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Game designer spills beans on chubby-fancying chap with his stolen Mac

Osmosis Jones

Re: Ah the incompetence of the police.

good point. Or it could be that cutbacks to their budget means they are simply not gonna launch a manhunt for a stolen bike....though it would be nice if they did.

... time machine. Iranian Dr Who claims he invented a ...

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Re: If they had a time machine...

that's a bit much...

also, note:

1. The time machine only looks forward and so would be useless for your suggestion.

2. You don't need a time machine to look back, especially given Islam was one of the most well documented historical religious movements.

3. Your aspersion is incorrect. Islam may produce a moral framework that is antithetical to your worldview but it does produce a stunningly sophisticated framework - very far from a "crock of shit"

4. It is considered a social faux pas to vent one's seething hatred when discussing a light hearted matter.

Vietnamese high school kids can pass Google interview

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Re: Nature/nurture: fight!

No I would disagree. An education isn't purely a utilitarian endeavour.

Ditch diggers with a Biology degree may be unhappy at having to take a menial job but they would still smile whenever they saw nature's code in the colourful bouqet of a meadow full of flowers.

I'd think an unhappiness with life is more of a reflection on how we are trapped in the inequities of modern society. And every time I confront another one, I take solace in the fact that at the very least I'm not a powerless beggar AND blind.

Ten pi-fect projects for your new Raspberry Pi

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Re: Wife acceptable

I have always wanted to be able to set-up a caller-id for my landline that spits out the info to a local device which then turns it into a remotely accessible html page. Could I do this cheaply with a RasPBX similar to your setup? If so would love to pick your brains.

Twenty classic arcade games

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Re: Others

aaah Shinobi....I could have been the next Mozart or George Best but wisely i dedicated my formative years to becoming a Master Ninja.

UK injects £88m into Euro bid to build Hubble-thrashing 'scope

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Re: spEak You're bRanes

Humans have been on this planet for a very very short time in relation to the planets existence and even the existence of life. (c.100k years vs 500m years for other developed animals)

While I agree with you, there are very few events that would result in the total loss of life on earth, the continued existence of any particular species is much less of a sure thing. There have been a number of mass extinctions (some scientists are of the opinion "we are overdue another one"). For such a self destructive species, I would not take our survival for granted.

So far we are less than blink of an eye in the face of existence on this plant, my guess is we'll remain so.

Playboy fined £100k by Blighty watchdog for FLASHING SMUT at kids

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Re: what about sexual violence

jesus man!? did you take a course in being an idiot or just some kind of natural savant?

your definition of conception is plain wrong.

If you ask someone with a decent command of english they might point out to you that this discussion is about pornography (staged, artificial, fictitious, stylized representations of the concept of sexual intercourse) as opposed to sexual education material. Then you might understand that my point about the impact that staged, artificial, fictitious, stylized representations of the concept of sexual intercourse has on young people who have little alternative experience to act as a reference point for reality. This has nothing to do with opinion whatsoever.

Unless of course you live in a world where your partner is happy to offer anal intercourse to every delivery man that visits your house. Then yes my opinion is skewed and pron is a great reference tool.

Osmosis Jones

what about sexual violence

Recent anecdotal evidence has shown that young people who are exposed to porn develop a skewed conception and expectation of sex.

Lets be honest most porn on the net is less about sex then it as about "control" as a form of gratification (after all it is simply prostitution with a camera plonked in front). For most adults this is bleeding obvious but for the less uninitiated this is not. For such youngsters, I fear, it will have a lasting impact on their sexual relationships.

Sorry tried to find the link to a guardian news article that summarised a phenomenon were young people involved in rape or underage sex reported that they were copying what they had seen online. But there js a number of news articles about individual incidents. just google.

'Not even Santa could save Microsoft's Windows 8'

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Re: Bill Gates

You can slam Gates the CEO of microsoft (and there is much to be said here) but his philanthropy is pretty good. I would have said peerless except Warren Buffet decided to give away his entire $40bn odd fortune....the bright spark he is, gave it almost all to the William and Melinda Gates charity...and it was none of this create a foundation to honour my name in perpetuity crap, they have to spend every buck they receive the year they receive it so that the foundation is wound up....So i would say thats a pretty massive vote of confidence (indeed the biggest in recorded history) in Gates' work.

so there is no need to sling mud at Mr. Gates when there is plenty of real dirt at hand.

Osmosis Jones

Re: Office for Linux?

Ribbons!? ffs..get over it man.

I despair at the number of people that want to remain stuck in the past when it comes to UI.

and the rest of the people hung up on lack of start button or garish windows, colours etc. the world has changed as much as we dislike it (yes i hate non physical keyboards and most touchscreens are crap compared to a half decent mouse), we need to enter this scary place at some point.

This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF

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Re: Cupertino fraxinea


The Times offers subsidised Nexus 7s to get subscribers

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Re: Better bargain still...

Except the Guardian is effectively a not for profit entity, where there is no private shareholder. The "tax dodging" trust puts all profits back, ensuring the newspaper survives and flourishes...given there are still plonkers like you who accept right wing nonsense (provenance of your sh1tty contribution) as Gospel, i for one am quite happy at the Graun's tax arrangements.

'There may come a day when Hobbits promote slot machines ...'

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Re: Longbottom Leaf in Colorado, Calif, etc?

Please tell me I'm not the only one to have realised Tolkien's verbose introduction to weed, in LOTR, merely reflects his concealed status as a heavy pot head.

Texan schoolgirl expelled for refusing to wear RFID tag

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Re: Christ (oops!) bloody religion again???

Long time reader, first time contributer so excuse the AC.

Ive read the Quran in both Arabic and English and trust me they are different enough to be significant. Far be it for me to comment on the spiritual consequences of the changes in content but my own analogy would be how northerners have many different words for bread (bap, barn cake, butty, teacake etc) classical Arabic tends to have this for a variety of concepts, which i found difficult to get my head round.

Personally the biggest difference is in terms of form, the Arabic version reads like poetry and can be lovely just to hear or read aloud (despite not having a clue whats going on).

So, I would deff give credence to those who make the claim, that to have read the Quran is to have read it in its original form (whilst to understand it requires a fair amount of contextual knowledge)

On topic: i wouldn't say 500k is too much, i suspect there was significant software dev. Also most work places tend to have RFID type systems for entry and exit to various spaces. And I am one of those "baddies" that has exploited such data for a variety of ends. So although i can sympathies with the Rutherford people's claim that this is the sharp end of the wedge, i hate to break it to 'em the thick end is already reality later on in life.

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