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Microsoft says WinPhone outselling iPhone, BlackBerry


It's not hard to outsel iPhone in Ukraine considering that Apple just doesn't sell it in that country at all.


Skype fixes flaw that let anyone with your email address hijack you


1. habrahabr.ru is not a "underground forum", but very known Russian IT-related site.

2. The vulnerability was not "first surfaced on a Russian underground forum three months ago". It was posted to the Habrahabr at the late night 13 Nov (23:49).

3. "Three months" is the time, how long Skype/Microsoft know about this vulnerability.

Cite from original (http://habrahabr.ru/post/158545/ , Russian), just the very 1st sentence from article:

"Месяца три назад я писал об этой критической уязвимости в skype support, но она до сих пор не исправлена."

that means

"About three months ago I reported this critical vulnerability to skype support, bit it isn't fixed even now."



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