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BT and O2 ink deal to build mega 4G network


total rip off

and it will all drain your 1 or 2gb data allowance in minutes. So they can get more and more money off You !

What's the point for LTE without reasonable data allowance?

Microsoft rolling out Windows Phone 8 update in Europe


Re: I'm glad the WiFi goes off

It's not about that WiFi goes off, the problem is that it goes off and mobile data kick's in draining Your Allowance (if You have one)

and consider a scenario when you left your phone on the table for few minutes and you have all your business emails setup, unless You "wake up" your phone You wont get email notifications ( this will happen only when mobile data is disabled ).

Nokia Lumia 820 WinPho 8 review


An user impressions...

I have been using 820's for a few weeks now on o2 and can say that apart from few issues it is an definite winner over Iphone and Galaxy ( those i have been using)

I phone seems to be "anchient" compared to lumia desing and UI and Galaxy's cover seems cheap and squeezzzzy, 820 beat's them all, hovewer as WP8 is relatively new platform it seems that developers are a bit behind with publishing their's produc's on to windows store ( i'm looking for a game called "Hex defence" working on wp8, if anyone ?? )

Battery life isnt great but i would say it's smillar or even beat's S3 by a head..

Another annoing this is that when You type some text and made a mistake, then i could not find a way to correct one letter only, just can't navigate left <> right on the text. Hope new update will solve that.

Recording works great and if You want to do that a 32 or 64gb card is a must, as on HD720 after few apps installed You can record around 10-15 munutes videos.

Phone takes micro SIM's so be prepared to exchange.

Overall excellent phone ! I can recomment to any one who is looking for a great business handset or PC In a pocket (MS Office comes preinstalled, facebook linkedin, hotmail, Drive, IE10 and ton's of other apps are available for free ) .


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