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Busted Windows 8, 10 update blamed for breaking Brits' DHCP


Windows 7 too

This afternoon on the kitchen table:

Two Lenovo Thinkpads - T430 and Yoga 260 (work machine) - both running Windows 10 - fine

A Samsung series 5 laptop (another work machine) running Windows 7 - won't connect

A Lynx W10 tablet - won't connect

ISP is Plusnet but router is TP-Link Archer

Tough luck, bumpkins! Blighty broadband speed gap misery worsens


Well, I'm "in the sticks" and getting 7.2 on my ADSL 2+ connection. "In the sticks" is relative because I am 3 miles from the centre of a major city but for reasons long lost in the mists of time they built a small local exchange to serve the village which my area technically is. So being classed as a small rural exchange it has been way down the list for upgrades every time - System X, ADSL, ADSL max, 21 CN etc. Then I have a long and tortuous route from that exchange to my house. What makes it even more irritating is that if I drive exactly one mile towards the city centre I am face to face with fibre cabinets left, right and centre all plastered with "Fibre Broadband is here" stickers.

Should Microsoft merge Office into Windows - or snap it off?


They tried before!

If you go back to Outlook 97 they tried to do just that. Outlook then not only did email and calendaring but also provided you with a way into the file system, and had a journal which recorded what you did. It didn't have much from outside, but way back then there was no social networking to speak of. But over time the file system access was removed and the other features downplayed.

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