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Sad shop-shelf-clinging BlackBerry Z10 AXED ... in price, contracts

Sutton Stourmead


Left WP7 in April to join the BB10 gang, and was loving it untill today...

I updated my Z10 to software release this morning before breakfast - was too groggy to think about checking the forums first.

I thought it was odd that i had to re-enter all my email account passwords again after the update, but then the true horror dawned upon me.


Blackberry has betrayed my trust , it's that simple. I'm in a mind to get a swap out this lunchtime for something else.

Tesla's Elon Musk v The New York Times, Round 2

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IT Angle

They are both dancing on the head of a pin - All car manufacturers want all reviews to be done in as controlled a way as possible (therefore 'what it says on the tin' cant be contested, and negativity reduced), and journo's want to publish an interesting and attention grabbing story , it's their job to sell column inches after all... Who would want to read something saying Electric car, was fine, no problems, gave it back, the end.

I remeber when Aston Martin were less than pleased when Vicky Butler-Henderson snapped a belt on a DB7, and admonished her negative reviewof the car - basically nobody was expected to actually 'push' the fabulous sports car close to it's limit... to which she basically replied wtf is the point of it then?

Same here - Tesla want a 'test condition' car review which just isnt comparable with a standard user doing standard things in the real world at this current time - give it a few years though.....

Nokia tries its luck with a sub-£150 Win Phone 8: The Lumia 620

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Re: WP 7 and WP 8 bashers

Good counterpoints , glad you've called me as a WP fanboy - I do like it but it's got SO much room for improvement that id shy away from accepting my fanboi award ... It has it's pretty major problems like font sizes , inefficent use of screen size, plus a minor issue THAT IT WONT CHARGE WHEN FLAT - haha need to do CPR on it (hold down on key for ten seconds, wait for the first vibrate buzz, THEN insert the live charging cable) but nothing in the phone makes me hate it.

I also have an iPhone 4s, and my wife has an Android Motorola phone.

The Moto is s-l-o-w but compact , good looking but poor for doing pretty much most things that arent games or ringing people.. But it's bullet proof, waterproof and BABY proof - we both love it.

The iPhone just drives me up the wall - i'm not suited to that style of os but the phone itself is lovely, solid and has all the features i need - again i dont hate it but dont really like using it that much for calls and sms's. i do like it for internet and as a small e-reader.... Plus, if i put it down in a client meeting , everyone i hope makes the mental connection between me, my phone, my style, my company, a certain level of associated affluence and status, and they start thinking I'm a good person to do business with.

I think borrowing a phone, yes you'd get to see the shiny side of any OS but you wouldnt get to see the grotty underbelly unless your mate let you go and muck about importing and exporting contacts and calendars on your laptop. So borrowing isnt such a shockingly novel idea to me as my comment made out ..

I'd like to think I have a fair idea of what goes into making a good application, network service, and phone hardware - for instance I worked on sending the first ever MMS's over a decade ago , using digital cameras and Nokia communicators, happy days!

I've never stuck to a platform for longer than 1 phone contract, as variety is the spice of life... Beloved as many of my exes have been, i've always gone to something new, usually as an early adopter. Seriously thinking Blackberry 10 this renewal !

I stand by my comments that 'hating' a phone without owning one is dumb , but see your point about pet ownership... you can research and get advice and compare specs and the like, and that knowledge conditions you - you'll know if its roughly right or not for your circumstances , but until you have had one in your hand for an appreciable time and SEE how your own usage gets tailored to the capability of the phone, see what it lets you do and what it stops you doing, you wont be able to say if you 'hate' it or not. reeling off a spec sheet of cans and cants just helps me decide if i should go for something or not. it doesnt shape my accquired opinion.

'Choosing' a phone is a different matter entirely - Many phones meet my requirements , but in this instance I chose the Lumia as it was black, gloriously seductive looks and relatively rare, and my mental checklist told me it could cope with my needs at the time (ring people, FB, SMS and an ok camera) - the OS has made it a pleasant journey along the way. And it's horses for courses - a friend asked me if i had a phone he could use - by this he meant exclusively iphone , he loves it and cant get on with my phone , and thats fine too :)

Sutton Stourmead

WP 7 and WP 8 bashers

Looks nice - not sure it will be enough to compete seriously against the big guns in the market but it will make lots of owners very happy, and will certainly appeal with it's 'world around your contacts' ethos. side by side, i think virgin users looking for something premium-ish now dropping into their pricerange would 'get' it easier than an iPhone. I think thats the strength this new phone will play to.

now, WP 7 and 8 bashers...Grrr shame on you!

I got my Lumia 800 on pretty much first day release in Autumn 2011.

It was an 18 month Contract and was a Premium phone back then - by the time the 7.8 firmware upgrade breaks cover, I'll be just weeks away from a stanard renewal-upgrade to something else. I dont feel abandoned by Nokia in this regard as I paid my money and made my choice and deeep down I know phones are ultimately disposable. Likewise I wouldnt expect Ford to come and update my car engine mapping in 18 months time, and I'm ok with that. I've lived with this phone and seen all it's good and bad sides.

As such I feel entitled to opine on this handset and OS.

What i dont understand though is people who have clearly never owned a WP 7 or 8 device slagging the platform and hardware off so unreservedley.

If you've got one, 90% likely you had to take it on contract and yes, if that was recent, i can understand frustration at being lumbered with an OS which looks really similar to 18 months ago , but then you did choose buy it when there's plenty f choice on the market so it's a moot point.

I doubt there's many people at the moment who are so loaded they can buy one on a whim to try out, kept it for a month then sell it on because they couldnt live with it...

So if you are going to criticise, please do so from a point of experience, or else you like the classic fandroid / fanboi idiot.

This also goes for iPhone owners hating android even though they've never had one, and same for android owners who've avoided the applecart. I just dont get it!

India's most trusted brand Nokia hit with £1.5bn tax bill

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Kitten culling?

Does that mean the internet is getting smaller?

Boffins cook raw numbers, hope to bake PERFECT kilogram

Sutton Stourmead

Star Trek approach?

Why not work this out backards?

Pick a sufficiently happy guesstimate number of Kilojoules liberated by a matter/antimatter reaction, then say 'we define x KJ will be liberated by 1Kg Matter reacting totally with 1Kg Antimatter'

Appropriately woolly and pins the numbers to maths assumptions rather than something tangible


Frack me! UK shale gas bonanza 'bigger than North Sea oil'

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Re: List of additives for hydraulic fracturing

So basically its a mix of pre-crushed Mento's, and Diet Coke?

Sutton Stourmead

For Frack's sake

I can just see the headlines in the Sun the day after this goes wrong...

"Frack backers face sack after crack"

Anyway, Isnt this Fracking in the Morecambe bay area just really down the road FROM THE SITE OF ENGLAND'S SUPERVOLCANO?

Just sayin'

This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF

Sutton Stourmead

RIM shot?

OMG JST Rlzd - the leaf is the same shape as pretty much EVERY key on a blackberry

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