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PayPal security boss: OBLITERATE passwords from THE PLANET


biometric authentication is a bad idea; pass-words/pass-phrases are better

Biometric authentication is a poor substitute for pass-phrases for at least three reasons.

1. Problem of Scope: One would not want to use the same authentication factor in many places because then all those places could have the credentials of the other locations.

2. Problem of Longevity: Biometrics are persistent. You many no longer want to do business with someplace you provided your biometric data but who is to say that will continue to protect or destroy this valuable personal information.

3. Problem of Compromise: If an authentication factor such as a pass-phrase becomes stolen or otherwise compromised, one need simply change it. If a biometric authentication factor becomes compromised, say somebody captures your fingerprint, then you screwed.

This is explained in better detail here: http://growingliberty.com/thumbs-down-for-fingerprint-identification


Anger grows over the death of Aaron Swartz


Re: Politician's logic

Do we really know this was suicide? He clearly had some powerful enemies.

In any case this is a great loss to us all. Lets hope his contribution is not silenced by his passing.


This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF


What about for companies where the leaf IS the logo?

What does this mean for companies where the leaf IS the company logo? An example Growing Liberty LLC

http://growingliberty.com. Looks like Apple is being a bully. Do the really want to attack their customers in this way?



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