They are particularly

disappointed about the false statements in the job advertisements. Zhang De-qiang, who left his former company to join Foxconn, complained, “The labour department made false promises to us about the salary at Foxconn. It claimed we could earn over CNY 2500 per month.” Zhang only knew about the real basic wage when he signed the contract. The Foxconn staff who handled the application sneered at him and asked him to leave immediately if he was not happy with the terms...."

Proview fears fanbois will derail iPad export ban bid


George "Android"

the courts seem to disagree with your claim "Apple made an honest attempt at buying the use of the name" its more like apple tried to be clever seting up a sham corp and buy the equivalent of London bridge from a 3rd party conman claiming to own the trademark rights on the cheap but OC said conman didn't.

LOL some Chinese company DO rightly claim rights to the Galaxy S II trademark, they made it after all and you said their name already LOL, what where you smoking at the time you posted that, must be good to screw up your logic so badly like that.... AND for fun

a Chinese company Could claim rights to "Android" as a tech item, but they would have to get past the prior art from Tony Sale, 81 an his 63 year old "George Android" as seen at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, Bucks.LOL


Now Proview seeks ban on ALL iPads coming out of China


Re: The solution is simple

not as simple as you think, apple cant just buy ProView as their not Chinese and foreigners cant own Chinese companies outright.

put simply, the Chinese doesnt want to be renting others external countries owned manufacturing , they want you foreigner's to rent off them and their growing property assets, however Samsung or any other Chinese firm could own ProView without a problem assets if their trademarks are worth it to Samsung etc longer term.


Re: Big talk

LOL adam, seriously ,is that the best you can do, it's not talk, its called real life experience ,get out of your office and try it sometime

you just provided one of the better reasons the working poor all over the world will actually travel hundred's of miles just to get a low paid job, as for standing up for up to 14 hours and al the other points are taken from the facts as known to date in reports if you look,.

OC it appears You have never had that kind of work where you had to stand at a work station and keep up with the machinery (or get a reprimand for falling behind) for hours until change over and OC that change over meant more standing higher up the line doing more repetitive standing work.

many working poor even in the west have had such job's as that work involves a lot of turn over, i did such work as the Trades Union's were abolished back in the day, so worker rights means a lot to me and many others not big talk , real life, try it sometime on a 10 hour shift and not just for a crap 6 weeks of your university break, what's an "ihater" and why would he video and advocate lots of ARM products for years already long before anyone else in the media LOL


its bit naive of an AC to ignore the fact 99% of Apple's profits comes from selling devices made by slaves/super low income working poor in China Often having to stand up 14 hours straight.

it a bit naive of an AC to ignore the fact that apples partners Foxconn custom built whole mega factories at no initial outlay from apple to get the apple contract to assemble these phones at $10 all in end to end...

and so on, of all the others you can mention ONLY apple make 99% of their mega profits on two products make at the same custom built whole mega factories and ship all that $500 a phone profit outside of china, whereas much of the own brand Android kit profit make and sold in china stays there, and good for them.


the so called "Original iPad" as you put it , are in fact real life "counterfeit ipad's" if apple want to sell into the massive Chinese markets as we already know they do under that name without owning the proper legal trademark or licensed from the real "Proview Shenzhen" owner, as always in a sellers market "buyer beware".

BTW there are plenty of London bridges for sale if apple want to purchase one from the many vendors claiming to own them going cheap with all the extra cash they are saving forcing Pegatron to take sides building that ASUS Zenbook and other profitable no apple kit.


Apple orders PC builder to 'choose sides' in laptop battle?


"How I wish Proview turns out to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung!"

it doesnt matter if they are or not , they as a Chinese inc are allowed to buy up all of Proview if they wish, it all depends if their trademark is worth the expense...

a "what if" scenario if they did , can Samsung make a nice profit from licencing the ipad trademark for all single core A8 ARM devices, some novelty ipad stickers for your Intel inside mac like kits face plate and the collapsibility's are endless if they or anyone had a mind to teach the patent trolls an expensive yet profitable lesson.

the Chinese Govt. don't really care as long s it help them grow and prosper , i forget the Chinese leaders exact words when he choose to take this Chinese profit road but it was essentially anything to help them grow and prosper in the future


agreed, although there are some jobs that cant be done by robot OC for that final touch, so there is potential for a few hundred "working poor" minimum wage american jobs to be made by the 3rd party vulture contract agencies in that market...

Ultra-high resolution laptop, tablet screens to revive display biz


"At the same time, production capacity has never been higher. Competition is consequently at a peak, and that has driven down prices beyond the point where sales can cover the cost of production."

anyone that thinks it costs more that they can sell them for today is not being realistic, they make less profit per item sure, but make Profit non the less, not to the point it costs them actual money and cant cover costs, and if that really where the case thats their fault for taking out industrial loans they cant cover in the time frame, its not the end users problem, end users are covering the high profit and mark up costs etc already.

as for the so hyped "Apple's eagerly anticipated 2048 x 1536 iPad 3." you can keep that lesser screen, and ill settle for a real Samsung WQXGA panel at 2560 x 1600 plus a potential Samsung Mobile Memory with "Wide" I/O Interface at The new 12.8GB/s

1Gb wide I/O mobile DRAM can transmit data at 12.8GB/s, which increases the bandwidth of mobile DDR DRAM (1.6GB/s) eightfold, while reducing power consumption by approximately 87%. The bandwidth is also four times that of LPDDR2 DRAM (which is approximately 3.2GB/s).


iPad spanks Galaxy Tab in its own backyard


i like Samsung but they did this to themselves this time putting out such a weak ARM SOC and slow ram interface for a pad on there at something like LPDDR2 DRAM (which is approximately 3.2GB/s) or less.

its not like Samsung dont have the best and fastest low power and up to date ram available today for use in all their current ARM kit ,The new wide I/O mobile DRAM that runs up to 12.8GB/s


""The new 1Gb wide I/O mobile DRAM can transmit data at 12.8GB/s, which increases the bandwidth of mobile DDR DRAM (1.6GB/s) eightfold, while reducing power consumption by approximately 87%."

they make it themselves in fact, so use it if Not the the fastest available then at least use some 2-channel DDR3 @532 MHz with a Higher bandwidth memory interface with up to 8.5 GB/s in your lower entry kit

iPads seized from shelves by Chinese officials


£Only those destined for the Chinese internal market. Anything sold in other countries would be subject to cases in each country in question.£

apparently it's not the case you presume if new reports are accurate, it appears Lance 3 prediction/suggestion may well happen now if cash isn't spent settling before trial ( is that an option in china's legal system ?)


"If they want to get the attention of Apple, forget a court order for them to stop sellign them in China, go for the jugular and prevent them from being exported. "

see http://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/02/14/us-apple-ipad-idUKTRE81D0OE20120214

Apple may face iPad export ban in China trademark dispute

By Artemisia Ng and Melanie Lee

HONG KONG/SHANGHAI | Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:45pm GMT

"The Chinese firm Proview Technology (Shenzhen) Co Ltd is petitioning Chinese customs to stop shipments of Apple's popular

iPads in and out of China, though the customs have not responded to its request, lawyer Xie Xianghui told Asian Legal Business, a Thomson Reuters publication."


apple want to sell counterfeit iPAD into Chinese markets

"cannot wrap brain around this concept."

what's hard about it ?, it's simple... someone in china Owns the legal ipad trademark there , and they make and sell products under that ipad name.....

now apple US want to sell their "counterfeit iPAD brand" (because as of right now that is exactly what it is) in to the same massively growing Chinese markets opening up now after failing to do do proper buyer be ware diligence in a sellers market.

Big Brother

"time to move production to... → #

a more friendly country like North Korea?"

Nigel R, i take it thats tongue in cheek but you do know there are already industrial parks on the boarders of North Korea don't you ?


OC the west wont let any high tech goods to be made/assembled there as they don't want the NC's to get the expertise or the manufacturing kit to make it easy.

and OC all the people here saying move assembly to "cheaper labour" country are forgetting that its by FAR the cheapest place right where it is, right now.... cha ching .

so far more initial and ongoing costs involved even if their could find somewhere else in the world that has anything like the massive infrastructural of china with masses of "cheaper labour" to buy up.

Chinese company demands $38m, 'apology' from Apple

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"If they want to get the attention of Apple, forget a court order for them to stop sellign them in China, go for the jugular and prevent them from being exported."

you got that right :)


so what do you predict for longer term given apple have now pushed up the PR boat for perceived worker improvements for the next few investors reports etc sham, given the existing 3rd party reports of pay (even with excessive overtime etc) being barely enough to live at local rates (cant find the URL right now as its been several months since i read it on an obscure site)


Apple subjects Foxconn, partners to labor scrutiny

LOHAN lifts skirt on 3D printed parts


well i didn't realise you had several stories already , reading http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/01/03/lohan_thruster_update/ now

but it seem to me your calculations are wrong, or perhaps they saw the flow and corrected it ?

namely, you are firing the rocket in totally the wrong direction and so getting an estimated 1.797 G in the wrong direction as in its gravity assisted thrusting down not up ,Diagonal,or in the horizontal

plane lessening the thrust if your intent is to clime and not plummet.

ticked Post anonymously, is it not working ? yes or no.., it says i cant choose the icon, but can i see my make, hmmm.


whats the specs

part 2 as you limit the text allowed

....and as a final note i hope your not trying to say that the http://regmedia.co.uk/2011/12/13/southampton_postgrad_team.jpg is the basic design as its NOT going to be stable all the way up there in the massively thin Stratosphere and so massive cam shakes all round again, i do hope we see a a second UV cam on-board though, that could provide some interesting shots never seen from the garden shed inventors perspective


whats the actual mission parameters this time ?

from the prior link back in dec

"So, you'll be asking yourselves, what happens next?

Well, we've provided the design team with the mission parameters and technical details of the Vulture 2 rocket motor and on-board camera and tracking kit, and we're leaving it up to them to take it from there."

so is the mission parameters/plan?, to go to the same stratosphere hight again, beat it , stay there longer.

go there by weather balloon, then release and fly the "stratosphere plane" for a bit while taking HIGH DEF high profile 1080p video ?

perhaps you are going to ask Samsung UK office to donate their new "Samsung Stratosphere" :) although that is said to only have a 5.0MP camera, and strip that down to lower the overall mass of the "stratosphere plane" if so you should ask them of they also have a consumer ultraviolet CCD HD cam too as i think that would be a very good thing to add to the mission spec's.

and how do you intend to remove or at least lessen the massive shaking of the video capture as seen in your last PARIS version and all the other peoples YouTube weather balloon Stratosphere captures before and since ?

do you have some kind of CCD mounted Super Precision Gyroscope such as this UK made kit you can modify and mount to lessen the camera shakes http://gyroscope.com/d.asp?product=SUPER2#

how about as an extra bonus, the Vulture 2 "stratosphere plane" doing and videoing an internal micro "vomit comet" experiment of some kind for giggles and show NASA you can do it cheaper , can it withstand that free fall and recover to be remotely piloted to the pub as it falls/glides so you don't need to travel to find it like last time and loose valuable drinking time if all goes to plan ;)

Sapphire Edge HD


(possibly) the world’s smallest PC., nope that would probably be the toradex

"(possibly) the world’s smallest PC."

nope that would probably be the toradex Tegra2 computer on SO-DIMM form factor for 99 EUR / 139 US plus the daughter board to put it in and bring the connectors out OC




1.5 minutes in to see a small version

oc you also have the http://www.webservusb.com/ but that needs a larger motherboard of some kind to run it so i discount it.

Microsoft embraces ARM with Windows 8


this is a good thing, think about it

this is a good thing, think about it for more than a minute, it means that the white box ARM vendors can finally take off world wide as they are going to need to think about seriously upping their hardware spec's as fast as possible right.

i do find it interesting though that Freescale doesnt get mentioned here... But ....

with Freescale actually introducing what people want to actually buy this Year, that being an ARM QUAD core cortex A9/NEON 128bit SIMD powered mobile device with many hours of battery use AT FULL LOAD

then You will perhaps finally be able to buy these Quad ARM cortex NEON SIMD mobile and even desktop devices within the next 12 months, after knowing about their existence for far to long and that's a good thing,.

then go and put QNX RTP6 AROS or even Linux on there if you like later :D


"The i.MX 6 series is Freescale's first ARM-based multicore SoC and first Cortex-A9 model. The processor advances the i.MX family with dual-stream 1080p video playback at 60 frames per second (fps), 3D video playback at 50Mbps, desktop-quality gaming, augmented reality applications, and novel content creation capabilities, says Freescale.

The SoC is also touted for being one of the first applications processors to offer hardware support for the open source VP8 codec.

VP8 drives the related WebM (MKV) open container format, both of which are supported in the most recent Android 2.3 release...."

"the SoC is claimed to enable 1080p video (single stream) with only 350mW consumption. As a result, the i.MX 6 series can deliver up to 24 hours of HD video playback and 30-plus days of device standby time, claims the company."

"All three i.MX 6 models are clocked to 1.2GHz, and offer the ARMv7 instruction set with Neon multimedia extensions, VFPvd16 (vector floating point graphics), and Trustzone support, says Freescale. While the single-core i.MX 6Solo offers 256KB of L2 cache, the dual and quad versions are each said to offer 1MB of L2 cache."

NASA sniffs out (yet more) lunar ice


not real water though is it.

"*One hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom linked by a single bond"

Now that really gets me, why the hell do all the news outlets and even so called science urls, call this 'WATER' its not, as real water has 2 parts hydrogen to one part oxygen atom.

a 1 to 1 ratio of this fluid does not make a real 2 to 1 water supply, and the oxygen fuel cells running the mood wireless mesh etc, run out of juice quicker as a result.


Units #

Posted Tuesday 2nd March 2010 12:41 GMT

600 million metric tonnes = 2.7 Lake Windermeres.


now theres something people can relate to, now nearly 3 lake windermeres seems like a lot , http://www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/index/visiting/windermere.htm

"Windermere in the Lake District - ten and a half miles long and 219 feet deep - is England's largest lake. Its name comes from the Scandinavian for 'lake of a man called Vinandr'. ..."

its not that much for several years of collonisation does it? especially when you consider my above point...

X-rays beat computer as best invention ever


X-rays are Not invention, their discovery

"X-rays beat computer as best invention ever"

X-rays are Not invention, their discovery, totally different things.

Western Digital WD TV Live

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opps yes there is ....

opps yes there is ....

HP@4.1 up to 1920x1080p24, 1920x1080i30, or 1280x720p60 resolution.

its a bit odd only tested and i assume certified upto P24 though, most x364 encoded 1080P comes in 25fps or 30fps it seems so far and its only going to get faster fps as time and the fard east AVC High Profile chipsets take off that are finding their way into netbbok and better devices with HD TV HDMI and related connectivity it seems.

it would still be nice to know if its got that iSCSI capability built in or whats that firware wrapper spoken about above, can that have iSCSI included IF they sort out a working tool chain and crosscompiler we can download and run off a liveCD or something on a generic x86 and make these bin files and easy install on these units..


theres NO High Profile AVC/H.264 capability

"That said, the list of formats the WD TV supports is extensive and here augmented with DivX - XviD has never been a problem - and our test file played just fine. We won't list them here -"

tony, theres a massive problem, theres NO High Profile AVC/H.264 capability mentioned on the site

they only do Base Profile, and Main profile, were as the generic quality freeware x264 everyone used today uses High Profile as its default out Unles you go out of your way to tell it to use the lesser MP and BP profiles, I.E perhaps not many real life AVC Encodes will play sloothly if at all on this or other restricted ASIC devices, you nned to test this with some BBC HD 720P and 1080P content to 25fps at least...



- MPEG2 MP@HL up to 1920x1080p24, 1920x1080i30 or 1280x720p60 resolution.

- MPEG4.2 ASP@L5 up to 1280x720p30 resolution and no support for global motion compensation.

- WMV9/VC-1 MP@HL up to 1280x720p60 or 1920x1080p24 resolution. VC-1 AP@L3 up to 1920x1080i30, 1920x1080p24 or 1280x720p60 resolution.

- H.264 BP@L3 up to 720x480p30 or 720x576p25 resolution.

- H.264 MP@L4.1 and HP@4.1 up to 1920x1080p24, 1920x1080i30, or 1280x720p60 resolution.



whats the actual ASIC it uses!

"The WD TV's progress graphic animates slowly and slightly jerkily, again giving the impression there's not enough CPU horsepower for the UI. There must be, as the unit plays HD video perfectly well, but the effect is nonetheless to make the box feel less consumer electronics smooth than it should be.


you forget tony, the CPU might infact be underpowered as the actual HD decoding will most likely be done by a seperate ASIC chip on the PCB i assume (until you pull it apart and actually identify the make/model of decoder etc with LARGE high quality pics of both sides of the PCB etc)

what speed ethernet, and does it know and use iSCSI in its firmware that a free freenas iSCSI LAN NAS SAN could be used?

Amiga Forever updated for Windows 7

Big Brother

can i have my recoverable ram drive back please!

can i have my RAD (recoverable ram drive) back and ported to a native linux and/or windows soon please.

its only been 20 years+ since i could do exactly that on Amiga i know , but still, id Really like to finally be able to do a simple warm reset my PC and Boot directly from any of the RAD's iv mounted before with a simple two fingered mouse GUI click please without reloading from the HD or USB stick....


Mobile directory made legal threats to get personal details


weres my commercial pre payed fees for the use of MY data ?

Doh! never mind the single section i referenced above, i misread it to only mean section 4 not al 4 sections, ohh, and edit would be a very good thing here too Elreg ;)

"Connectivity confirmed in a statement it had planned legal action to get access to operator data. "Exactly as all the landline directory services were entitled to request telephone number data from BT, 118800 is also legally entitled to request data from telecommunications companies," it said."

would the Connectivity executive please provide to chris and the readers, here and now, their Legal councils name,address and the legal advice given to them, and the exact legislation, section, and clause(s) they were/are going to use to try and obtain this personal and private data ?

how do they (Connectivity) intent getting a UK legally binding written signed permission contract from me and the other owners of their Phone data property for their commercial profit ?,

how do they (Connectivity) intent to enter in to personal commercial nagotiations with me and others to arrange our commercial fees owed for the use of our data property.....payed in cash, at 8.30am, every other thursday at the front door of my main residence as per my basic commercial contracts terms foe the use of my data propertys after a personally CEO signed and noterised contract at my kichen table (or will be when you have payed my advance initial pre payed fees so i can buy a table OC )at a time of my choosing

etc etc ;)

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@Chris Williams

@By Chris,

is it these guys Chris ?


if so, its interesting that they are listed for the Purpose 4 and NOT Purpose 3 etc

"Purpose 4

Staff Administration

Purpose Description:

Appointments or removals, pay, discipline, superannuation, work management or other personnel matters in relation to the staff of the data controller.

Data subjects are:

Staff including volunteers, agents, temporary and casual workers

Relatives, guardians and associates of the data subject"

using http://www.ico.gov.uk/ESDWebPages/DoSearch.asp gives only two companies under the "Connectivity" name search

Pocket DV cam packs pico projector


AVC realtime editing is good, as is native AVC TS streaming

@Jolyon Ralph , while its true there were problems with the software side of AVC editing inside Linux you seemed to have used?.

thats my most basic point, a cheap mass produced realtime AVC Encoder/Decoder SOC (System On a Chip) realtime Hardware encoding/decoding to H@L4.1 inside every single new device is a very good thing to have TODAY, then any interfacing Software can then just get on with the real job of cutting and joining your AVC edits passing off the hard work of decoding/reEncoding to any genericAVC SOC you might have available.

lets see some mass produced AVC SOC in all these new low power devices so others dont have to go through your pain.....

BTW, you might not know it but searching on AVCHD native "MTS" and "M2TS" gets you far more information for these and other current AVC/H.264/AVCHD DV recorders and how to edit their generic AVC/H.264 files.

in your case and your HDC-SD9 ,check out Kdenlive as "shadow" has posted a series of patches to FFmpeg to make the AVC SD9 fully supported now, thats progress for you in linux, hope it helps.

and check out the Doom9 threads were all the serious x86 video devs hang out and post their free wares

remember AVC is a very good thing, it even have an offiaicl lossless mode that profession grade freware x264 endoder can produce.

remember, its the software thats let you down so far, not the AVC codec, we NEED these mass produced realtime hardware AVC encoders/decoder SOC portable and static low power devices to lighten the editing load, so make them and we will come.





the CODEC does matter AVC or NOTHING today.

i disagree, the codec does matter, and it should s is the case here be and NOTHING BUT AVC/H.264 today, preferably realtime Hardware encoding to H@L4.1 D1 at least.

the bigger problem with these so called mashup's is NOONE Sems interested in taking the generic AVC Encoded content and putting it inside a generic TS (transport stream) thats fed into an onboard mini ethernet SOC and out to anything you might like to stream it too, a simple VLC AVC TS multicast port for instance.

powering these portable and indeed external static lower power devices can be suplimented by any cheap car/clothing PV pannels with the right adaptor id assume you get in the kit.

Intel could Atomise handsets in two years


were is the mass produced low power AVC Encoder SOC

iv said it before and ill say it again, were is the mass produced generic low power Hardware AVC Encoder SOC capable of H@L4.1 D1 at least for these Realtime OS's and consumer devices of all types to start using ?

the AVC/H.264 H@L4.1 Encoder tech is available off the shelf for a long time now, as has 11n/Wimax longer range chipsets, but noones bothered to put them together in a single or dual SOC package to take advantage of the global mass market demand for static and portable SD AVC reltime encoding at 24/25fps....

this grab for the second best realtime OS (QNX 6 being the far better optopn OC) seems like a perfect time to take the available AVC H@L4.1 and current Wimax chipsets and combine all 3 parts into something the worlds end users could really make use of TODAY at a generic level, Intel \and others please do so ASAP....

Tilera gooses 64-core mesh processor


what no SIMD ,did you forget about Kilocore

its a shame they didnt produce a 64bit, 128 bit or even 256 bit for the near future, and made the newest simpling one a 128 or 130 core cpu, then you have 2 spares ;)

but WHY didnt they include some form of SIMD in their cpus thats a very good selling point in todays market place, hell they might have even thought about licencing and/or producing an Altivec SIMD clock for clock beating Alivec 128bit SIMD style co-pro.

eventhe cell's 8 SPE units SIMD abilitys might be a good model to follow, or even the on the fly, programable FPGA PPC based 'KiloCore' for the PPC based FPGA re-programable chip with 256 and 1024 8-bit Processing Elements running at 125 MHz each in 2006 .

its a shame they seem to have gone quiet, im not even sure they exist anymore but the combination of this mesh processor crossbar story, the PPC Altivec, Cell SPEs, and the low power KiloCore 256 tech capabilitys would still be werth collaberating on along side the latest and greatest x86 and CPUGPU most of you all talk up at the exclusion of most other innovations.

perhaps you can do some followup on them and see were they are now, and weather they have managed to progress in any up and coming markets!


i would live to have some low power and small router sized motherboard with all this tech on to play with and perhaps produce some interesting wireless end users kit.

it's as though all the current SOC and other low power kit you can buy seem to be missing some generic part or other .you can buy off the shelf as an extra addon today,.

whatever happened to building your inclusive kit for the future mass markets and in an innovative way but include the current up and coming tech into your base motherboard so anyone can use it and find real innovative ways to use it in the future, as they did in the retro kit of years gone by.

Researcher: NebuAd forges Google data packets

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@C Blackmore We need a new browser...

"We need a new browser...

By C BlackmorePosted Tuesday 24th June 2008 16:02 GMT ...that carries out the packet sniffing, and can't run Javascript, for a start, then.

Then we need ISPs that just do internet with no trickery. I would buy shares in one like that!"

no you dont, all you need is the ability to write Rebol scripts and use this as your base working example.

post it in here and the CF threads to be sure people see it if you manage to make it work for any browser cache.


if oyu cna be bothered, you can also make a nice GUI for it , eather stand alone or in a browser, but stand alone is better as it can run on more OS platforms that the browser plugin right now.


if you really want to get fancy, you could also include a multicast tunnel for all DPI intercepted users world wide to share their blocked URLs lists and many more things

you need to translate this into english but kkep the rebol scripts intact OC






theres everything you might need if your already a script coder, its super small portable and free for personal use (most of all its writen by the creator of AmigaOS carl S, so you know its good)

so go and do your part,sit down and write it and release these new end user tools to help fight this evolveing mess.

you might even enjoy it and have some FUN....

Chip makers unite to define unified home network tech


auto bonded home Ethernet would be a good start

i find it strange that the likes of RTL can produce 1 gigabit ethernet at such cheap prices today, but we still cant get a simple extension to that ,an auto bonded home Ethernet generic windows driver would be a good start.

why havent RTL or one of the other vendors already made available to the home/SOHO market, some 2/4/8 and 10Gbit ethenet cards, thats the question im looking to be answered.

you can get RTL 1gig for a £5 now and thats been available for a very long time,its clear the home users would buy and use faster chips and routers fitted with them, whats holding them back producing these!

Data pimping catches ISP on the hop

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did you see this sat in your Uk offices waiting NebuAd

Information Commissioner: Phorm must be opt-in only


Expanding the 80/20 Thinking Phorm PIA, make your views Known

Given Simon Davies quote just hours ago on charles's blog

MD, 80/20 Thinking Ltd said:

"After all, this is clearly the most important privacy issue of recent decades."

and the Independent Cable Forum's proposal in Expanding the 80/20 Thinking Phorm PIA. to all those effected in the UK, by dragging it into 21 century live Net meeting

it might be a good time to make your views Known before tuesday.





perhaps chris at ElReg or charles at the guardian blog can talk to the Brunei Gallery - SOAS campus tech department and help Simon out?, if he cant arrange this simple and effective Cable Forum proposed plan to include the 70% plus of the UK individual stakeholders effected ?

Toshiba samples Cell-based HD GPU

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shame its not the Cell PPC with Altivec on a card

as stated its a shame it's not got the PowerPC-based core or Altivec onboard.

rather than take the lower bin (ps3 failed cores)PPC/Altivec based Cell yealds and use them in this space, this spursengine totally removed the PPC and Altivec as found on the PS3 so no using the exising (linux)PPC codebase for lots of fun and thats a real shame.

however, lets be clear , this chip has been demoed to be able to do some really clever playback DECODING of many DH video streams at the same time.

and more than that ENCODING is fast on them, so you can hopefully soon get a DVB-* card that can then feed its input to one of these spurs and encode the whole transport stream inside to 4.1 grade AVC perhaps in realtime and then push it out your LAN as a multicast stream, to be selectively played back on any conected device.

thats the 'whole stream at once' (on average 3to5 channels), not mearly one single DVB channel if you will.

BBC's download iPlayer goes titsup




By Anonymous CowardPosted Friday 14th March 2008 19:21 GMT BBC did multicast trials a long time ago - and still do some - not many ISPs support multicast or IPv6 - because the average punter just wants web2.0 and knows no better. as someone who operates a real network I know how efficient the real technology is. we can push around hundreds of 3Mbit streams to all our subnets with little WAN overhead or router load.

each time an individual fires up a single unicast realplayer stream a baby dies"

Now thats more like it, reasonable ,informed feedback.

if your a very same AC as my first reply then i just dont get your

"You see thats whats wrong with web 2.0 - it gives a voice to anyone that doesn't understand what they're talking about. Ahh multicast you're streams and go IPv6 of course, no one thought of that.........."

if not ,then sorry. but you both mentioned the imaginary PRs and marketeers wet dream 'web 2.0'

sure, theres problems with updating the old post Mbone mindset and protocols, dragging it into the P2p age, but the BBC and the open code torrent developers are more than able to overcome such small problems, they dont seem to have the will though and thats the main problem.

and OC ,the 'near realtime' model is far better suited to MC, but thats not such a big problem if it solves the end users need and wants.

or are (one of) you saying it cant be done without the ISPs turning MC back on in all the kit, again i remind you of the tunnel option while its not optimal, its still an option and has been for a very long time.


@AC and web2

see, theres your problem ,you mentioned the so called web 2.0 and ignored IPv4 and the ISPs turning off MC in their routers and related kit.

now if you had mentioned the Mbone, people might understand you had a long time clue ;)

BTW web 3.0 is the thing now ROFL



i dont know if or why TR would hate it, but for me its simple.

far to big.


not Multicast and tunneled.

being big is purely becasous of bad practice in programming, much like many other x86 windows apps/

DRM, well you must have read al those threads and facts so iwont even go there other than say you cant use VLC/Mplayer/MPC etc or any other free and open app .

now, Multicast and tunneling that over the generic IPv4 and IPv6 are the thing for me, and indeed any other tech savy user that cares for effective use of their bandwidth.

Multicasting your tunneled (because ISPs wont turn direct MC on) video content means users can simply stream this single content to any and all your LAN side video kit at the same time.

Multicasting your streams has always been the most cost effective way to reduce your bandwidth be it LAN side or WAN side, JUST DO IT.

Ofcom stands up to Information Commissioner


isnt OFCOM setup and run for the benefit of the UK consumer...

but isnt OFCOM setup and run for the benefit of the UK consumer, and payed out of the public funds for that purpose.

so the Information Commissioner is the more powerful of the two, and its good to know at least one official body is looking after the UK people, hopefully not just in this wireless masts thing but the like of the ISP/Phorm personal data etc.

what are the chances of OFCOM winning or for that matter the Information Commissioner loosing, anyone keeping score?

Boffin stacks 16 PS3s to simulate black hole collisions


optimising for PowerPC/Altivec/Cell

forgiving the X86 only centric readers commenting so far its clear that they dont understand the PPC/Altivec or the other vector units on the CELL

its true the PPC/Altivec/CELL can stand some optimisations when running PPC linux ,as the old Mac PPC Coders obviously didnt want to undemine the OSx Altivec optimisations inside that OS.

it strikes me reading the linked page to the cluster page http://gravity.phy.umassd.edu/ps3.html that infact it does appear that he used a generic PPC linux, and didnt bother to look at optimisations outside the compiler.

apparently not even considered using the PPC coders choice, 'PPC Gentoo' were all your current PPC Altivec multimedia optimised code is first produced by the likes of lu_zero and the altivec guys at Power dev.


take a look at the old school PPC guys code thread here http://www.powerdeveloper.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1426&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

for a practical tryed and tested code base.



its clear that the PPC linux DOES NOT currently use any Altivec vector optimisations (as the x86 linux with its limited MMX vector unit does).

if you read some of the Altivec threads found at powerdeveloper, you will find some answers/Numbers, and the lads are always looking for feed back on the likes of the freevec optimised codebase http://bbrv.blogspot.com/2008/02/freevec-updated.html ,and helping the new user/PPC programmer better understand the PPC/CELL and their vector optimisations you might find informative and practical.

look at this chart in the thread above for an indication of a generic memcopy/network speedup for instance.



Quick update:

I have looked at the Linux Kernel code a bit.

Its not difficult to improve the performance on PPC.

The Linux Kernel has a copy function which is used to cope between kernel and user space.

As this function copies a lot of data its performance has direct influence on network or filessystem performance.

Improving the speed of it was actuelly easy as you can see:



Especially on the Cell improving this function

does result in feelable performance improvements of the total Linux system.

I'll do some more testing and then publish the patch soon.




Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 4:43 am Post subject: Possible benefits - optimization for PowerPC



Mostly all Linux applications are developed in C or C++. People often believe that C compiler are good enough to guarentee good performance. This is unfortunately not the case, especially on PowerPC manual optimization can make a huge difference.

Here an example of a memcpy on PowerPC...

a) Normal C routine working on Byte

150 MB/sec

b) Normal C routine working on Long (32bit)

800 MB/sec

c) Normal C routine working on quad (64bit)

1000 MB/sec

** This is best performance that you can archive by algorithm design, using C language **

d) Normal C routine working on quad (64bit) + with two ASM Cache-instruction added.

1380 MB/sec

e) ASM routine better optimized for this PPC architecture

2750 MB/sec

From 150 MB/sec to 2750 MB/sec is quite a difference.

As you can see by using optimized code you can achieve 20 times better performance!



ISP data deal with former 'spyware' boss triggers privacy fears


you're missing the point, they cant sell your data if you remove that right today.

it seems everyone's getting all wound up on how to not see these adverts.

you're missing the point, they cant sell your data if you remove that right.

it's not about receiving or not the adverts, its about the three ISPs knowing full well they cant release your Data Protection Act covered personal data, its already clear that the IP your given is your personal data.

somewhere in your T&C,email or whatever, the ISPs have to ask for your permission to process, export and whatever else they wish to do with that personal data.

the simple answer is to fill in a generic UK DPA request that removed the ISPs right to Export,Sell, or otherwise process your data to the 3rd party or outside the very limited scope of supplying your broadband connection and billing for the service.

anyone with a legal background from http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/broadband-other-internet-issues/

or any other legal reader here up for writing that generic DPA rights letter and posting it here or elsewhere so the affected readership can simply print it out and send to their ISPs Data Protection registrar/Officer under registered post for legal proof later.

IPv6 roots planted on the net


not just IPv6, multicasting too.

its not just not just IPv6, thats important, we really need the UK ISPs like Demon,VirginMedia and BT to finally turn back out the Multicasting capabilitys of all their already installed kit all the way to the end users.

seriously, it would then be possible to patch the many apps that the end users use to save vast amounts of data throughput for the whole UK network and to the advantage of everyone.

remember the old MBONE multicasting network that showed how they innovated in the old days, put that skill into todays p2p apps alone and you have a massive saving, not to mention the old multi client single server data and time savings.


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