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Peak Apple: Forstall was 'closest thing to Jobs they had left'


Caltharian, can you expand on your comment? What I know is just the opposite. Which years (and/or incidents) are you talking about?


you forget an important thing

Yes, it is quite well possible that Scott Forstall was the most similar in temperament to Steve Jobs.

BUT, the key thing about Jobs was not that he was so difficult and sometimes unreasonable to work with (the famous a'hole factor). Being a 'challenging' leader is actually much less difficult to emulate than having taste & judgement (something that Jobs did have).

For Jobs' success, his unique taste & judgement are something that were much more critical. E.g. take the whole skeuomorphic design discussion. Forstall was a bit right that skeuomorphic design can make the use of a product more intuitive and easy to use. And Zenlike designs that are only cool, can actually limit the customer experience if it fails to enable both an emotional and functional connection. However, the bad taste of some of the apple apps & application (e.g. Calendar, Find Friends) don't add to the simpleness / ease of use, etc., etc. It just makes them look bad and out of place.

Even a cool design as the new Podcast app does not really fit Apple. Many iPhone users might not have seen a tape recorder in their whole life. So even in that case. The App is cool, and a great addition to the app store. But not a real Apple app!

So is it good that Forstall is gone? Nobody can really answer that question without knowing the Apple internals. One thing is clear though. Forstall will do well in his next position. Maybe he can lead a company that will give Apple some real competition. Not one based upon copying Apple Ideas and to outpolish them, but based upon creating new product or service categories, business models, etc..

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