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Google recalculated its wages, and yup, raises for underpaid fellas. So can you forget those gender discrim claims?

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Re: Check out Jordan B. Peterson

"Also, lobsters piss through their face"

Oh, stop talking sh*t. ;^)

I'll get me coat...

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Re: Check out Jordan B. Peterson

"So, where do you stand on this psychologist's attempt to JUSTIFY hierarchies in human society "

You need to listen better. He doesn't JUSTIFY anything, he makes an observation. That observation is that most all animal kingdoms create hierarchies. Then he links that observation to the patently absurd claim apparently made by post-modernists, that hierarchies are a western, capitalist construction and that if we ditched capitalism (apparently in favour of socialism) it would all be honey and unicorns.

Post-modernists and Marxists seem not to have observed that socialist societies rapidly develop hierarchies, and folk who benefit from those hierarchies literally kill folk who threaten their status in that hierarchy.

But, ya know: it's all about lobsters, eh Rich?

IBM hunkers down for no-deal Brexit, warns of disruption to supply chain, data transfers

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Re: Maths were by Dianne Abbot

"but every tory chancellor ever has been off every day."

Gordon Brown was a Tory chancellor? Well I never.

Three-quarters of crucial border IT systems at risk of failure? Bah, it's not like Brexit is *looks at watch* err... next month

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Re: What possible delay?

" The default is hard brexit thankfully - You must really hate the people who would suffer the most if that were to happen "

You must really hate those of us who would suffer the most if we were to remain. F*ck you: if the EU want to cut off BMW and Mercedes Benz's noses to spite their faces, so be it.

Insane homeowners association tries to fine resident for dick-shaped outline car left in snow

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Re: Power unchecked

So you are unaware that the UK parliament uses First-past-the post? A party could secure the majority of seats, but with a much smaller share of the vote than the party with the second highest number of seats.

So. To the question we really wanted answering: How real is 5G?

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Re: Meh

Did they send you a 5G sticker? Did you stick it on? You did? I bet you didn't stick it on quite the right spot. Or maybe upside down.

Don't mean to alarm you, but Boeing has built an unmanned fighter jet called 'Loyal Wingman'

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Re: So it's an option from Gradius?

No, but it reads through their old tweets going for wrongthink.

Secret mic in Nest gear wasn't supposed to be a secret, says Google, we just forgot to tell anyone

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Re: Slow emails

Jez, Kreton: give them a chance to read your email before they pass it on.

Here come the riled MPs (it's private, huh), Facebook's a digital 'gangster' ('disingen-u-ous'). Zuckerberg he is a failure (on sharing data)

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Re: Now, will the government act...

But Soros didn't fund the leave campaign...

See what I did there.

Still, it's happening all over the world. Trump (hawk spit) is investigated for 2 years, every Stone overturned. Some beetles squashed like, err, bugs. But Clinton's insecure server and inexplicable enrichment "nothing to see, move along". Mr C's links to pervs, not investigated. "Move along sir". Nice.

Patch this run(DM)c Docker flaw or you be illin'... Tricky containers can root host boxes. It's like that – and that's the way it is

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I didn't undertsand a word of these article...

...I'm only here for the headlines.

Mini computer flingers go after a slice of the high street retail Pi

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Pi is a mini computer?

Then what is my 486 DX2/66? It thought it was a micro.

Treaty of Roam: No-deal Brexit mobile bill shock

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Re: My money's on Vodafone being the first to start charging

Interesting, I'm with Voda in New Zealand. For $NZ40 I get unlimited minutes to NZ and Aussie numbers (except special rate numbers like 0900, etc) with 10GB. I can roam most of the world and for $NZ5 a day, I can use my minutes locally.

But in reality, I use my 10GB data to communicate over skype and whatsapp.

I don't know what the telcos offer in your country, but I'm sure the EU can't take credit for my plan in NZ.

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Re: So predictable !

Mine's the one with the "a good man is hard to find, a hard Brexit is awesome" note in the pocket.

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Re: So predictable !

"We seem to get more sense (well mostly) out of the EU, than we do out of our lot."

True. My fav being the vacuum cleaner testing done without any dirt.

My second fav was the, remind me how many years, the EU auditors refused to sign the audit report.

My third fav was the way they took GBP290m a week and spent a small % of that in the UK and thought we should be grateful. Meanwhile, the NHS could have had all or some (or none) of that money.

My fourth fav is the pan-european army that was announced, as predicted, after the vote.

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Re: So predictable !

"mostly voted out so they could kick out anyone called Mohammed. "

Lolz, that's STILL why you believe we voted leave? Because we mistakenly thought Pakistan was part of the EU? Bless!

Another Apple engineer cuffed over alleged self-driving car data theft: FBI swoop on bod as he boards plane to China

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Re: security is not chinesity

"Or we do not have enough American citizens to do coding?"

There are plenty lining up. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of coding experience since earning their PhD in Gender Studies and starting work at Buzzfeed.

Judge! snuffs! Yahoo!'s attempt! to! settle! 2013! megahack! class-action!

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Where're all the comments...

... oh that's right: I'm the only person still using Yahoo!

Holy crappuccino. There's a latte trouble brewing... Bio-boffins reckon 60%+ of coffee species may be doomed

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Re: Temperature?

"There's a finite amount of water in circulation."

Yep, a whole planet full.

"That means that somewhere else in the system (down stream) there is less water than there was. "

Well, downstream of most rivers is... the sea. So less water flows to the sea? I think you may have hit on a solution for rising sea levels.

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Re: Add this to the list?

"The Gros Michel was claimed tp be a far tastier variety than the starchy tasting Cavendish"

Betamax was far superior to VHS, too.

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Re: Umm... nope.

That and Chinese and Nazi connections make any discussion of population suicide political control."


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Re: Umm... nope.

"The biologists suspect that the fungus has become prolific due to warming weather. (That, and monoculture.)"

And over one hundred thousand people a year are KILLED or otherwise inconvenienced by coffee in the UK.

Everyone everywhere now "suspects" everything that happens now is due to climate change.

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Re: Umm... nope.

"However they can show times of volcanic activity and other extreme events that can be tied back to the climate records."

Wait, what? Climate change causes volcanoes now?

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Re: Umm... nope.


Wow, we have accurate temperature records going back to 20,000 BCE!

The "uptick" in that hockey stick graph is... bs.

The "proxies", that have "told" us what temperatures were over the last few thousand year, don't give us data that correlate with current temperature records. Which kinda make it look like they are not good proxies. So good luck convincing anyone that you "know" what the temps were in Ghengis Khan's day.

Should the super-rich pay 70% tax rate above $10m? Here's Michael Dell's hot take for Davos

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Re: Simple solution to Dell's problem

Dumb example anyway, as most of the Billionaires are billionaires on paper. They may have quite a few million$ lying around, but most of the wealth is in shares.

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Re: Rich Tax Paradox

"If you are a US citizen Uncle Sam will demand tax from you no matter where in the world you live."

Sure, if they KNOW about the income. Or you remain a citizen of the US.

You misunderestimate the extent to which some folk will go to avoid giving their money to folk who think invading iraq was a good idea.

Steamer closets, flying cars, robot boxers, smart-mock-cock ban hypocrisy – yes, it's the worst of CES this year

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Re: Well, scale matters

"how many busses would you need to drop"

Enough to cover 3 football pitches? Or fill 6 Olympic sized swimming pools? Or cover the length of the Thames? And it depends: are you dropping form the height of 2.5x Big Ben*.

*You CAN drop from the height of Big Ben: it's height is about 0.93 QEII Commemorative Clock Towers.

Fake news? More like ache news. Grandma, grampa 'more likely' to share made-up articles during US election

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Re: Red herring

"Only in America can really complicated issues be boiled down to two simple choices:

You're a commie Leftie


You're a Fascist Right Wing Nazi."

Only in America, you say? Wow, you've not really been paying attention, have you? It applies all over the world. For eg, anyone in favour of Brexit is labeled a racist. Anyone dismayed at Angela Merkil inviting undocumented migrants to Germany is racist. Anyone pointing out the inequities of quotas is a misogynist or racist. Remember "right-wing" and "far-right" and "alt-right" are code words used by those who practice identity politics. And for sure there ARE racists in the word. But someone who believes in private enterprise, thrift & hard work, social welfare as a safety-net rather than a way of life, isn't a racist, but they ARE "right-wing".

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Re: Red herring

"It has to do with truth versus deliberate falsehood."

Yep, CNN etal never deliberately create fake news stories. Nor do they fail to report news due to partisan positions. Well done.

Amazon exec tells UK peers: No, we don't want to be dominant. Also, we don't fancy being taxed on revenues

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Re: Tax allowance for costs is a grace

"Shareholders have not asked for profitability only share price appreciation."

In most(many?) countries, share gains are taxable as either a capital gain (for investors & pension schemes) or trading profits (for share traders).

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Re: Tax allowance for costs is a grace


So what you're saying is that Amazon buy their Samsung Galaxy S9s from Colombia for $10 and sell them to Amazon UK for $790 who sell it to UK consumers for $800?

Or are you saying that Trotters Ind Traders import a load of S9s for $790 and sell them on Amazon for $800 and Amazon gets $8 per trade for "facilitation"? Then Amazon pays tax on the profit from $8 (which is $8 less the wages of it's UK employees and the rent on its UK office and the cost of running their server farms and their internet connections?

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt

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Re: Wow, it's almost...

"that as a country we seriously think our farty little island can really negotiate a better deal than at present."

Yes you can: most everyone agrees that "no deal" is a far better deal. So just get on with the preparations.

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Re: Wow, it's almost...

"It has always been the case that Joe public never gets given the information necessary to make an informed decision"

Thanks for that, Comrade Herr Adolf Stalin, but I'd like to continue to be able to vote thanks, imperfect as it is.

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Re: Wow, it's almost...

"Some people seem to have a very odd idea of what democracy actually means."

Actually, no: our representatives gave us the chance to advise them directly on an issue (they otherwise don't seem to listen) and we took that opportunity. Yay.

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Re: Wow, it's almost...

"For those of us who don't live in Maidenhead (and who the **** can afford that?), she's not elected."

By your measure, none of the EU Presidents is "elected" (not even the President of the Euro parliament, who is a MEP) and neither are the EU Commissioners. So why should I consider the legitimacy of those Presidents and Commissioners if you don't accept the legitimacy of our Prime Minister?

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Re: Wow, it's almost...

"But it isn't [undemocratic] - you have a eu parliament with MEPs voted for by the electorate."

Err, the laws are basically written and implemented by the Commission, not the 99% rubber-stamp Parliament. When did you last get the chance to vote for your Commissioner? Or the President (any of them)?

Sorry, Samsung. Seems nobody is immune to peak smartphone

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S5 Mini is only 16GB. Even with a big flashcard, hard to manage.

Pork pulled: Plug jerked out of beacon of bacon delight

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Re: Mixed feelings

"[TAB] has been the [next field] key for the -also many- decades of HTML existence, it's strange that you would only notice it now."

And for many more decades of accounting system data-entry, both main frame and PC.

TAB has only ever been spaces in word processing, shirley?

Brexit-dodging SCISYS Brits find Galileo joy in Dublin

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Re: Merry Brexmas ...


Yes yes yes, if you want to be technically correct: those countries are free to sign whatever agreements they want to due to ... sovereignty.

All those countries are lining up to sign deals with the UK. So widdle ol' Britain (only 5 or 6 in the GDP stakes) will soon have a bunch of friends again in the new school.

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Re: Light the blue touchpaper....

I certainly stocked up on popcorn. But after seeing the tremendous reaction from Hilarity supporters after the Trump win, I had none left.

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Re: Merry Brexmas ...

"Yeah, sovereignty. The right to vote for whether the economy will be badly fucked or merely trashed, "

Haha, suck it up Englanders: you'll be up shit creek, with high unemployment, a fleeing populace and civil unrest like third-world, shit-hole countries under WTO rules like... USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

Seriously: you are toast. You have so much in common, from language, and in most cases, Westminster parliamentary democracy. Haha. When you sink below the waves of your own tears, you'll be forgotten, just like those other countries listed above that no one ever visits, trades with, try to emigrate to or even thinks about.


Boffins don't give a sh!t, slap Trump's face on a turd in science journal

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Re: Curious precedent on what is allowed

"I apologise for being a libtard snowflake that actually gives a shit about the planet "

So the fact that the USA is the only industrialised country to REDUCE CO2 emissions must please you? (Yes I know Trump is not responsible, but capitalism is: it is cheaper and cleaner to frack gas and turn your back on coal. Yet members of your beloved EU get to build coal fired power stations: Poland, Germany. So get a grip.)

Bloodhound SSC reaches the end of the road for want of £25m

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Re: A national disgrace? No other nation wants to do it. Nobody cares.

So the Aussies can do it (possibly) for $450,000? Thanks for (possibly) confirming what many folk have said: Bloodhound was a waste of money AND it would (possibly) have been too late.

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'

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Re: Alternative solution?

"My point was US sanctions should only apply to US citizens and US corporations and US banks."

Ms Meng's organisation (a US subsidiary/associate of Huawei) is accused of buying US technology, on the express condition that it NOT be sold to Iran.... and sold it to Iran.

And they allegedly knew they were doing wrong, because, allegedly, the payment was laundered.

Peak tech! Bacon vending machine signals apex of human invention

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Re: Cowtard ...

You have... vegan friends?

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Re: Which is better?

"freshly-cooked bacon roll from a roadside van (fat trimmed off) is often a delight."

Fat trimmed off? What are ya, a vegan?

YouTube fight gets dirty: Kids urged to pester parents over Article 13

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Re: actually driving a teenager to threaten suicide?

"or what THE 'EDUCATION' SYSTEM has been doing for DECADES, making every kid "feel" like the world is gonna end tomorrow "

Yep, in th '80s, we were bused enmase to the cinema to watch some movie about nuclear winter. A few months later our English teacher asked us why we had become all apathetic and lazy since the start of the year. She was speechless when we explained to her about how the world was going to end and so test scores didn't seem to matter much. Many teachers aren't willingly part of any post-modernist drive to destroy western civilisation, so it is a bit of an eye-opener for them when they realise they may be implicated nonetheless.

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Re: Isn't it bad?

But there won't be any real labour cost: employees don't have a DB of copyrighted material in their head, so can't compare what they are watching to anything subject to copyright.

The solution will be technological: like the Shazam mentioned above. Or closure. Or (Netflix-like) subscription to cover the cost of reviewing. Or more advertising. Or all of the above.

So much stuff we see on utub is obviously ripped from another user and zoomed or cropped and re-uploaded. Sometimes the uploader states in the description "I don't own the copyright in this material" : perhaps Google could run a filter on that or similar phrases in description, removing all such vids, for a start?

Facebook spooked after MPs seize documents for privacy breach probe

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Re: Why?

"Proudly Facebook free and always have been."

Are you sure? I've seen you in some of your friends' photos on Facebook. As I knew you, I tagged your face for the recognition feature in FB, now I can see you all over FB in other people's feeds and photos.

See, FB is seriously worse than one can imagine.

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Re: Off to the tower with Zuck

"Televise the event, put it on PayPerView to make some *serious* money, "

Pfft, why would I pay to watch that when I can just watch someones FB livestream?


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