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Good news! US broadband speeds are up. Bad news – they're still rubbish

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Welcome to the Third World

It would be really nice if we had options like that here in a major city in Northern California. Where I live, I can have DSL, satellite, or CrapCast cable. Although the other half of the Data Transmission Axis of Evil (AT&T) offers U-Verse service in most of the city, it's not available where I live, so there isn't really even any pretend competition (you know, the thing that keeps prices reasonable).

That's why I still have a DSL connection. Highest it's even gotten is 120 KBPS (bytes per second, at least, not bits), but unless I want to open Pandora's Box and sign up with CrapCast, it's the only game in town.

IT bloke: Crooks stole my bikes after cycling app blabbed my address

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I've often wondered how clever all this stuff was...

As a ham radio operator, I know about a system called APRS. It's a system many hams use in their vehicles that couples with a GPS and transmits their location (and sometimes other things, like ambient temperature, etc.) It's useful for emergency communications situations, search and rescue, and such. But many leave it on all the time. And outside the "ham" world there's a lot of other GPS smartphone type apps like the victim's here. I've often wondered if thieves wouldn't harvest this sort of information and use it for nefarious purposes.

Thanks, El Reg, for answering my question. I'll be leaving GPS OFF unless I need it.

Australian government urges holidaymakers to kill two-factor auth

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Wow, imagine THAT! A government doing the exact opposite of what it should.

Never happen here in the good ol' US of A.

Right? I said RIGHT? (Cue crickets.)

13,000 Comcast customers complain to FCC over data caps

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Toxic Company

There are few organizations that can compare with Crapcast for sheer balls and total corruption. The only organizations that come close to them are the government and the mafia. And I think the Mafia could learn a thing or two from them.

They've been victimizing my sister for years, failing to provide her TV service for 1-5 days in a month and refusing to pro-rate the bill for the outage. They're the only high speed internet available where I live, which is why I have an ADSL connection.

Let's shut down the internet: Republicans vacate their mind bowels

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You're making a mistaken assumption here

You are assuming that what politicians say has anything to do with facts or even basic reality. It does not. What they say is intended not to convey facts, opinions or to argue for any particular position. What they say is intended for one thing only, which is to persuade their audience that they are the man/woman for the job. Sadly, for most people, this sort of thing bypasses intellectual functions and goes to feelings and associations which may be more powerful in determining actions.

Scott Adams (Dilbert) has pointed this out for months now. Whether or not Adams is right about humans being "moist robots," you have to give his hypothesis some attention because of the fact that he has correctly predicted the future. Back when everyone (including my good self) was laughing at the idea of a Trump presidency -- thinking a cartoon character was more likely to win -- Adams predicted that Trump would not only get the nomination, but likely win the election in a landslide. At the time I read that, I laughed and wondered what Scott was smoking. I'm not laughing anymore. A Trump presidency appears to be coming closer each day.

This is not because he makes any sense in front of a microphone or has any great ideas for policies, or LOGICALLY convinces people that he is right. His rise is because he is a master persuader. He practically hypnotizes people -- or something. Adams feels that a lot of what Trump says isn't even remotely true (e.g., Trump doesn't really have any intention of deporting every illegal alien in the US).

Adams bases his theory on his study of hypnosis. I don't know enough about hypnosis to express much of an opinion on Scott's theory from that angle, but, as I pointed out, we have watched Trump go from a "are you really serious?" sort of candidate to likely the front runner for his party. If Adams is right, for better or worse, we'll see Trump in the White House in 2017. If that happens, we can only HOPE that he's been babbling hypnotic/persuasive nonsense and not revealing what he really plans to do once he gains office.

GOP senators push FCC to kill support for local broadband

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It's a total joke

As other posters have pointed out, these companies have no intention of even providing decent service at any price (much less a fair one). And they're so confused, even the big monster companies don't know what they're doing. I constantly get "U-verse" junk mail from AT&T telling me I should sign up. Only one little problem here: an AT&T engineer told my neighbor there is NO "U-verse" service available on our street, and they have NO plans at all to install the requisite equipment.

I make do with slow DSL service from an independent phone company at a reasonable charge. The only alternative for high speed is CrapCast, and I know better than to open that Pandora's box.

Apply online to go to Mars. No, seriously

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Astronaut application

"I applied to be an astronaut, and the only part I got right was my name."

- Steve Martin

I expect I'd have the same result. But for those with the right stuff, go for it!

US government pushing again on encryption bypass

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Re: They just can't stop themselves, can they?

@John Smith 19

Right! Have an upvote. Except instead of "It's something inside their heads," I'd say "It's something missing from inside their heads." Like intelligence enough to understand anything about encryption.

The media and politicians are talking out their collective asses.

This comes from the usual "DO SOMETHING!" attitude when something bad happens. Everyone screams at the government to "DO SOMETHING" to fix it. But nobody in or out of government actually knows HOW to fix all the problems. Hence all this "crypto backdoor" and other crap in government. They do it because, to those without understanding of the issues, which means 90+% of the population, it gives the appearance that they are actually DOING SOMETHING to fix the world's problems. That's why you hear the same, tired crap over and over in the same pointless debates that occur every time something bad happens.

"Outlaw this! Mandate that! And then everything will be set right in 3 easy steps! Right?


Music publisher BMG vs US cable giant Cox: Here's why it matters

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Yes, "anytime" *is* a word




at any time; regardless of hour, date, etc.; whenever.


invariably; without doubt or exception; always:

I can do better than that anytime.

How business is taking the space race to new frontiers

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Commercial possibilities

No doubt Og, after he invented riding a floating log across the river, was derided by all the pundits from nearby caves who felt that there was no clear ROI on the "float log" and that the project should be cancelled.

Walmart spied on workers' Tweets, blogs before protests

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Publicly available info

I once worked for a company that was embroiled in a lawsuit. The owner of the company was being reviled by a group of people in a public forum on Compuserve (yes, it was a while ago). At the trial, our attorney brought in some of the posts to show the sort of (false) claims the opposition were making about our boss. The opposition strenuously objected to those posts being admitted into evidence, claiming they were "private." The judge didn't agree. He said that if they were on a forum open to the public, then they were clearly public information.

Anyone who thinks tweets and blogs are "private information" needs to re-think things a bit.

As for Wallmart, I have one a couple miles from my house. I've never been inside it. I won't shop there.

Dell computers bundled with backdoor that blurts hardware fingerprint to websites

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Just say no...

...to buying Dell.

Unless you want to support "entrepreneurs" slurping your data.

It really makes me wonder, though WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Are they so stupid, or do they think everyone else in the world is so stupid, as to not realize how their actions affect the security of their users?

After the recent discovery of all this insanity, I'm glad I bought the parts and built my own Linux machine.

Y'know how airlines never explain delays? United's bug bounty works the same way

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There is another web site with interesting info on United.

Visit UNTIED.COM. It's all about United. And click "Flight Dangers" to see what happened to another security guy who found problems with their wi-fi security that allowed him to hack into the flight's communications. (He was a bit less than bright to tweet about it at the time, though. Got a nice, warm reception from the FBI.)

Once upon a time (25 years or so ago), United used to be a great airline, and I always asked for United when making travel plans. Nowadays I wouldn't travel on United if they let me do it free.

Love your IoT gadget but could you keep the noise down?

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Also too bloody true

As one of those horrible amateur radio folks, I agree that there is far, far too much radio racket being made inadvertently by equipment. And you can't even get the government here (U.S.) to enforce their own laws against radio interference even when those laws do exist. I could give several examples, but won't bore everyone with them.

Perhaps someday something will get done about increasing interference after those with a lot of influence, like the president, major members of Congress, or some media mogul, have *their* chairs switch into anal sex mode by the neighbor's exercise bike.

And if you can't get into your house because of the IOT lock, see if you can't find a local burglar (perhaps the one who cleaned out your house last week - and the month before) - so he/she can convince the lock to open for you. With typical IOT security, they'll have no problems!

Hey Cortana, how about you hide my app from the user?

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They don't always work, but when they do work, can be really helpful

A few weeks ago on a Saturday morning I had some mail that *HAD* to go out that day and had to be mailed inside a post office. So I naturally forgot all about it while I was near home. I was going on a day trip, rapidly leaving the city and in a part of town I don't know well at all when I suddenly remembered the mail. I had *NO* idea where any post offices in that part of town were located. I pulled off the freeway and stopped, then took out my Android phone, started the Google app and said "Okay Google, post office near my location."

In less than 5 seconds, I had a map with the three nearest post offices along with their open hours. I tapped the nearest and the directions icon and got turn-by-turn instructions to get there. Ten minutes later, my mail was posted.

And yes, I've had this sort of thing fail a lot. But I was really thankful for this one success.

Hubble finds lonely 'void galaxy' floating in cosmic nothingness

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Re: A bit confused here...

And by a strange coincidence, the inhabitants of that galaxy DID first build telescopes that saw other galaxies during the 1960's. When they observed the splendor of the rest of the universe, their comment was "Well, it's all got to go, of course." The demolition fleets are now on their way and should arrive here in the next few thousand years. (Well, it's a big universe, and what makes you think OUR galaxy deserves such a high priority, anyway?)

California cops pull over Google car for driving too SLOWLY

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What good is a car that won't go over 25 MPH? In most of California these days, the newer neighborhoods are residential neighborhoods that are all 25 MPH, and then you leave there and get on a road that generally has a speed limit of 40-55 to travel between those neighborhoods or into business areas.

And the point the other poster made about pulling over on police demand is probably very valid, too! They need an "I've been lit up by the cops" sensor on the car.

Looks like Google has a lot of work to do yet.

Iranian VXers unleash RATs to bite popular Android devices

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What else is new?

"Bijou says the malware sports dozens of features, including interception of SMS, contacts, call logs, and browser histories along with credential-snatching."

So it works like most Android software, demanding permissions it can't possibly need, just for the sake of snooping?

US broadband giants face 'deceptive speed' probe in New York

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The photo is a giveaway

Did you notice the picture with this article? It's supposed to be a cop holding a speed measuring device. That's what they would tell you it is.

But notice that it has TWO lenses. It's actually a SCORPION STARE device. CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN is REAL!

(With apologies to Charles Stross, writer of the excellent "Laundry" stories.)

Steve Jobs, The (real) Movie

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With roots like that...

No wonder Lord Bong has the magic touch with so many fine start-ups and is an undisputed king of Silicon Roundabout. Possibly he could use his entrepreneurial skills to finance YET ANOTHER Steve Jobs movie, but using the original script as shown here. That's a sure winner of an idea.

Is China dumping smartphones on world+dog?

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Re: "moves those emissions to China"

Exporting emissions is one of the stupidest ideas ever. Back in the 90's, California did that same idiotic thing with power plants. They wouldn't let anyone build new power plants in the state, despite increasing population. Their attitude was "Oh, let's let them build the plants in other states and we'll buy electricity from them." Result? Power cuts in the middle of the summer when it's 105 degrees F (40 C) or more. They then got into some amazingly crooked deals where the state bought electricity and bled out hundreds of millions of dollars in budget surplus we used to have. This whole situation got people so mad they actually fired the state governor in a special election. After that, the state authorized quite a few "peaker" natural gas power plants that run only when demand is high, such as when it's very hot.

Eventually the EU and UK policy of driving out heavy industry will backfire, too, and there will be hell to pay.

Windows 10 out, users happy, PCs upgraded, my work here is done – says Microsoft OS chief

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Windows 10 Out, Users Happy...

Yes, I threw Windows 10 out, and now I'm quite happy with my Linux Mint Rafaela installation.

El Reg celebrates Back to the Future Day

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Okay, if it's "Back to the Future" day-

Then just WHERE THE FUCK is my flying car???

Or my Mr. Fusion??

Or my hoverboard?

And why can't the Weather Service control the weather properly?

Sometimes the future just ain't what it's cracked up to be, I guess.

Shocker: Net anarchist builds sneaky 220v USB stick that fries laptops

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Re: Don't care how many down votes.

True! Next to percussive maintenance tools. You never know when it will come in handy. Although, from the BOFH perspective, most of the time frying the user is a better solution. Now, where did I leave that cattle prod...

Shutterbug drone biz fined $1.9m for buzzing New York City, Chicago

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Unfortunately it will likely happen

My fear is that a jetliner full of people will be on final approach, and an engine sucks in a drone flown into the plane's path by some idiot. After that disaster, they'll probably make it a prison offense to fly a drone without serious training and licensing. Unfortunately people will probably have to die before this happens.

FACT (I was there working security and know about this): There was a major flap at an air show recently due to reports of a drone reported flying around the runway. Can you imagine what would happen at an airshow if a jet sucked a drone into an engine?

So, what's happening with LOHAN? Sweet FAA, that's what

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Consider the National Association of Rocketry

This is an actual organization that has launch events in various parts of the US (including New Mexico and Colorado). I realize LOHAN is a balloon, but if they're firing rockets into the air at an event, it shouldn't be too hard to get permission to launch a balloon, and the fact that LOHAN includes a rocket engine might pique their interest.

Here is their web site:


Want cheaper AT&T gigabit service? Move to a Google Fiber city

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Paris Hilton


I'm absolutely amazed, guv! You mean big corporations gouge people? Who'd a thought it!?

Share-crazy millennials spaff passwords ALL OVER the workplace

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It's post-its or a password database

As others have pointed out, the problem is there are too many bloody different logins we all have to work with these days. There are several where I work, and they have - of course - different rules for "complexity," so you couldn't possibly use one password for everything, even if that were a good idea. So I opt for the password database (keepass) and have a "ridiculously complex" master password for that. It's better than what my last supervisor did - kept her passwords written on a post-it on the bottom of her keyboard.

Herbie Goes Under Investigation: German prosecutors probe ex-VW CEO Winterkorn

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Ready, set, GO!

Let the buck-passing and scapegoat hunt BEGIN!

UK team pioneers experimental cure for age-related blindness

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Wonderful if it works

My mother suffered from this horror. It made her essentially blind for the last 4 years of her life. It was the last straw that destroyed the independence she was so proud of, and made her life a misery. It affects lots of elderly people, effectively blinding them.

And since this disease is genetically linked, it's something for me to not look forward to getting someday.

My hat's off to anyone who can find a cure.

Robber loses heist case after 'evil twin' defence, gets 60 years

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It happens

For several years I lived in a small town of about 10,000 people. In that town there was a guy who looked amazingly like me and even rode the same motorcycle make and model I did (which was *not* a really common bike). People had told me about him, but I didn't really believe them. Then I saw him one day and was amazed. It's a creepy feeling like some sort of low-rent out-of-body experience, the feeling that you're looking at yourself from a distance. It got creepier when I heard he was a part time drug dealer. I was afraid the cops would get him confused with me and put me in jail for his crimes. Fortunately that never happened.

Only paying for Microsoft software that you use? It's coming

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Fear of Customers Switching?

If MS is truly afraid of customers switching, WHY, oh why did they come out with the data-slurping, take-control-of-your-computer-from-you Windows 7 downgrade known as Windows X?

Seriously, that's what convinced me to move to Linux Mint when I've been an MS programmer and supporter since DOS days and used WIndows 386. Changing was a bit of work, a bit to learn (and I still have lots more to learn) but worth it. Linux has some great programs, especially Libre Office which had a low learning curve and replaces MS Office nicely, at least for my needs which include Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I've had no problems using Write, Calc and Impress.

I do have a couple of "must have" Windows-only programs, but those run nicely under my Windows 7 in Virtualbox where they have no Internet access, so I have no fear of "upgrades" or malware.

Mr. Nadella: If you want to keep customers, let us control or own computers and so-called upgrades, and LEAVE OUR DATA ALONE.

ESA tries UPLOADING PATCH to Philae lander to fix radios

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Lesson learned?

I mean a lesson like NASA learned form Spirit (twin of opportunity). Next time, use a nuclear isotope generator to power your space probe. That way you don't have to worry about too little sunlight reaching the spot, or too much dust on the panels, etc. Plenty of warmth and electricity to keep things going even in the dark.

Microsoft backports data slurp to Windows 7 and 8 via patches

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Big Brother

With aplogies to Simon Travaglia

It's morning in mission control, and the PFY and I are monitoring the bugs customer experience and diagnostic telemetry devices in the boss' office.....

In redneck heaven, internet outages are the American Way

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Re: Poorly thought out attempt at Bitcoins?

Actually the term "redneck" came from a confrontation between union miners and those opposed to them in West Virginia back in (I believe) the 1920's. The miners in the northern part of the state were mostly union members while the miners in the south part of the state were not -- and had much worse pay and working conditions. Union organizers were, to put it mildly, not welcome in the southern part of the state. So a large number of union miners decided they would march down to the southern part of the state and try to organize the miners there. Many of them wore red neckerchiefs as an identifier, and a newspaper writer christened them "rednecks," and the name stuck.

This did not end well. Some of the "rednecks" were armed, and the mine-owner-controlled police used this as an excuse to bring out machine guns and other heavy weapons and fired on the "rednecks," who retreated after taking casualties.

BOFH: An architect and his own entirely avoidable downfall

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There are some things man was not meant to know

Things like how the Halon system got hooked up to the ventilation system for the boardroom. And how this happened, by some amazing "storm of the century" coincidence, at the same, exact time all the doors in the boardroom were jammed shut. Right after that unfortunate decision to replace the windows with unbreakable polycarbonate. And just when the building telephone's system went out-of-order.

While we all deeply feel the pain of the loss of our leadership, we will somehow find the inner strength to carry on the firm's business. In our individual offices.

What Ashley Madison did and did NOT delete if you paid $19 – and why it may cost it $5m+

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They have a point

"Defendants were aware or should have been aware of the need to secure users' information, especially in light of the recent rise of massive security breaches on the Internet and the fact that the information contained on its servers is particularly sensitive."

Kind of hard to argue with that, IMHO.

Twenty years since Windows 95, and we still love our Start buttons

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I remember Windows 95, too

The music video was Edie Brickell and New Bohemians singing Good Times. I remember it, too, and the folks gathering around to watch it on my new PC - I was the first one with Windows 95 in the office then. Yes, Windows 95 was a major improvement in computing experience, especially for normal (non-geek) people, and that's why Microsoft got so rich. In the Linux world, Mint is focusing on this same sort of thing, and having pretty good success at it.

Want success? Take something that people need to do (such as use PCs) that was complicated for most people and make it easy. MS need to think about that.

Spotify now officially even worse than the NSA

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Bin It

This is obviously ridiculous, and everyone should dump Spotify right away. It's "vote with your wallet" time. Hopefully enough people will dump it that their bottom line will be affected. I've always been leery of them.

I love to listen to music a lot, as well, but I use Rok Mobile which, although it has its own problems, doesn't seem to be as intrusive.

Yet another Android app security bug: This time 'everything is affected'

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Re: how about...

Cap'n Queeg, you beat me to it. Have an upvote.

BOFH: Why, I LOVE work courses. Please tell me more, o wise one!

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Brings back memories

I favour the way-way-back-in-the-rear strategy, where accurate artillery shelling and friendly fire are just descriptions of the same thing.

Reminds me of a manager I worked for once. Perfect description.

Thanks for the memory, Simon! Now that it is a memory and not a current reality, I can laugh.

Two weeks of Windows 10: Just how is Microsoft doing?

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A longtime Windows user..

...after using Windows since the days of Windows 386 and reading lots of articles about MS and Windows X, I decided to go with the clean install option. Using Linux Mint.

Want Edward Snowden pardoned? You're in the minority, say pollsters

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What if they had had polls in 1776?

I sort of suspect the numbers against the rebels in 1776 would have looked similar to today's numbers against Snowden. Most folks would likely have been opposed to "those so-called patriots" who wanted to rebel against their rightful king and against those troublemakers in "that self-styled Continental Congress."

However, at times issues aren't settled by voting with one's mouth or pen. In some situations, people vote with their actions, possibly even putting their lives on the line. There were a lot of loyalists in America back then, but most of them didn't feel strongly enough to fight for their beliefs, whereas enough of the rebels felt strongly enough to go "all in" for what they believed and brought about the American Revolution. Snowden certainly went "all in" for what he believed and, as a result, has become most likely a permanent exile. It can be costly to make a stand, and most of us just don't have what it takes (I include myself in this number).

I'm morally sure that the seriously dedicated rebels who founded this country were a minority of the total population of America. Most folks probably just wanted all the commotion to end and things to get back to normal. They probably wished those rebels would just stop all their trouble-making. But Americans have a lot to thank those troublemakers for. I think we have a lot to thank Snowden for and should respect him. Yes, he's a lawbreaker. So were all the leaders of the American Revolution.

FAIL: Windows 10 bulk patch produces INFINITE CRASH LOOP

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How to kill a brand

Last night I installed Linux Mint on my PC. Once I get it configured nicely, Virtualbox comes next for a few "Windows Only" programs, where I'll put my legal copy of Windows 7, which will have NO Internet access.

Sorry, MS, your unnecessary snooping and forced updates have finally run me off of Windows, which I've used since the days of Windows 386.

Boffins: The universe is DOOMED and there's nothing to be done

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What's all this about Asimov? The story referenced is "The Nine Billion Names of God" by Arthur C. Clarke.


Windows 10 is FORCING ITSELF onto domain happy Windows 7 PCs

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Time to work on that exit strategy

Like many others on El Reg forums, I've been planning to switch to Linux and run Windows 7 in Virtualbox for those few "must have" Windows programs. But I was planning to take my time - after all Windows 7 is good for a few more years. Now it looks like I'll need to move faster on this to protect my Windows 7 install from the Windows 10 DOWNgrade.

Virtually no one is using Apple Music even though it is utterly free

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ROK Works

Here in the US I use Rok Mobile. The concept is brilliant - add phone service and music together into one package. The streaming is fairly horrible, but they allow you to use WiFi to download albums to your phone which are stored in a DRM'd format but sound (to me, anyhow) as good as a CD. The app needs work. It does a lot more "phoning home" than it should and has a propensity to stop playing at odd times, but the music selection is amazing and the quality of downloaded music is excellent. While the ROK music app leaves a lot to be desired compared to Poweramp, I'm hoping they will improve the app in future editions and eliminate the odd halts and maybe cut down on the "phoning home."

The price is also quite reasonable - you get unlimited calling, texting and data ( data is 5 GB a month over the phone network at LTE speed, after which you get 3G speed) for $50 a month. If they can fix the bugs in the app and add a few features to make it more usable, they will have a total killer phone/music service.

Google robo-car in rear-end smash – but cack-handed human blamed

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Re: "and they never get tired, irritable or distracted".

Thanks for this. You've convinced me to keep driving my '87 Toyota. The throttle in that vehicle is controlled ONLY by my foot on the pedal. Brakes, too. Just the way I like it. Guess I'll drive old cars until I stop driving.

Router cockup grounds United Airlines flights WORLDWIDE

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Days of glory past

United used to be a great airline which I enjoyed traveling on - about 30 years ago. Nowadays, not so much. If you want to see more of the horror stories, go to untied.com (no spelling error).

KILLER! Adobe Flash, Windows zero-day vulns leak from Hacking Team raid

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Burn It

As El Reg stated a couple of weeks ago, Flash is the "The Internet's screen door." Uninstall it. Burn it. Nuke it from orbit. I'm sick of "OMG, You gotta patch RIGHT NOW" zero day Flash vulnerabilities that we seem to hear about weekly.

And you web site maintainers, if you're using Flash (I'm looking at YOU, El Reg), STOP IT. Just get rid of it. There are alternatives, and none of them could possibly be as buggy as that pile of fetid waste known as Flash. Just flush it away.


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