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US judge halts mass fingerprint harvesting by cops to unlock iPhones


Give them the middle finger

If you are forced to try a finger to open a phone, do they specify which finger?

If you have set up fingerprint recognition on your phone using your index finger, are you within your rights to present your middle finger?

On the other hand (excuse the pun), if you set up your phone to unlock with your ring finger and you allow the feds to borrow your middle finger to attempt to unlock, is that considered following the requests? Will they force you to try all fingers and toes, just in case??

Your next PC is… your 'Droid? Remix unveils Continuum-killer


Re: Continuum...

Windows phone with Continuum is very good and works very well, but it has limited use. However, it's not powerful enough to run anything beyond mail and browsers and (maybe) Word / Excel, which means that it's not enough of a PC to be a day-to-day workhorse for most workers.

Having said that, it's a "first" version and will improve and should also push the developers like Remix to come up with alternatives that will also continue to improve. It's early days with this technology and the alternatives combined with ever-improving hardware, such as simple docking stations, that makes all of this "just work" mean that this is something to watch for in the future.

For those people that don't want to take their PC with them everywhere, just because you have your phone/PC with you, you don't have to look at it. I have work mail on my phone, but I don't spend my weekends or holiday checking it or sending out emails, that won't change if the phone in my pocket is also what I use on my desk at work.

Apple joins one wireless power group, the other one responds with so-happy forced grin



"The Alliance came into being in late 2015, when the rival Alliance for Wireless Power and the Power Matters Alliance decided they'd be better off fighting a common enemy – the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) – instead of beating up on each other"

Wasn't there also "The People's Front of Wireless Power", "The Wireless Power People's Front" and "The Wireless Power Front of the People"? Splitters.

Terabit trial gives Telstra some backbone


Robertson noted that technologies like the terabit transport are important, since both Internet and non-Internet data traffic are doubling each year.

And yet the Oppositions NBN 'plan' is based on the 'fact' that there is no growth in internet usage and so there is no requirement for faster speeds! Go figure ...

First batch of Firefox OS phones sells out in hours


Re: Raspberry Pi Phone

Open Minded????

You owe me a new keyboard for that!!!

Review: Nokia Lumia 720


Re: The best phone in the world right now.

I agree with your comment, but look at who you're talking to. The readership of El Reg are not exactly known to be open the ideas or opinions of others when it comes to comments about any OS, be that desktop, server, mobile or whatever! you only have to read the ill-informed rants of a certain person here to realise that accepting someone else's opinion is never going to be on the cards!

Facebook burnout: 61% of users have needed a break


Lies, damned lies and statistics

If the older users don't plan on using FB less, is that because they don't use it excessively? If a 50 year old is using it 2 hours a week then there is no reason to cut down, whereas the 20 year old using it 40 hours a week may have good reason to cut down.

Without an idea of how many hours each group is using FB, these numbers are pointless and the article simply becomes spin.

Yay for iOS 6.1, grey Wi-Fi iPhone bug is fix- AWW, SNAP


Re: Out of warranty?

So let me get this straight ...

Apple tell you that you never own the device and so you can't jailbreak it, but if you have a problem, it's nothing to do with them?? Don't we call that double-standards?

That square QR barcode on the poster? Check it's not a sticker


Re: But is it really a problem?

As with most things on El Reg, the people that read and comment are IT savvy and very aware of malware and scams and so won't use QR codes or the like without checking first. We are not the target for these attacks as we are likely to be a bit more careful.

Apart from just playing around in the last 10 minutes to test the Norton app mentioned above, I haven't used QR codes and I don't see that I would, but your average teenager (terrible stereotyping, I know) will see an advert showing the latest fashion items with a QR code to get more details and will be pointing their phone at it in seconds. Seeing a sticker QR code will just mean it's updated, right? It can't be anything bad, right?

The real problem is that people of that ilk will just click "OK" to any warnings or "are you sure" messages because they are just annoying and don't serve any purpose, right?

This is another case where education is what can stop the problem. Educate people that they need to check the link and that it's going to the right site, not a random site with no connection to the actual advert, and there is no issue. As with all things, the problem is carbon based, not technology based!

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