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Apple slugs Australia with iPhone tax

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So as soon as they thought they could

they bunged prices back up again. Hardly surprising from Apple.

It'll be interesting to see if the new government do anything about it, this was a popular move on the behalf of Ed Husic last time around but the libs tend to be blindly pro business.

Google Nexus 7 2013: Fondledroids, THE 7-inch slab has arrived

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Re: Slow down?

They activated TRIM in 4.3 and that has gone away for both old and new Nexus 7s.

I've noticed a distinct improvement in storage performance on my gen 1 N7. And the battery performance is still excellent on mine - you seem to have had a lot of various Android devices for someone who dislikes Android from your post history, I make it about 7 phones in 3 years including your iPhones.


What Surface RT flop? Nokia said to be readying WinRT slab for September

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Re: Plumbing new depths

I very recently had to help a co-worker set up his new Nokia Win Phone. The hardware was a huge surprise, just a Lumia 520 but it felt and looked fantastic. The OS however....

If it was Android they'd be my first choice after that experience.

But Windows on a phone? No!

Do you really want tech companies to pay more tax?

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Re: Pay more taxes?

It's also worth pointing out that the best period for sustained growth in the USA was the 1950s - when corporate and personal income taxes were at their highest.

Reducing taxes simply makes the rich richer at the expense of everyone else.

Corporate tax since then has dropped from around a 35% of the tax pool to less than 2%. Corporates have bought their own tax laws and now want to not only pay no tax but also be given money for free. It's a race to the bottom for the rest of us and the job of our elected representatives is to stop this.

So yes, we should want corporations (all of them, IT isn't special in this regard) to pay their share of tax.

PHWOAR! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, Prime Minister

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The irony that is

either the government or a telecoms company being put in charge of a morality based decision.

How we laugh...

PRISM anyone?

Apple dodged all UK corporation tax in 2012

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Just a quick aside

Instead of the now traditional "Apple had not returned a request for comment at the time of publication. ®" wouldn't this be more appropriate:

Apple had not returned a request for comment since 2001. ®

Albanese takes telecoms ministry

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Re: Wrong choice

Actually Scott Ludlam, surprisingly from the Greens is very clued up.

He introduced a new copyright amendment last week that would work for both citizens and corporates - so the vested interests will vote against it but it makes for good and interesting reading.


Nice to see Husic get a guernsey as well, he could do interesting things in this space.

Not confident with Albenase, he just seems like a careerist politician.

Sony sucker-punches Xbox on price, specs, DRM-free gaming

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Re: Pricing FAIL

JDX - Australian Import Duties on electronic goods: 0%

- GST 10%

Shipping cost is around $0.40 per unit based on investigations by Choice magazine.

Profit percentage is WAY up - the bulk of Australian market is well trained in being shafted on imports. For example PS3 games have a retail price of $120 here, as the Australian dollar increased in value by 60% the price didn't alter at all.

The same happens with all other goods, especially cars. We're a cash cow for international companies and import wholesalers. The increased efficiency of a global market has only meant increased profits shipped out of the country.

Forget tax bills, here's how Google is really taking us all for a ride

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Re: Other internet packages are available

Even more likely, the banker isn't paying at all - it's a perk of his employment contract bundled on top of his regular remuneration.

Generally the richer you are the less you actually have to spend you own money on.

May threatens ban on 'hate-inciting' radicals, even if they don't promote violence

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She's absolutely correct!


Obviously the best way of dealing with those proposing an authoritarian and dictatorial system is to impose even harsher limits on free speech.

**** End of Sarcasm ****

Politicians don't do irony, do they?

The iWatch is coming! The iWatch is coming!

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Look shiny! (ignore the recent tax avoidance revelations)

Isn't it funny how the rumours surface when their unethical tax avoidance comes to light... (it's gone beyond minimisation if they're running entities to pay no tax anywhere)

I suspect Cook will end up making Scully's tenure look good in comparison...

Budget could mean more paperwork for contractors

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That's only if you are a sole trader surely

And most contractors will have set up some form of Pty Ltd company surely. Sole Trader is too dangerous (you're directly liable in case of legal and financial issues) to operate under and has fewer tax and legal protections.

Most independent contractors I know work under some form of Pty Ltd structure for exactly these reasons. The only thing worse than Sole Trader is to be a part of a partnership.

NBN Co hoses down 'scary Russian crackers' report

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AFR does another hate based report on the NBN

Population yawns in surprise.

Never trust tech reporting by an economist is the takeaway.

Actually never trust an economist is the takeaway.

Tesla earns first profit, Model S wins '99% perfect' rating

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Re: Musk...

When the inevitable happens and he transforms into a Bond villain I will be volunteering to be among the ranks of his henchmen.

There's a a spirit of adventure about his projects that's seriously lacking from the mercantile focus of everything else today. Some of us want to sail beyond that far horizon.

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Re: Traditional verbiage

Consumer Reports is hardly a typical car magazine that runs on the manufacturers advertising. To quote them:

"To maintain its independence and impartiality, CR accepts no outside advertising and no free samples and employs several hundred mystery shoppers and technical experts to buy and test the products it evaluates."

I helped a girlfriend research them for her MBA and they really do seem to be above board. An independent and ethical voice which is amazing considering they operate in the US market. I'd be far more inclined to listen to this review than one by the regular press with their dependancy on the advertising revenue.

Don't use Google+? Tough, Google Glass will inject it INTO YOUR EYES

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Remind me to quote you on that in a couple of years o' tech gurus...

" and El Reg reckons Glass is going to have a tough time appealing to the general public. ®"

I think you will have been proven to be very, very, very, very wrong. Again.

Tiny fly-inspired RoboBee takes flight at Harvard

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If you want to be paranoid about drones

These are the ones that should worry you.

Excellent piece of engineering work though, congrats to those involved.

Judge sets the date for Patent Smackdown 2: The Damages

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Re: silly

Except that Judge Koh is still allowing damages for patents that have been invalidated during the course of the trial. She has demonstrated some bizarre thinking during this trial.

This will just keep on going.

The NBN questions Malcolm Turnbull won't answer

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Re: Staffing NBNCo, how will it be done?

"No one voluntarily works for less than they can earn elsewhere."

So there are no volunteer outfits? That's going to come as a surprise to the thousands working for them.

For some people the idea of helping their nation/fellow man is a reason in and of itself. Not everyone is as cynical or self-obsessed as you appear.

Quigley donated his entire first years salary, didn't have to. Some people are driven by more than self-interest.

Apple to stage 'Tech Talks' roadshow

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Ah, if only...

someone had invented a global network with the ability to communicate nearly instantly, say both to and from, a company and their customers.

Then Apple could use that to inform their customers, answer questions and post information on their future plans for the world to see and they wouldn't lose customers based on the appearance of marketing driven secrecy.

I know it's just a pipe dream...

New Google Play terms ban non-store app updates

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On the subject of the Facebook app

I would like the rights to remove it completely without rooting my phone.

Simply: I will never have a facebook account so I, like many millions of others, will never need this app and its numerous updates taking up valuable phone storage real-estate .

Make the Facebook app uninstallable!

New poll says Assange could win Australian Senate seat

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Re: Yay!

"Also, can someone wanted for international crimes be elected to a national position in Australia? It just seems like it would be embarrassing for the whole country."

How would that be different to Howard, Blair and Bush? Or Obama and his drones and extra-judicial (it means outside the law or illegal) killings?

I'm Australian, I'll be voting for them rather than the current cynical bunch of twats representing vested interests.

Interview: Dave Berstein on the NBN, construction and VDSL

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Thumb Up

Thanks to Dave & Richard

Well balanced, highly informed and accurate. I learnt a lot from this and I'd love to read more like this.

This is what the Reg used to be like in general.

Pity it will get totally lost in the politics of the NBN but great t see you trying.

Review: Kobo Arc Android tablet

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Re: Amazon’s walled garden?

Yes, but nobody ever accused Microsoft of not being disingenuous.

[Triple negative checked and *I think* used correctly]

Google goes big with Play store redesign

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For Australian users this finally brings Google Music


Which could be nice.

'Australia's so big freight costs are high' claims don't add up

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A very recent example

I received a notice that an update of one of my music production suites was available from the German software company. They offered a price of US$399 with *free* economy air shipping within 8 days (ships from their distribution centre in Hong Kong).

The Australian distributor then also contacted me as told me their price was A$489, on special!, with shipping an extra cost at about $40. Deliver 2-4weeks after payment processed.

So it was pay an extra A$100 for exactly the sam product, slower and with no benefit to me as the customer.

What could possibly be wrong with that business model?

How can individual air freighting be cheaper than trucking it across the country?

I ordered from Germany and it arrived 2 days later...

First sale doctrine survives US Supreme Court

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Re: Do my eyes deceive me?

It's the Supreme Court - the name is a hint. There can be no appeals, this is over and decided.

Android? Like Marvin the robot? Samsung eclipses Google OS - Gartner

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Re: "according to Gartner"

Easy question to answer - if they'd flipped a coin they'd have been right 87% more of the time.

Gartner say what's either required by the client or what was the situation somewhere specific 2 years ago.

It would be like using FOSSPatents to predict court case outcomes ;-)

US company aims patent-gun at Australia’s e-health system

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it will be interesting to see how they fare

The patents would have to satisfy this:


Which on the face of it they don't. Looks overly broad and lacking the physical form/device requirement.

Also still looks like software is unpatentable here unless it's directly part of an industrial process with a physical output.

Lawyers may of course obfuscate this beyond meaning....

Study: Gay marriage support linked to pr0n consumption

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My favourite in this line of statistical analysis:


correlation ≠ causation etc.

Australia joins hunt for corporate tax dodgers

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Here's an idea

Instead of the completely ineffectual 'name and shame' how about simply not making any government purchases from these companies.

Bad publicity they can spin away, cash flow they care about.

Also, can politicians stop treating us like 3 year olds, rhyming is not big and clever. Effective intelligent policy is.

Telcos splash political donations in Australia

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Re: We have the best polical system that money can buy.

And it's always shocking just how cheap it is. It appears that you can get access to Senior Ministers and write legislation with a potential spend of hundreds of millions of dollars for merely splashing them a few tens of thousands.

The return on investment is staggering and yo don't even have to pick a side, you can buy both for less than the cost of a TV ad campaign.

Australia puts digital frontier at heart of national security plan

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Re: gains

Well on the plus side at least they're not even pretending it's anything other than window dressing if we take that statement at face value.

Persona non grata

Re: Oh dear...


Though playing buzzword bingo with politicians and public service IT managers is shooting fish in a barrel...

Gillard makes tech key part of re-election bid

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The prediction that have been far exceeded so far

As they were simply a base level for determining profitability.

As you well know having been informed on multiple occasions. The majority of users are taking up the 100Mbps plans as you also know.

Really I do hope this is your day job, you spend so much time spreading the misinformation it would be a pity if you were doing it for free.

Sorry, Apple - China's just not that into your iPhone 5

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Re: How many genuine sales?

Yes, because we always see business types jailed and multi-national businesses for fraudulent actions - see recent HSBC related activities for a complete and thorough refutation of that.

Tim Cook: Apple to manufacture Macs in US in 2013

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Re: Ass hole

Maybe not in your lifetime but that's patently untrue. All of those items where mass manufactured in the US up until the end of the 80s when industry lobbies managed to get protectionist laws changed and then capital fled the country for regimes with a more 'negotiable' position on pretty much everything.

Along with massive government debt it's all part of the Reagan legacy.

Amazon makes BEELLIONS from British customers, pays pennies in tax

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Re: Still seems shifty

Yes, that's because their reported profits are a function of the tax they wish to pay on any given year. The rest of their financial statement is a wonderful concoction of make-believe used in modern accounting to shift money to the lowest possible tax while gaining the maximum in government(s) assistance.

It's expensive to do but once a company is a certain size and distributed in enough countries the framework for doing this is available of the shelf.

It's amoral and completely unethical but once it's in place shareholders and senior management whose bonuses depend on it will fight to the death to keep it in place. And the only way to dismantle it would be international re-alignment of tax laws to abolish these practices.

Which is happening precisely never.


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