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British snoops at GCHQ knew FBI was going to arrest Marcus Hutchins



Just a theory, maybe the Current Lot of incompetents where pissed off that he stopped WanaCry 'Cause "OMFG the NHS has been hacked, better privatize it"

How the Facebook money funnel is shaping British elections


whats the point

As, despite moving 4 times in my voting career, I've always ended up in a constituency where a dead body could be voted in as long as its a blue color, my vote has never been worth a damn. So no targeted ads here

I do dutifully vote, but really whats the point, the systems rigged

I once lived in a constituency where it might have mattered, but 'boundary changes' happened before I had a chance

Earth's core is younger than its crust surface


It's a Physics Question FFS

Std assumptions apply - First posit, a spherical Cow in a weightless vacuum

Radio wave gun zaps drones out of the sky – and it's perfectly legal*


Typical defense company boondoggle, 10 lines of code in my Flight controller and this is useless ( read rssi, zigzag out of interference,, resume mission )

Speaking as someone who has nearly finished their 2nd 250 racing drone ( the first one blew up,did you know Lithium polymer batteries store a LOT of energy and Carbon fibre is conductive? I'd forgotten).

A bit of background, the radios are frequency hopping and the most popular ones run open source software, the flight controllers are as well and we're up to 32bit processors with a full sensor suite

Most of the software in both the radios and the flight controller is Open Source ( and has the required bad tempered bitch fight between competing forks :-) ) so I'd have to say bring it on.

I'd back our beardies and 12 yr old coders against any defense contractors.

written light hardheartedly, cos you know, TLA's ( and FLA in the UK) Drones being Villain of the Month at the moment,

LA explosion knocks LogMeIn's British customers offline


I used to work for a company that made Data centre power backups (ups and diesel gennies combined,'Active Power', nice company to work for).

Why they didn't have that, or something similar reeks somewhat of incompetance.

I'm willing to bet other similar companies in the area DID have something in place and their customers wouldn't have even noticed.

BOFH: My diary is MINE and mine alone, you petty HR gimps


Re: Ohhhhh Simon, yer warmin' the cockles of me heart...

Ah proper Overhead projectors

Spent quite a few evenings aligning tubes, hanging from rafters with the top casing off, twidling screws to align the seperate RG&B tubes with a little insulated tool thing trying to avoid falling in to all the humming HV bits. of course next day I'd have to take it all down and move to the next venue :-(

That was when I still had a spine :-).

Apple Pay's Brit biz bashed by banks planning to Zapp it out


Re: Just a reminder

Wrong, sorry, they should be looked at as a Faraday cage, which does not need an earth, unless they're not a faraday cage, in which case they wont work :-)

So what would the economic effect of leaving the EU be?


One thing you can count on is that in or out the flood of cheap labour will continue.

Given that firms and organizations seem to be firmly in the driving seat, and that cheap labour is good for them, but that the costs fall on society.

Firms will, without a disincentive, continue to hire ( reasonably for them ) the best qualified applicant. Low quality, low paid jobs will continue to be taken by higher quality immigrants over lower quality locals, who could actually do the jobs but won't be given the chance. This leads to a larger pool of unemployed, who have to be supported somehow (if you don't you get civil unrest). Try to up the costs of labour and they'll scream and threaten to leave. Try to tax them and those that can will avoid it (the large influential players), those who can't will be uncompetitive and fail (smaller locals and independants).

I don't see any way out of this without some form of economic migration control. Perhaps then we can relax controls on true refugees ( because at least then it might stop us messing around in the world and causing them )

Facebook echo chamber: Or, the British media and the election


all I can say is that turkeys DO vote for christmas.

Google pulls plug on YouTube for older iPads, iPhones, smart TVs



PHYSICS APPLECART UPSET as dark energy disappears, Universe slams on brakes


Re: Catch 22?

Close I think,

But it's better to say,

Scientists theorise from an observation.........

But then realise that what they think they are seeing is different than what is.

It's a bit like not realising your wearing glasses when you make the original obsevation.

Foreign firms must obey EU laws no matter where they're based, says EU. Hear that, Google?


missing the point

Trade with the EU and it's citizens, then those EU citizens rights should be protected as per local (EU)laws.

Trade with the US and it's citizens, then those US citizens rights should be protected as per local (US)laws.


You just can't pick the law juristiction you want, which is what this is really about.

RIP Sir Terry Pratchett: Discworld author finally gets to meet DEATH


One of the truly great writers of our time.

Everyone could see something of themselves in his characters

Loved every single one of his books,most caused me to shed a tear or 2 either in laughter or just in the shear enjoyment of life.

A little bit of the joy has left our Universe, hopefully for a better one.

'NSA, GCHQ-ransacked' SIM maker Gemalto takes a $500m stock hit


I for one will trust my data to the chinese rather than our lot, always buy cheap knockoffs.

In the infinitesimal chance that I do something 'evil' ( and nowadays in the western world that seems to equate more or less to existing as a citizen and dropping litter ) I'd far rather that it was noticed half a world away than by my local council.

Now where's the chinese start-up producing knock off SIMS?

If there isn't one





Rule 34

will be in action ;-)

FCC chair refuses to make net neutrality rules public before approval


Re: Ala carte channels are a wet dream

Why bother with an outmoded concept? The interweb thingy gives anyone mildly intelligent enough granularity to watch the PROGRAM they are interested in. ;-)

Eat FATTY FOODS to stay THIN. They might even help your heart


Burgers are good!

But I don't mean something mass produced in a plasticised paper wrapper.

I get my patties from the local farm, same price as the supermarket mid ranged ones.

I get my buns from the local baker. Onions, mushrooms, cheese, pineapple and salads are from Aldi, there's not a lot supermarkets can do to fresh veggies, no point in being too paranoid!

I like my meat rare, so it takes me less time than waiting in a queue to cook it.

This is a regular part of my diet, along with other home cooked meals and I've lost 4 stone in 2 years to get from 17 down to 13 stone simply by eating less, and ignoring faddy diets.

I realised years ago that 90% of what we were told about what to eat was BS. the tipping point was being told to eat marge instead of butter(which I love). How can something invented to use up and make paletable any fat you have lying around (look up the history) be better than something more or less natural that you know where the fat comes from?

Boycott Firefox, gay devs urge as Mozilla appoints JavaScript daddy as CEO


Twisted knickers

Speaking as a not very oppressed minority, at least in the UK

I'm never sure if this sort of behavior does anything for the cause, seems a bit like saying 'I don't like a member of your team so I'm taking the ball home so no one can play'. I don't know what it's like to be LGBT in the US, so I can't say if it's justified or not!

I'm a bisexual Transvestite, and proud of it.

I've never had any trouble when out and about in the UK, and the only nasty comment I've ever had came from a gay couple!

Health pros: Alcohol is EVIL – raise its price, ban its ads


Right some Idiots thought, 'We've got the great depression at the moment, Errrrrr, wasn't that about the same time as Prohibition, so let's try that for a laugh' Brilliant! another well thought out policy.

Google, Apple, eBay shouldn't pay taxes - people should pay taxes


This article totally missed the purpose of taxation,

Companies use the services (infrastructure, security etc. ) that the UK provides, over and above those used by the members of that corporation in the UK. In the interest of basic fairness those excess costs should be charged to the corporation. That is the point of corporation tax

If company X makes £100 profit in the UK and moves it abroad then the UK is £100 poorer, which is bad for the people of the UK period, there may be things offsetting this such as inward investment (i.e. the company moving profits inward to the UK from some other place ) but it is still a net loss to the UK. and to add insult to injury this loss is cumulative with the excess costs of providing services. But not only that it allows international companies a considerable advantage over local companies.

If I was able to order stuff from abroad without paying import tax then I would have some sympathy but I can't so I won't.. Otherwise it's just sophisticated arguing that people with lots of money and lawyers should be able to get away without paying for what they have used.


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