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There's a tide of unstructured data coming - start swimming

Gen. Apathy


...you could delete some of that data because you.

a: don't need it and it's worthless.

b: shouldn't keep it anymore because you're not supposed to.

c: if you keep everything for ever you end up on a channel 4 documentry about obsessive hoarding.


Application Lifecycle Management: The movers and shakers

Gen. Apathy


If you could ignore the "IT" bumfff (technical word that) from this article what it actualy means is knowing what information your organisation needs to perform its functions.

THis simply requires the application of an information asset register that doesn't need to be bought from IBM or Microsoft - it's just a list or if needs be a dashboard that tells you what information you need to meet your business need, and what dependencies there are on technology.

Which is a far easier than milling about counting what bits of technology you own and then working out if you need them... by easier I mean cheaper and more likely to reduce costs - try asking the information management team in your organisation... alternatively do a search for Digital Continuity Service.



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