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BT broadband in broad-based brownout and TITSUP incidents


BT forum thread - currently 19 pages and growing rapidly.


Bt have finally admitted there is a problem

"Wed 29/07/2015 at 10:26

BT customers are having trouble loading webpages"

All other service incidents prior to this are unrelated.

And it's not Windows 10 - I turned that shit off, have not seen any unexpected downloads on my SNMP graphs, and bandwidth is not the issue. It's packet loss or a routing issue (secure/encrypted connections seem to fair the worst - https, rsync over ssh etc. both failing).

Slashdot, SourceForge looking for new owners after parent dumps them on the web's doorstep


SourceForge is so dated

I'm surprised any active projects continue to use it in preference to a superior and adware-free alternative such as Github. I can understand projects that are no longer maintained parking their code there, but for active projects to continue using SourceForge just seems bizarre given how crusty it is, and now all the adware nonsense.

Help! Our Virgin Media TiVo boxes are stuck in a loop! Help! Our Virgin..


Rebooting used to be TiVo SOP

If the latest TiVo boxes are anything like the original Series 1 TiVos (mine still going strong after 15 years) it's standard procedure to reboot in the event of an upstream failure - in the case of the S1 it will reboot if it's not receiving a TV signal (the assumption being the encoder, decoder or some other part of the chain has crashed/locked up). It's an extreme, but pragmatic, solution for a problem that happens very rarely.

If some part of the Virgin network or cable system is down this could easily explain the behaviour of the box which will keep rebooting until normal service is restored.

Wi-Fi was MEANT to be this way: Antennas and standards, 802.11 style


MU-MIMO - phones will still be as shit as they are now

Can someone explain to me how MU-MIMO "will solve the poor phone performance problem" as it seems to me the phone is still stuck using only one antenna, although the AP will now better utilise it's multiple antennas allowing the AP to communicate concurrently with devices other than the phone.

However the phone itself will still perform as poorly as it would have done without the AP having MU-MIMO, so how exactly does MU-MIMO "solve the poor phone performance problem"? It doesn't do anything of the sort, at least not based on the description in this article... unless the article meant to say the phone is a performance lead weight for AP throughput?

Hordes spaff cash on Chip titchyputer to rival Pi (maybe)


software and hardware are "totally open source."

This claim seems somewhat unlikely considering it's based on AllWinner hardware - just Google for "AllWinner GPL Violations" to see what kind of attitude AllWinner have towards "open source".

Anyone that ships AllWinner hardware and releases software is, by definition, going to be in breach of the GPL too as AllWinner deliver binary blobs to their hardware customers, so it's impossible to release "all software" and be GPL compliant.

I'm aware of hardware companies that have had to move their projects away from AllWinner (to Amlogic, Freescale, HiSilicon etc.) just to avoid the GPL stench that pervades AllWinner.

Hackable media box based on the Raspberry Pi compute module: Five Ninjas Slice


Although not yet available, a Pi2 Compute Module should be a (relatively cheap, sub-£30) drop in replacement although you'll need to reconfigure Kodi and rescan your library, etc. - a minor inconvenience considering the significant performance boost from the quad-core ARMv7 SoC and extra memory.

Apple Watch: HOT WRIST ACTION plus slim $1299 MacBooks - and HBO TV


Re: hahahaha

Death knell for the Lightning Port and cables, good riddance to that money gouging non-standard piece of crap.

Turbocharged quad-core Raspberry Pi 2 unleashed, global geekgasm likely


Re: Low-power sleep on v. 2?

Same as the B+.


Re: Couldn't you have waited until the official announcement?

No, but you posted at 1 minute past midnight, before the product had been officially announced, and with an article riddled with errors and misinformation causing mass confusion - you couldn't even get the basic CPU architecture correct.

I hope the clicks were worth it.


The BCM2836 is using four Cortex-A7 (ARMv7) cores. Default maximum clock speed is 900MHz, but they seem to overclock very nicely (1100MHz is easy to reach, and will probably go higher).


Re: Competitors dead in the water?

From a software perspective, the Pi2 is 100% backward compatible with the Pi1. All existing Pi1 software runs just fine on the Pi2.

You can take a single Raspbian image (updates will be made available later today) and run it on both the Pi1 and Pi2 - the Pi2 will boot using the kernel7.img while the Pi1 will use the existing kernel.img.

However recompilation is recommended for optimal performance (ARMv6 to ARMv7 with NEON), but definitely not essential.

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Couldn't you have waited until the official announcement?

Way to go on breaking the embargo, not cool or classy.

Is Windows RT not invited to the Windows 10 upgrade party?


Windows RT didn't fail because of ARM

It failed because Microsoft hobbled the OS, cutting away useful features in order to justify the markup on full-fat Windows. We now see how that worked out, with Microsoft having to give away full fat Windows to attract hardware manufacturers, RT dead in the water and Microsoft only able to compete in the tablet space at all thanks to Intel giving away their x86 chips at zero cost (or worse).

Microsoft botched Windows RT right from the get-go. It was a poor cousin to a piss poor OS (Windows 8), and stood very little chance.

A decent version of Windows on ARM could have been a very fine thing, however the fact it wasn't had nothing to do with ARM and everything to do with the crass and arrogant design choices made by Microsoft.


Re: RT seems pointless now

I wonder how much an x86 Windows tablet would actually cost if both Microsoft and Intel weren't giving away their part of the deal...

Microsoft forks .NET and WHOMP! Here comes .NET Core app dev stack


Re: Oh really?

That rare breed of Microsoft developers developing for a platform with such a small user base and little uptake amongst business and consumers? Hmm...

As per my comment, they have very little choice - good luck going out on a limb by proposing the use of a non-Microsoft language or framework on a Microsoft platform.

The widespread use of something doesn't necessarily equate with it being a "hit", just as death isn't exactly a hit with the living. Some things are just... unavoidable.


Oh really?

The .NET Framework and C# language were a hit with developers,

Let's be honest, it was only ever a "hit" with Microsoft developers who have very few other realistic choices.

Violet, you're turning violet! Imagination unveils graphics-tastic hobbyist board


Not unless Imagination offer decent, documented support for the GPU

Imagination should consider contacting OpenELEC directly, and also the Kodi Foundation, with the intention of donating a few boards for the open source developers to work on. A small financial donation to the Kodi Foundation wouldn't go amiss either.

This is how it works if you want to support for your niche hardware, otherwise there's absolutely no reason for anyone to consider spending their valuable time working on this board, which will most likely be a total pain in the arse due to the closed nature of the GPU.

Having one of the Imagination developers attached to work on GPU support in Kodi would also be a very good idea, as this is what has made the Raspberry Pi such a success where XBMC/Kodi is concerned. Developers from Broadcom/Pi Foundation have spent countless hours working on improving Kodi source code and also fixing bugs/adding enhancements in the Broadcom GPU.

Wireless Power standards are like Highlanders: There can be only ONE


Love my Panasonic Qi charger

QE-TM101 on YouTube

It charges my Nexus 7 2013 tablet without any problem - no dimples on the device required for perfect alignment, it finds the device no matter the orientation.

Having used Qi charging for the last year, I'd never buy another mobile product - tablet or smartphone - that doesn't support Qi wireless charging. Connecting a USB cable to charge is so last century.

It's a shame the resonating charger guys are focusing all their efforts on installing chargers in public spaces rather than getting their receivers into devices - presumably they think they're playing the long game but ultimately they're just being complete dicks.

Sailfish OS tablet is GO: Fans stuff cash into Jolla's cap in hand


Re: Any chance of Sailfish running android apps like BBOS 10.3 does?

It already does - Sailfish OS includes AlienDalvik from Myriad for the running of Android apps and it works very well.

NOKIA - Not FINNished yet! BEHOLD the somewhat DULL MYSTERY DEVICE!


N1 will have an unlocked bootloader


Maybe one day there'll be a Sailfish build for the N1...

Farewell Nokia: First ever 'Microsoft Lumia' set for Tuesday reveal


Re: another reason as if we need one...

I got the same email for the MeeGo (N900, then N950) contacts I have stored.

I've already switched to a Jolla and transferred (bluetooth'ed) my contacts across from the N950, but just for a laugh I thought I'd give the export option a go that is offered by Microsoft as way of obtaining all your data. What did it give me? It gave me an empty csv file (apart from the header row) with none of my 200+ contacts.

My one and only thought: OH JUST FUCK OFF, MICROSOFT.

Who wants to be a millionaire? Not so fast, Visa tells wannabe pay-by-bonk thieves


Same old response

Banks and payment processors are once again in denial - they said the same about Chip & Pin even though the flaws are being actively exploited by criminals.

Visa are focusing on the headline 999,999.99 figure in this case and saying their systems will spot it which spectacularly misses the point as criminals are hardly likely to be so stupid as to go for the jackpot each time when they can take hundreds or maybe thousands at a time without risking detection.

I suppose the next step is a live, public demonstration. Keep up the good work, Newcastle!

Before I Go To Sleep turns out tense enough to keep you awake ...


It has Nicole Kidman in the lead role

Of course it's going to be shit!

Mozilla's 'Tiles' ads debut in new Firefox nightlies


I don't have a problem turning off tiles

I don't use them anyway, as my shortcuts are added to the bookmarks toolbar or in a menu and therefore they are precisely where I know they will be, not moving around appearing and disappearing in a randomly organised collection of "shortcut" tiles.

I won't mourn the loss of tiles when I turn them off and will welcome a blank "new tab" page in future.

Raspberry Pi B+: PHWOAR, get a load of those pins


Re: XBMC & Media Hubs

XBMC on the Pi (OpenELEC, Raspbmc, Xbian etc.) can play back full high-profile Blu-ray rips so I don't know what you're on about saying it can't handle MPEG4 HD, that's utter FUD.

I've also no idea about your DVB-T stick, maybe get one with decent Linux driver support next time - plenty of others are using their Pis with XBMC for Live TV/PVR viewing.

The Pi with XBMC does actually make a genuinely good "media box" - it can pretty much play anything you care to chuck at it, either from local HDD (USB attached), from your NAS or streamed from the web.

Sure, the ARM CPU hasn't got the same slick performance as a quad-core i7, but the GPU in the Pi is surprisingly powerful and funnily enough that's the most important thing when playing hardware accelerated videos. And despite being low powered, the ARM CPU still provides a pretty good user experience when browsing around the menus and library in XBMC (officially sanctioned overclocking to 1GHz+ helps improve the UX, of course).


Bus powered HDD - bump up the USB current then!

I have an old 2.5-inch laptop hard drive in a bus-powered caddy, but the B+ couldn’t provide it with sufficient power

By default the Pi B+ will provide the USB ports with 600mA of current, which may not be enough to spin up your HDD. However if you add the setting


to config.txt (a file in the root of the FAT partition - create it if it doesn't exist), you are able to increase the current supplied to USB devices by another 600mA, to 1.2A, which should be sufficient to power your HDD - no hub required.

However, you will require a decent 2A+ PSU to supply increased current to the USB ports.

Some additional details here.

Linux duo land $54m VC Xamarin cash bag


Or rewrite nothing with Qt, which is cross-platform

truly open source, and despite being available for free Qt is without the many restrictions imposed by the no-cost version of Xamarin (limited app size, no forms builder, no IDE etc.).

Plus, Qt isn't based on the abject failure that is C#, a language nobody has any time for outside of Microsoft circles.

Boffins fill a dome with 480 cameras for 3D motion capture


Vertical Video Syndrome

For example, hundreds of camera-phones capturing live sports could become the input images to MAP, rather than the controlled environment of the Panoptic Studio.

Will MAP automatically ignore all the phones being held in portrait mode? That should cut down the processing load to barely anything at all...

Google's Oculus-defying VR headset is made of CARDBOARD – no joke


Precisely why Oculus was never a $2Bn business

And maybe not even a $200Mn business.

VR hardware, assuming VR takes off at all, will become cheap as chips, with the cheapest solutions using the smartphone as the display - there's already several products coming to market that are basically better quality plastic versions of this Google "Cardboard".

As long as the experience is "good enough" (and reviews of these "Cardboard"-type devices suggest it can/will be) then it's going to be hard justifying the expense of custom VR hardware that does only a marginally better job.

The question, then, is what the hell Facebook decided was worth $2Bn because it simply can't be the hardware business, and yet the software side of VR doesn't look like it has that many secrets that could justify such a price tag, secrets that weren't already discovered by Evans & Sutherland et al.

PayPal 2FA mobe flaw chills 'warm and fuzzy' security feeling


Is he wearing a rug?

It can't be real, must be a (bad) hairpiece.

WIN your FREE Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone HERE!


Re: FREE Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone

I believe that is fair market value...

Yes, and I'm still not interested!!

Want a twenty-buck smartphone? Go to China, says ARM exec



While The Reg doesn't expect to see Samsung, Nokia, or any of China's top brands compete in the ultra low-end market,

I thought competing at the very low end was in fact the last big idea that came out of Nokia before being consumed by Microsoft.

However maybe the "low end" just shifted down a notch or two (at least in terms of ASP) and Nokiasoft with their sub-$100 AOSP Franken-platform phones will as usual be caught with their pants around their ankles.

That's right, MICROSOFT is an ANDROID vendor after Nokia gobble


"contact centers and local Nokia Care points."

I haven't seen a physical Nokia presence in any large UK city for many a year.

Maybe they're talking about Finland, but I doubt they have a significant presence anywhere else - if you want service on a Nokia product you either mail it in or deal with a third party, that's the reality of Nokias "world class" support. Utterly laughable.

Mad Raspberry Pi boffins ripped out its BRAINS and SHRANK them for your pleasure


Clustered Pi Blades?

Imagine packing 4 or 8 modules into a relatively tiny package. Include a single Gigabit LAN port, internally switched between each Pi module. Could be a lot of fun.

Sadly the reality is that a system based on a decent Octa-core SoC will likely be cheaper and more powerful.

So long, Samsung! TSMC is fabbing Apple's A8 chip, insiders claim


Re: Why quad core?

Why quad core?

Maybe there are plans for it beyond a smartphone?

Nokia launches Euro ANDROID invasion, quips: 'Microsoft knew what they were buying'


Hopefully the phones will fail big time and then all the "should have gone Android" commentards will STFU.

Trouble is, this isn't the kind of Android they were referring to, so even if these Nokia Forked Android phones fall it still doesn't answer the question of what would have happened had Nokia launched "true" Google Android devices.

Nokia launches Android range: X marks the growing low-cost spot


How can they make that assumption?

Read The Verge hands-on review of the Nokia X - no need for assumptions, they're officially shite.


Using the X can be quite frustrating, however, as the entire interface is prone to slow response and a lot of lag. Closing or switching between apps on the X takes far longer than other, even entry-level, smartphones, and browsing the web will quickly test your patience. The third-party apps we saw on the X, such as Facebook, looked as they do on other Android smartphones, but they too suffered from poor performance. Nokia’s choice to combine the functions of home and back into the single back button is confusing, and it’s difficult to predict exactly where in the interface the button will take you when you press it.


Utterly desperate move

(True) Android is the platform Nokia should have launched 2-3 years ago, not Windows Phone, but they got that badly wrong.

Now they're launching this bastardised platform rather than the real deal: part Android, part Microsoft software, yet incompatible with Android and requiring developers to port their apps, do Nokia never learn?

The company has become a total joke under Elops stewardship, lurching from one bad "burning platform" decision to another - the guy couldn't pick a winner even if there was only one platform option.

And when Microsoft completes the acquisition of Nokia, I would be surprised if this Nokia platform lasts longer than the Kin.

Jolla announces Sailfish OS 1.0, says Android love-fest soon to come


Re: v1.0?

Yes "v1.0" as in no longer beta, not actually v1.0.0.0.

New Flash vuln exploited (again). Adobe posts emergency fix (again)


BBC, sort yourself out

I only ever install Flash in order to access content on the BBC website (and block everywhere else) - if only the BBC would sort their shit out and offer me media content my browser (Firefox on Windows) natively supports I wouldn't need to install this Adobe crap at all!

The BBC offer h264 to iDevices but everyone else has to put up with Flash. It's so arse about face - they should be offering h264 by default, with Flash being the fallback only if all else fails...

Wireless power groups join forces: One spec to rule them all


Re: "collaborate on a shared open network API"

What? Anyone know why a network API is required for wireless charging?

PMA is big on getting their chargers into retail outlets (ie. coffee shops, airport lounges) where their "network API" can be used to manage (and no doubt "monetise") these outlets.

Sadly, with so few consumer devices that are compatible with PMA chargers, you wonder why they bother. Chicken/egg, horse/cart, etc. What's the point in having all the infrastructure in place in retail outlets when their is no consumer demand, and their never will be any consumer demand because the consumer market is catered to by Qi, an incompatible wireless charging standard?


So two wireless power orgs with close to zero market share combine

And this is meant to be a concern to Qi, the clear market share leader in this technology? What was that quote about two Turkeys not making an Eagle, as it seems appropriate for A4WP and PMA too.

Combining their incompatible wireless tech, both having failed to achieve noteworthy market share, doesn't sound like a winning strategy but instead sounds like a last ditch effort to remain relevant before finally throwing in the towel.

UNBREAKABLE bendy phone screens built, thanks to SHELLFISH



The post is required, and must contain letters.

What can Microsoft learn from 'discontinued operations' at Nokia?


Re: Dead Platform

Selling phones at a very low margin in great numbers means you are an elcheapo company

Negative margin, in fact - each Lumia sale generated an operating loss of €50 (€400mn loss, 8mn device sales). Nokia would have been in better shape by selling not a single WP device in the last quarter - chasing higher volume is commercial suicide when each sake is losing money. Reducing volume and raising prices is the only sane solution unless you have money to burn (Nokia doesn't, Microsoft does).

Or swap WP out for Android, and call time on the failed WP experiment - I guess Nokia have at least acknowledged the latter by dumping the D&S business.

A real life Romulan-Klingon alliance: Google, Samsung sign global patent pact


Re: And if, in the event...

Perhaps this deal allows Samsung to develop Tizen

More likely this deal is the death knell for Tizen, which could/should be taken out back and put out of its misery. It has served it's purpose, which was to put the frightners on Google, and with Samsung now having gained a 10-year licence to future Google technology it is needed no more.

NTT DoCoMo says two mobe OSes are enough, so sayonara to Tizen


Re: Tizen is a total basket case

Given how dominant Google are should be just let them have monopolies in everything?

As outlined in the article, there are other options to Google - Firefox OS, Sailfish OS (which is showing a lot of promise), and maybe eventually one day Ubuntu Phone. I'd be much more supportive of those platforms as alternatives to Google than anything designed and controlled by Samsung, Intel and a cartel of cellular operators.

In fact, Android actually holds more appeal than Tizen, given the provenance of the latter.


Tizen is a total basket case

Designed by committee, with an architecture that changes from one week to the next. One week it's Enlightenment, another it's Qt, this week? Who knows. Who even cares?

It's an OS that is driven by the vested interests of Intel and Samsung, not to mention mobile operators, and consequently it's a total mess from both a technical and ethical POV. It's supposed to be open, but all you get is massive code drops and fark all public discussion on technical issues or future direction - things just happen, deal with it, is the Tizen approach to "open" developer relations.

I doubt anyone will be disappointed to hear it's been delayed yet again. Is there anyone that actually wants Tizen to succeed? Apart from Samsung, of course, although I'm not entirely sure about Intel's motives...

Rarin' to buy an Ubuntu phone? Maybe not until 2015, Canonical man says


Glad I bought my Jolla phone instead of waiting for Canonical

Sailfish OS may be beta and far from perfect, but it shows a lot of promise, is a full Linux distro (including ssh, rsync and even git clients as standard!) and more importantly it's available today.

Top Microsoft bod: ARM servers right now smell like Intel's (doomed) Itanic

Thumb Up

So, no ARM in Microsoft data centres

Coming from the software giant that has utterly failed at producing a single worthwhile software product that runs on ARM, it's hardly surprising as Windows Server RT would be even more of a turd than regular RT.

This news is really just an acceptance from Microsoft that ARM in data centres will be running Linux and Microsoft is unlikely to get a look in so why even bother. And nobody will shed a tear.


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