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Take DOS, stir in some Netware, add a bit of Windows and... it's ALIIIIVE!

Eric Kimminau TREG

Windows 3.x client memory management

In 1991 I was hired by a certain Blue automotive company in the USA to build client configurations using QEMM memory manager to support WIndows 3.1x clients with the PC/TCP TCP stack and Hummingbird Xceed X-windows clients for their engineering campus in a solution that used Unix boxen as file/print/application servers (because Windows Server didn't yet exist and this automotive company despised Novell). We also decided to give all the clients access to this glorious new fangled thing called "the Internet" by deploying the NCSA Mosaic web browsers as a standard part of the client build. As this was the birth of web browsers, we also had to compose this magic file called the "mime types" that would perform background hocus pocus of actually starting the correct application and displaying the double click selected file from a share or local drive based upon the files extension (.doc = word, .xls = Excel, .mif, .fm = FrameMaker, .htm,.html = Mosaic, etc.).

We had one user migrated to the new PC/server solution that had been using Word Perfect and Lotus 123 for DOS before being migrated and took it upon himself to be clever and rename all of his .wp wordPerfect files and all of his .123 files to .doc and .xls thinking that the magic would transform his old files to their brave new world with equal sorcery. Several frantic days of trying to figure out "why did the migration corrupt all of his word documents and spreadsheets" and a beautiful batch file written to search for all .123 and .wp files and attempt a automated backup & conversion as the machine came up on first boot and connect to the network righted the ship and corrected course. Of course the conversion executable only ran in dos mode prior to windows startup which caused an hour or more first boot delay.

Space Force is go, go, go! Because we have a child as President of the United States

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The TDS snark is so obvious that the author is oblivious

First, if you don't live in the USA calling the President of the USA a "child" only shows your own immaturity and that you suffer from TDS. Get a life, get some help, take a pill, have a beer and get over it. If you do live in the USA, Trump is your President and will be for 5 more years. You suffer from TDS. Get a life, get some help, take a pill, have a beer and get over it.

Second, anyone who isn't a US citizen claiming that a wall to secure the US border is "useless" can go ask any other numerous countries that have border walls, perhaps maybe even asking Mexico why they have a wall on their southern border, why they aren't "useless". The pittance in comparison required to build the wall and secure our border will be saved by eliminating the +$70billion a year wasted on illegal aliens entering our country illegally, smuggling drugs, people and bringing in crime that the "useless" wall will prevent. You suffer from TDS. Get a life, get some help, take a pill, have a beer and get over it.

Third, if you don't understand that the Strategic Air Command or SAC because Space Command, then became Strategic Command and is now re converging multiple activities as Space Command is neither new nor childish. https://www.stratcom.mil/About/History/

So this entire article is a whining liberal progressive trying to assert a moronic preconceived notion about their view of the world on a grownup who is actually re-consolidating multiple military agencies into a single agency, eliminating waste and redundancy, bringing our military up to current technology after 8 years of Obama destroying the US military and Making America Great Again. Im sure, based on the 70+ snarky childish, moronic comments that supported the OP, that Im going to get a litany of twits arguing that Trump is a Criminal, the Space Command is Childish and thewall is Useless. For the final time: You suffer from TDS. Get a life, get some help, take a pill, have a beer and get over it.

Several months after the fact, CafePress finally acknowledges huge data theft to its customers

Eric Kimminau TREG

And this, dear friends, is why you NEVER allow a database to be directly accessible from the internet.

You should pass through a firewall and ONLY allow the hosts that must connect to the database connect on the specific port required for the application.

This does not prevent the application server from getting hacked and then snarfing the data via the approved firewall rule. Especially since most developers are lazy and code the userid and password in their code.

Stallman's final interview as FSF president: Last week we quizzed him over Microsoft visit. Now he quits top roles amid rape remarks outcry

Eric Kimminau TREG

Stallman should retink his "one way pager" plan

I dont not think RMS understands what he thinks he understands.

A "MODERN" "1 way" pager that can receive SMS messages (not the phone number only pagers) is not the 1 way radio pager of the 50's & 60's. The vast majority, if not all of those networks, are no longer in place.

A modern SMS pager (that would receive a message explaining why someone needs to talk to RMS) uses the shared cell system. It may only receive messages, but it still registers with the closest/strongest cell tower.


"Paging systems also support various types of direct connection protocols, which sacrifice global addressing and accessibility for a dedicated communications link. Automated monitoring and escalation software clients, often used in hospitals, IT departments, and alarm companies, tend to prefer direct connections because of the increased reliability.

Paging systems support several popular direct connection protocols, including TAP, TNPP, SNPP, and WCTP, as well as proprietary modem- and socket-based protocols. Additionally, organizations often integrate paging systems with their Voice-mail and PBX systems, conceptually attaching pagers to a telephone extensions, and they set up web portals to integrate pagers into other parts of their enterprise. A paging system alerts a pager (or group of pagers) by transmitting information over an RF channel, including an address and message information. This information is formatted using a paging protocol, such as 2-tone, 5/6-tone, GOLAY, POCSAG, FLEX, ERMES, or NTT. Two-way pagers and response pagers typically use the ReFLEX protocol"

... Types of pagers


Numeric Pagers contain a numeric LCD display capable of displaying the calling phone number or other numeric information generally up to 10 digits. The display can also convey pager codes, a set of number codes corresponding to mutually understood pre-defined messages.


Alphanumeric pagers contain a more sophisticated LCD capable of displaying text and icons. These devices receive text messages, often through email or direct connection to the paging system. The sender must enter a message, either numeric and push # or, text & push # or a verbal message. The pager does not automatically record the sender's number; the pager will beep but no message can be seen or heard if none has been entered.Response

Strong-willed field support op holds it together during painful customer call

Eric Kimminau TREG

Software Install Technical Support

It was ~1990 and I was working in the technical support department for a computer & software warehouse company that changed its name during IPO and no longer exists.

I was working the technical support help line and have a very distressed user call in trying to install a product called Paradox that had about 35 x 5.25" floppies for the install.

Mr. Customer: Hi! I'm having a really hard time installing this software product called Paradox and I'm hoping you could help.

Me: Sure. What seems to be the problem?

Mr. Customer: Well, I'm following the on screen prompts. The installation started just fine after I put in the first floppy. It keeps telling me to "insert next disk" and so far I have put in 6 and I'm trying to insert #7 but there just isn't room for any more disks.

Me: What is the error you are getting? Is it saying "out of disk space" or is it some other error?

Mr. Customer: It isn't giving an error. It just keeps popping up a little window that says "Insert next disk" with an OK button. Ive put in 6 disks so far and then clicked OK but there isn't any room for any more disks.

Me: I'm not sure I under stand. How do you know there isn't any room for more disks if it isn't giving you an error?

Mr. Customer (starting to sound really miffed): Because there isn't any more room to fit any more disks. I keep sliding them into the slot for the next disks and I can't fit any more into the slot.

Me: Can you hold on a second. I want to go grab the build sheet for your computer so I can confirm something. ( I place the customer on hold. I go pull his build sheet. He has a single 5.25" floppy drive and 2 empty drive bay slots below with blank covers on them. I'm pretty sure I know what has happened now.)

Me: Mr. Customer, I think I understand what is going on now. Is there any way you could please bring in your computer and the remaining disks and we can help get you through this as quickly as possible?

Mr. Customer: I guess if I have to. Can't you just tell me how to solve the problem?

(By this time, I have 5 guys standing around me with smiles on their faces. They have figured out the problem as I'm sure most of you have as well)

Me: Well, I'm not 100% positive, because I am going to have to see your machine to be completely positive but I'm guessing there is a small space below your primary floppy drive and the empty drive bay below. Have you opened the locking lever and taken the first floppy disk out and then inserted the second disk and closed the locking lever again, then when it asked for the next disk you opened the locking lever, removed the second disk, inserted the third disk and closed the locking lever, etc. etc.?

Mr. Customer: No. It didn't tell me to open the drive and remove the first disk. It just said "Insert next disk" so that's what I have been doing.

Me: Exactly. So now you have 6 disks in an empty space in your case and we are kinda stuck. So if you bring in the rest of the disks and your computer, we can help you get things finished real quick.

Mr Customer grudgingly agrees. Upon bringing the computer to the technical support window, you can see the half crumpled floppy disk #6 shoved into the small gap below his primary disk drive.

We had to rma the "defective" copy of Paradox and exchange for a new pristine copy without folded and mangled floppy disks and the software installation proceeded as expected. We canceled the install and pulled Mr. Customer into the tech room as we started the installation and walked him through the first 3 disks swaps. We then got him a cup of coffee and asked him to take a seat while we completed the installation. 35 minutes and 22 disks later the installation finished. We brought him back one last time to see "Installation complete", boxed up his software, powered down the computer and sent him along his way. I really wanted to charge him an hours labor for "Custom software installation" but my manager chalked it up as a learning experience for both of us.

Solaris update plan is real, but future looks cloudy by design

Eric Kimminau TREG

But... Oracle canned almost all of the Solaris technical staff 9/1/2017

Per this post on LinkedIn over the weekend, Solaris is pretty much dead.

RIP Solaris: Oracle laid off nearly all Solaris technical staff on Friday 9/1.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise hiring temps to cover for redundancies - sources

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HPE Executives have their head up their backside

I was a very well paid contractor in a part of HP that became HPE. I was axed in Sept. 2015 with 0 days notice. Effective immediately. The project I was working on was supposed to have been completed by December 2015. It has been repeatedly delayed, has still not been completed and HPE is now at risk of losing a MAJOR payment from a global oil company because they are going to miss a contractual delivery date. If you are still working at HPE, you need to read the writing on the wall. They are shipping EVERYTHING offshore unless there is a contractual requirement to use local resources. If your job isn't specifically defined as requiring local resources, it won't be. You have been warned.

Reg readers rise to Vulture 2 paintjob challenge

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Thunderbird 3

I sincerely apologize for not getting my .02 in before the decision has been made, but I truly believe there should be no choice other than the color scheme of Thunderbird 3:


Anatomy of a killer bug: How just 5 characters can murder iPhone, Mac apps

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Ping of death

I thought this stupidity stooped with the Ping of Death http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ping_of_death and programming 101 taught proper bounds and error return code checking. Stupid programmers. Kix are for Trids.

Beam me up? Not in the life of this universe

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Re: Trekker alert!!

It was also a movie called "The Prestige".

Eric Kimminau TREG

Re: Trekker alert!!

You have a failure in your logic. How does it work when you are transporting down to the first contact planetary surface and there is no "receiving station"?

Eric Kimminau TREG

Rather than compression, de-dupe technology

"We are all related" right? Since the vast majority of our bits are rather similar DNA, I would think after a couple thousand scans we start doing bit comparison and we come down to only transferring the difference bits rather than the entire model.

Of course this will have the effect of modifying the gene pool, allowing us to identify the majority of cancers, infectious diseases and the like, eliminating those as well and eventually positive DNA and gene modification to improve physical appearance, mental acuity, sexual pheremones, etc so that we digitally transform our race into "super humans". Im also looking forward to having my body "de-aged" to my first scan every 20-30 years to extend my lifespan.

Ill call this the science of transgenesis. Bring it on Scotty. Bring it on.

Rejoice! Sysadmin day is... TODAY. Now get in here and win free stuff

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My question

I would like to know what happens to all of the 5.25" floppies that I have put into the slot between my two floppy drives on the front of my computer. I think I have managed to fit 14 or 15 in there so far but my computer keeps asking me to "Insert next disk".

Thank you!

When to say those three little words: 'I am quitting'

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Re: Long notice period

When they ask how long you will stay, the answer is "2 weeks". If they valued you that much or they treated you that fairly or you enjoyed it that much, you wouldnt have been looking. Screw "loyalty". 2 weeks is an acceptable notice. Do not offer a day more even if they offer a huge bonus to do so. It only means you will be treated like crap as long as they have you under contract to stay.

Eric Kimminau TREG

Counter offers are career suicide

I have been a very well paid contractor for almost 20 years. If you have gotten to the point in a job search that another company has made you an offer you are at the crossroads and your choices are two. Take the offer and leave professionally, keep your damn mouth shut and suck it up.

Any recruiter recommending you "see how much they really value you" is looking for some poor idiot who has been fired and looking for someone to pimp. That is so,eone they will make significantly more on because you will be in a position to make whatever they offer you rather than what you both know you are worth.

Counter offers and incentives for you to stay are a knife in the back of your management chain. They will from that day forward be pissed they had to give you more under duress to stay in your current job and they will constantly be wondering when it will happen again.

Your only discussion with your management is how long you will stay. If you have seen that they will fire someone or walk them to the door as soon as you give notice, take your vacation now and give your notice on the last day of work. It is better to say "I quit" with no notice than it is to stress out your managers manager and HR trying to see just how much they will give you before you tell them you wouldnt accept it any way.

The professional will quietly schedule a 10 day vacation for "family matters" and the day before leaving sit down with your manager to give 2 weeks notice. Clearly inform them that it is time for a change, thank them for the opportunity to be their employee, wish them well and leave. Do it just like they would do to you. 4:30pm on a Friday. Schedule the meeting with your boss to discuss open issues in Outlook the day before just to make sure its on his calendar and he will be in the office. No shouting, no yelling. No cursing or threats. Its time to go. Go.

Whats up with Top stories?

Eric Kimminau TREG

Whats up with Top stories?

The Top stories section on the home page (for me) has not changed since 12/March. Whats going on?

Twenty classic arcade games

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WHAT!!!??? No Disks of Tron??

The BEST 3D environmental EVER! So awesome I had to by one for myself as a Christmas present a few years ago.



Why is solid-state storage so flimsy?

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Old time publishing

I too once worked on a Purup Typesetting system designing custom business forms stored on 8" floppies before (EGADS) we got the 500MB mini - then it became the weekly process of archiving off all of the old completed jobs to make room for the next week of work. And we considered it a promotion to be responsible for this painfully boring task of swapping 8" floppies for backups.

Microsoft storage boffins serve up smoking 2012 NFS server

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But what about translation?

I want to really know how filename translation compatible their NFS implementation is.

Is it compatible with EMC multi-protocol?


What about NetApp multi-protocol?


What about with Microsoft CIFS and DFS?

Even better, how about translating a filename from EMC or NetApp multi-protocol share served as a Microsoft DFS share and a Microsoft NFS share?

Anyone want to bet it doesn't play nice? I will.

Foxconn allegedly hid underage workers from inspectors

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Chinese Child Labor Law

According to this site: http://www.dsal.gov.mo/law/E138.htm

Specifically Article 3, sections 1-3, anyone over Age 16 is "legal:

Article 3

1. The minimum age for admission to any type of employment or work which by its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out is likely to jeopardize the health, safety or morals of young persons shall not be less than 18 years.

2. The types of employment or work to which paragraph 1 of this Article applies shall be determined by national laws or regulations or by the competent authority, after consultation with the organizations of employers and workers concerned, where such exist.

3. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article, national laws or regulations or the competent authority may, after consultation with the organizations of employers and workers concerned, where such exist, authorize employment or work as from the age of 16 years on condition that the health, safety and morals of the young persons concerned are fully protected and that the young persons have received adequate specific instruction or vocational training in the relevant branch of activity.


Google flight search engine lifts off

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Non-US flights unsupported

Your search – Detroit to London – did not match any results.

Sorry, locations outside the U.S. are currently not supported.

Hardware-happy HP has swallowed a Sun death pill

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Sounds just like Rick Belluzo & SGI...

When ex-HP executive joined SGI as CEO the first thing he proposed was making SGI into a hardware only company. He severed all ties with software OEM, started a new PC biz that turned over IP to Microsoft in exchange for them writing a crappy virtual memory driver for Win NT4.5. After tanking the company and completely decimating the sales channel through failed communication on the future of IRIX what did he do? He suddenly announced he was leaving SGI (with a huge golden parachute) and then shortly showed up as a Microsoft executive. Keep an eye on this executive. Im betting he will be working for the competitor who will most greatly profit from the announcement. (IBM? Dell?) My .02.

Google seeks interwebs speed boost with TCP tweak

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This is going to cause problems in the Enterprise...

From the PDF:

Applications using concurrent TCP connections

Traffic patterns from applications using multiple concurrent

TCP connections with a large init cwnd represent one of

the worst-case scenarios where latency can be adversely impacted

by bottleneck buffer overflow.

So any website running multiple virtual servers or in a virtualize server farm (such as in a VMWare cluster running multiple virtual systems, as an example) these changes are going to cause performance to go to hell. I know many environments where 20-30+ virtual machines (and in some cases MANY more) are running on each physical server.

Also, Im going to have to go and dig, but there were a number of cases where SGI/Irix systems and IBM AIX systems running on the same network saw issues due to the way IRIX aggressively attempted to stream IP packets and the way AIX systems liked to "play nice" and not attempt to force themselves into a network but "wait their turn" to communicate. I see this as just a more current version of IRIX's attempts to aggressively continue streaming data until someone else on the network forcefully requested "their turn" to stream. SGI had to add a new kernel tuneable allowing admins to force this option off globally for the IRIX TCP stack so their systems wouldn't perform as well within mixed vendor networks but would "play well with others" once implemented.

This proposal doesn't appear to have really tested with anything more than Linux and current Microsoft OS and they do not clearly describe how many nodes were involved in the testing. Lets see what happens when you supernet (255.255.253 or 252.0 subnet mask) and put 500+ nodes within a broadcast domain at GbE speeds and mix a few more other OS versions in the mix before this gets seriously considered.

I would love to hear what the NANOG guys are saying about this proposal.


Regulator sniffs around stonking iPhone game bills

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Gotta get their money back somehow...

It seems as though <A Href="http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/11/09/google_to_buy_admob/">Google</A> needs to get their AdMob money back somehow and after being slighted by Apple for their phone related apps, what better way of recouping your investment that letting other companies do it for you? Pick the most popular game that has AdMob installed, insert premium calling link, PROFIT!

'Something may come through' dimensional 'doors' at LHC

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2 birds, one stone

I had a hard time dseciding whether the Zero Wing reference or the Buckaroo Banzai reference was most appropriate. So here they are in one place.

"All your base are belong to us!"


The Oscillation Overthruster represents the culmination of many years of research and experimentation by such august scientists as Emilio Lizardo, Prof. Hikita, Buckaroo Banzai and his parents. The OO allows one to penetrate other dimensions by acting on a solid surface in threespace; through the creation of multiparticle standing waves inside the object under projection, the surface is 'rotated' out of threespace into the Eighth Dimension. Passing an object through the convex hull surface thus rotated will, in effect, move the object entirely out of threespace by converting the object's three-dimensional momentum into eighth dimensional displacement.

John Whorfin: "Where are we going?"

Red Lectroids: "Planet 10!"

John Whorfin: "When?"

Red Lectroids: "Real soon!"



Raygun jumbo: 'Long duration' ground blasts begin

Eric Kimminau TREG

Freakin' Lasers!

I want to know when the Shark Mounted version will become available.

EVE Online update kills Windows PCs

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Gates Horns

Trinity says...

Trinity says... follow the white rabbit.

Piranhas actually scaredycats, boffins claim

Eric Kimminau TREG

Serrasalmus nattereri

Serrasalmus nattereri, or the red bellied piranha, is "supposed" to only be able to live in warm water and only grow to 11" long. I did a brief study in 1985 that concluded that the normal habitat, the southern Amazon basin, freezes solid 2 months out of the year with no adverse effects on the local piranha population. This significantly increases the breeding ground and sustainable environments for them.

There is also video and pictorial evidence of 20-25" long specimens and historical record from the Theodore Roosevelt expedition of Piranha biting through 1.5" heat treated steel meat hooks.

Maybe YOU want to go swimming with those poor scared little boogers but I won't go near water with Serrasalmus nattereri.

Heres the problem with that though.The waters that "could" support them year around is anything south of the southern border of North Dakota in the US. There are many news stories regularly reporting that piranha are being caught in American freshwater lakes and rivers.

The story that lead to my brief investigation was a single paragraph story of a 12yr old boy catching a piranha in the river that runs through downtown Kansas City, MO during the first week of December with ice chunks floating by.



As an aside, at one time I had a "school" of 50 silver dollar sized Serrasalmus nattereri in a 500 gallon tank at one time. They would devour ANYTHING I put in the tank with them. Crawdads, turtles, bass, bluegill, etc. The "school" slowly dwindled down to a single, 12" fish I named "Holmes" who died in a power outage the winter of 1985.


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