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'First ever' SHA-1 hash collision calculated. All it took were five clever brains... and 6,610 years of processor time


Re: Any such proof of authenticity...

The irony being that the digital realm of documents doesn't add much credibility and authentic proof over what was available with stone age documents. Both can be manipulated, after a while -- and we enjoy the wonders of "history", full of fairy tales that rival contemporary fantasy genre...

No wonder, some older cultures didn't trust written "knowledge".

LOST IN SPAAAAAACE! SpaceX aborts Space Station podule berthing


Re: In space ...

Or, the whole world hears you saying that.

Obama puts down his encrypted phone long enough to tell us: Knock it off with the encryption


Re: hypotheticals?

Perhaps send the "world's most powerful army" to convince them stop encrypting?

Microsoft spunks $500m to reinvent the wheel. Why?


The great Microsoft technology

I begin to think that the great Microsoft technology referred to in the article is just marketing and wishful thinking. Just like MS-DOS was when they negotiated wit IBM.

But, it worked back then, because Bill was the son of Mary.

Intel's new chips are from 'Purley' – know what I mean? Know what I mean? Say no more


Re: All new memory architecture?

Might be, we will see it rebranded as Intel then. This is probably the only market ready SCM today and it also seems to require some CPU support to make it transparent to use.

The obvious question is cost. Nothing high performance from Intel is cheap.


Re: Codename means built with Microsoft in mind

Not yet divorced, those two...

First production car powered by Android Auto rolls out – and it's a Hyundai


Re: Am I missing something?

"Exactly what benefit is gained ..."

it is not a benefit for you the car owner or driver. It is a benefit primarily for Google and to lesser extent for Hyundai. Google benefits by "validating" their stuff "for use in cars", opening up the possibility for huge contracts and also the ability to collect even more user data (such as how often, when and where you drive your car, what you talk inside, possible some sensor data etc). Hyundai benefits by demonstrating they are an modern car company...

This stuff is not different than putting an Android tablet on the dashboard and having it connect to some pre-assembled in the car peripherals, such as speakers, microphones, light etc. Car companies do this for ages with various music players (cassette, CD, DVD, USB). It just ads some concenience.

But, while the typical in-car entertainment options have been mostly neutral, this one is a vendor-locked. Many people will chose a different car model because of this. Hyundai might rethink soon this strategy.

Microsoft: Cortana not exclusive to Windows – it loves Android, iOS too


What does this stuff have to do with Windows?

Cortana, Siri, Google's assistant -- they are all a front-end for an voice recognution/search/"intelligence" backend that runs in some datacenter. It has absolutely nothing to do with the operating system the front-end runs on, other than the programmer being aware of the available hooks (they all provide those hooks) to run other applications, play sounds, display things etc.

It's just like web browsers. Ok, after seeing that other companies built web browsers, Microsoft built their own? Haven't we already seen this movie? We even know how it goes...

PS: Staying on the topic of the title. But do the other platforms love Cortana? ;-)

Geofencing: The ultra-low power frontier for the Internet of Things


Re: Why does this stuff need to update ?

And every such IPv6 address should be government assigned and properly recorded in the books, to declare that you do own the thing. Anything else would not be secure.


Re: Why does this stuff need to update ?

"Security by assumption someone else will deal with it higher up the chain is not security."

This is precisely what people do when they rely on a government to ensure their security which one of the primary reasons for government's existence. They don't complain about it then, why the complaint now? ;-)

Do svidaniya Roscosmos. By the way, any idea where that 92 BEEELLION rubles went?


Re: And this sort of thing ...

You know, they recruit for one-way missions too...

Will YOU be living in a cardboard box under the motorway in five years?


Ironic indeed

More than 20 years ago, Cisco were training their partners that "we do not shift boxes, we sell solutions" -- those Chinese guys seem to just have discovered the warm water. There is much more to discover, such as sliced bread... :)

But yes, the prediction that many people will be unemployed is true. People need to get less lazy.

A gold MacBook with just ONE USB port? Apple, you're DRUNK


Re: Possible reason for only one USB port

You know, there are those things called USB hubs. Connect one to the MacBook and you will

1. charge it

2. connect as many USB drives and other peripherals as you have ports left.

The thing will still not overheat.


Re: Just like the MacBook Air

Most of us don't own a time machine and we are not yet aware how many ports the next iteration of this MacBook will have.


Re: @Bronek @DougS

Now you probably know, why this came to be? Hint: the USB specification said "only 500mA can be drawn from the port". So Apple had to make an extension to the standard. Others followed.

USB Type-C says 100W can be drawn either direction. So I see no reason for Apple to do anything about it. Unless they start replacing the LiPoly batteries with supercaps :)


Re: 1 USB port? Seriously?

When people need access to legacy hardware, they usually use an adapter. This is how it worked when floppy drives were removed from laptops, when CD drives were removed, when serial ports were removed etc.

There are variety of ways to handle your particular case -- and I say this, because I have exactly the same use case myself.

[off topic]

In the case of sensors, it turns out that writing to the SD card consumes more power, than sending it over WiFi or Bluetooth. But, if you don't have the infrastructure, that's different limitation.


Re: 1 USB port? Seriously?

Why? Just use an USB Type-C SD card reader. Granted, that will cost less than a single SD card for your "proper" camera. Nothing will break, do not worry.


Re: 1 USB port? Seriously?

If they take the pictures videos (and movies?) on an iPhone or iPad, it is already on their new MacBook.

If they process their pictures and videos (and movies) on their stationary iMac, then they again have them on their new MacBook.

This is an light portable notebook after all. If your usage is more tethered and requires connecting to legacy peripherals, then Apple still sells (just refreshed) the Air and Pro models for you. Use the right tool for the job and you will always have good results.


Re: 1 USB port? Seriously?

Normal people use a DVD player (sub $50 these days) to watch DVD movies. Or plug their DSLR directly via HDMI to their large screen. You get the idea.


Re: @Dave 126 Not a universal view

"So, it's alienating all the professionals who use Mac for creative purposes - continuing a worrying trend from Apple."

Do you even believe yourself?

At the same time Apple announced this MacBook, they also updated the Air and Pro models as well. The professionals will use their professional tools -- which are different according to the profession and needs of each.

They would care less about your opinion, as well.


Re: Not a universal view

It does not have to cost $79. I am sure, as we discuss this, Chinese manufacturers are scrambling to bring up a super-duper combo of ports that they will sell cheaper. Some will buy from Apple, some will by it from eBay.


Re: None

If you don't know how to do something, it doesn't matter who the manufacturer of the thing is.


Re: None

Buy the £2 connector.


Re: Welcome to the wireless world

Would the electromagnetic interference situation be better if home users were using licensed spectrum? How would that work in the real world? We home users pay for this, how much? Would me, getting the frequency 2400 MHz prevent my neighbor from creating any interference of over -90 dB in the borders of the land I own? (rest of questions censored)


"and fuck what toxic shit your actual products are constructed from"

Such as, aluminum?

Now, do you have an idea of the environmental impact your cheapo wintel notebook's plastic has, as compared to the aluminum corpse of the MacBook? I bet, the MacBook will create less pollution.

Now, both contribute to the growing pile of electronic junk on Earth. But the MacBooks do it at a much slower pace, as they last much, much longer.


Nope. The new MacBook is not for "IT enthusiasts".

It is for normal people, who *use* computers, not fiddle with them. The normal people are grateful if there are less wires and less ports, because they will have to deal with remembering which is what. They don't care about this and they will be grateful to Apple for removing that burden from them.

Plus, you don't need everything wireless if you prefer so -- a single powered USB hub will give you plenty of ports and charge this notebook. A powered hub with integrated other peripherals will give you even more ports.


"My laptop has six USB ports and I'm glad of them. However, what I'd really like is a single cable to a docking solution."

Intel, with their greed and being very slow to market killed the possibility that this be Thunderbolt.


Then, when you realize you have too many "expansion" ports, it is time to look for a better design, because it is by then apparent you goofed.

Most of the "issues" in this particular example are resolved by just a simple powered USB Type-C Hub.

Because USB Type-C is not encumbered by Intel royalties and expensive chips as Thunderbolt is, one could imagine docking stations that incorporate many ports of all kinds and connect with your new MacBook for power and data will be everywhere.

The real test, that this design is good will be in how quickly the "me too" manufacturers will scramble to produce exactly the same computer, but running Windows.

Net neutrality secrecy: No one knows what the FCC approved (BUT Google has a good idea)


Ah, the U.S. is going back to the Stone Age of Internet.... Where they were, when that technology was heavily regulated over there. History is cyclic.

Or perhaps it's the Middle Ages for them now, with the inquisition et al.

DAMN YOU! Microsoft blasts Google over zero-day blabgasm


Re: Sorry, but Google were uttely wrong.

If you are Windows user, then this "PR" move by Google actually helps YOU.

Don't be so protective of Microsoft, they are not your friends. They could care less if you exist or not.

The Swiss cheese nature of Windows security is scary and with all that millions of zombie Windows computers that SPAM and DDoS the Internet, it is quite understandable why Google would react this way.

Rest assured, there are still enough hooks for the spooks left in Windows.


What would you expect from Microsoft?

Typical Microsoft nonsense. Even if the patch was released today without disclosure, most windows computers won't be protected... And criminals will just continue to make use of that "small" vulnerability.

They should be thankful to Google for sharing that knowledge, and not abusing it themselves...



Re: "storage blob front ends going into an infinite loop, which had gone undetected during fighting"

Microsoft Flight Simulator?


Re: Infinite Loop?

Someone has to be the culprit.

Outside of Microsoft, of course.

Download alert: Nearly ALL top 100 Android, iOS paid apps hacked


Re: Simple Really!

If Nokia did this somewhere, it was far from universal.

Some people often think it's inappropriate to pay for software. Some well known software companies taught them so in an attempt to be present "everywhere". Then cried "pirates"..

Everything has it's price. It's not always in money.


Re: Simple Really!

Yes, you have the right to injure yourself too!

What you can do to yourself, no one else can...

Apple bitchslaps iPhone rival Xiaomi: World No 1? That's BIG TALK


We will never know the truth

At least not until mobile telecoms become unregulated.

As it is today, they all run on monopoly market and pretty much dictate to customers what devices are appropriate and what are not.


Re: Why does Apple care who is #1? Apple should focus on hanging on to its #2 spot.

Nope, what went wrong for all the companies you listed was the "Me Too" attitude.

Apple seems so far immune to that. Time will tell.


Re: Forget Customers, Whose makes the most money from their mobile phones,

"It happened with US automakers"

Decades ago, I was an US auto reviews magazine. It had a page dedicated to each model with pros and cons. A page for an Renault model had:


- this is good;

- this is awesome;

- this is truly unbelievable;



- it's a french car and no sane American will buy one.

This pretty much sums it all about US automobile market idiocy at the time.

The funniest thing is, that Apple has been focused on "customer satisfaction and value" all the time, from day one. They are still the number one there and that explains why people generally prefer to buy their stuff, if they can afford it.

Mobile phones is a very competitive market. You can't win it with cheap price. It also needs to provide the customer satisfaction and quality.


Re: Necessary Now

Wow, it must be nice to be forced to buy an expensive Mercedes!

Or, to be forced by the mobile company to buy an cheap iPhone with cheap service contract.

A miraculous country, Japan...

Walmart's $99 crap-let will make people hate Windows 8.1 even more


Re: death knell for the iPod touch?

Let's do a little experiment:

Go buy yourself one of these. Load iTunes on it and test to see how many hours of music you could play. Or video.

Come back to report. The iPod's capabilities are well known and understood.

Oh, and if you can make this thing run iOS apps, that would put the last nail to Apple's coffin. ;-)


Re: cheap UI for any project

Great idea... but (there is always but, with junk :)

You can't expect this thing to survive even half the lifetime of a decent home automation UI.

These things would run for far more time on batteries than this one. You will need to wire it to mains power and who knows if it's charging system is designed or even safe to run unattended all the time.

But, for prototyping it would be ok. Just like any of your existing hand held devices...

So about the only reason you would buy this is if it's your first handheld device, or.. you hate environment.


Re: Hang on a minute?

Why would having "Intel" and "Microsoft" labels be anything positive?

So, you would buy any piece of crap for under £100? Why? There are certainly better uses for money.

Think about the environment -- you will be buying the next piece of electronic junk and encouraging those idiots to produce more!


Re: Hmm....

I will be interested to see how one can upload 1TB to the cloud from a tablet.

In that sense, it's unlimited, yes.


Re: eh???

You spent 60 quid. Ok, it's yours to do whatever you wish.

But you also contributed to the growing pile of electronic waste on Earth.

I believe this all will be sorted when you also need to pay reasonable amount to dispose of this junk properly. Then, people will stop the "but it's only 60 quid junk".

Better spend that 60 quid on food, as your body will properly process that into non-polluting waste :)

SO LONELY: Woman DARED to get rid of her iPHONE - Apple DUMPED all her TXTS


"it does sound like this service has significant design flaws, designed to lock people into the service"

When was it you were using an iPhone, and consequently iMessage and know any of this first hand?

By the way, iMessage is indeed a messaging service designed to lock you in. Just as Skype, ICQ and about any other messaging service is designed to lock you in. To be fair to Apple, their SMS interface of the service however does not lock you in, any way. No matter what some American wanna-be-rich lady or an US judge might say.

This is just another iteration of the cat and the microwave oven.


"iMessage was disabled pretty sharpish and has never been turned on since."

And, without iMessage how were you able to send SMS from the iPhone?

Share with us this secret technology, so that we too, could ditch iMessage :)


Re: @Roj Blake

"surely it should be able to guess fairly reliably within seconds that the recipient is not available via iMessage"

This is exactly what iMessage does.

It is amazing how people will believe anything...


Re: User error

iMessage is the only way to send/receive a SMS on an iPhone.

The system is very well designed and works well 'automagically'.

Of course, it does all you guys want it to do, such as switches to SMS when you no longer use iMessages with that id (phone number). For example, my wife rarely switches on 3G on her iPhone (old habbits) and when I try to send her an iMessage, it almost always goes out via SMS (iMessages indicates what you send, by the color. So this works even with an iPhone at the receiving side.

Nothing usual for the user to do.

I guess, that lady apparently had done some weird configuration, that prevented the SMS "fallback" from functioning. What it was, we could only guess. But could be another iOS deice set up to receive with that number as ID.

All this case demonstrates is the twisted US legal system and the arrogance of the US judge. Don't they at least hire experts on these cases?

The Nokia ENIGMA THING and its SECRET, TERRIBLE purpose


Re: Teledildonics

Nope, the originals were fitting 5.25" bays on a desktop.

The Internet was all over modem that days.

NOKIA - Not FINNished yet! BEHOLD the somewhat DULL MYSTERY DEVICE!


Re: Instead they went to Microsoft

One reason why Nokia was reluctant to jump to Android was the ongoing lawsuits between Microsoft and Android makers. They were probably thinking Microsoft is a safer bet.

Of course, Nokia should have stayed with Symbian, or any of the Linux based platforms they already had.

But then, it so happened that Microsoft was shopping for mobile device maker...


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