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WTF is... LTE Advanced?


How about a reliable 2/3G?

Rather than pushing forwards with a 4G network, I'd quite like to be able to get a 2G signal in my house on all networks. Just outside Cambridge (Cambs), you think I could sit in my house and make a phone call without worrying about signal strength.

Apple and world HACKED by Facebook plunderers


Re: Life without Java

For a moment there I thought I was at risk then I realised I removed Java years ago when I realised I didn't need it any more.

Nokia tries its luck with a sub-£150 Win Phone 8: The Lumia 620

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I bought my smartphone 2 years ago for £100 on PAYG which had a 480x800 screen. Got the unlock code from the operator, rooted it and put on a newer version of Android. I'm still using it now and because I only use it occasionally, it'll do a weekend without charging. So many smartphones are aimed at the £400 mark that they forget there are others who'd like some of the benefits but are willing to skip the very latest hardware to get a decent price.

Review: Apple iMac 21.5in late 2012


As soon as I saw I couldn't upgrade the memory I lost any interest I had. I've upgraded the memory in every machine I've owned because it's normally simple, relatively cheap and gives you a decent boost in performance a year or two down the road. To be fair, I've never sat in front of my computer and thought, "if only someone would make this even thinner".

YES! It's the TARDIS PC!


Design issues?

Even if we ignore the colour of the paint, surely they didn't place the only air inlet above all the air outlets? Did they?

Mother of All Whistlers: Virgin Media superhub. Listen to recordings


Re: A better solution...

I was luck enough to be able to place it in a room which I don't use. As soon as the house is reasonably quiet you can hear it from a few metres away...until you close the door that is.

Sony tempts 4K Ultra HD TV buyers with free films

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Re: What...

Yes, it has scart. It would feel wrong paying $25k for a TV and using it though.

Pong creator turns nose up at Nintendo Wii U


Re: If anything

"Buy a £250 console and you get 4-5 years of life out of it and are still able to play the latest games with the same user experience as everyone else." - which is why I made the switch.

I used to be a PC gamer but every year there would be something I'd have to upgrade - graphics card, CPU, motherboard, memory. All of this of course required getting Windows to once again play ball and when I was on it every evening it was worth it.

Now I generally only play games every other weekend and around my friends house so we can yell in person at eachother's stupidity. I bought a second-hand Xbox 4 years ago for less than the cost of a graphics card and I'm still able to play the latest games on it. Sure they don't look as good as with a high-spec'd PC but as a casual gamer, I really don't care.

I use a 24" monitor I also use with my laptop and everything else fits in a rucksack with a few snacks thrown in. For serious gamers the precision and high-res of PC gaming will always win but for casual gamers who want to be able to pick-up and play...consoles are the way to go.

Ten four-bay NAS boxes


Re: HP Proliant Micrpserver

Whilst it may be cheaper, the lower power usage and ease of setup lead me to choose a QNAP system. If you're happy to build your own then you can save money but I liked the idea of a box in which all I had to do was add hard drives and I was away. Mine has lasted for several years and done a seamless upgrade from 1TB to 2TB disks with no downtime. At the end of the day, it's done what I wanted at a price I feel was worth it.

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