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RIP heroic SPB playmonaut


There's always one

I love the latin, but I have to point out, the line "Judicandus homunculus" translates literally as "judged small man". It really should be "Judicandus homunculus est" meaning "the small man is judged" (or some variation thereof).

Oprah Winfrey too late to save Microsoft's Windows 8


Following on from other comments, Microsoft might have had a better business reaction if they'd bothered to hold inperson launch events for techs like they did for W7 to help raise awareness.

On the other hand, marketing the OS almost solely as a consumer/home OS that enforces a FondleSlab interface across machines where you actually want to DO something rather than YouTube and Facebook may not have been a smart move.

Handling business fears of retraining, compatability and usability by telling IT bods that they'll be forced to get on board because BYOD means they'll have to support the OS whether they like it or not has just have put backs up across the business and may be the most moronic thing I've seen in IT since "Windows 95 A" or "ME for business".

Go and think again, sunshine.


Re: Missing the Christmas season?!

What's the plan for that, W8 with Metro ripped out and a variation on the "Start" bar?


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