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NetApp's dangerous dance with the killer brontosaurus - Amazon


Re: Use Steelheads

Yes to Jim's point, CSH is an amazing tool to get customer on-prem over to AWS, but it serves a specific use case where the NPSAWS serves different use cases. We have Riverbed customer using CSH for this exact purpose today (backup to AWS). Now for the customer data center connection to the Direct Connect facility, you don't have to have a the private/direct circuit, Riverbed is another alternative that works great. We see this fitting well for a lot of our data center consolidation use cases back to the NPSAWS system.

NetApp use cases: http://day1solutions.com/netapp

We have customers running in US-East today, but have many from EMEA that are interested, even multi-region with UK-Ireland <-> US-East. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions luisb@day1solutions.com



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