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Samsung Galaxy S 4: A slim stripper with palms hovering over its body


Re: Whelp, here we are

Your lack of knowledge on the subject of Samsung phones doesn't really add any credibility to your comments. My sgs3 has a barometer, the new sensors that have been added are for temperature and humidity. No i don't 'directly' use the barometer very often, but my navigation/gps logging apps use it to augment the woeful inaccuracy of GPS (a general gps failing, not specifically a samsung one. By the way, the glossnas capable gps chipset on the sgs3 is SUPERB).

Now come on app devs, we now have a devise that can act as a portable weather station! (anemometer excluded).

For outdoors types/hillbaggers, you have a device that can log your track, interpolate altitude accurately, warn about impending lows/highs/weather fronts, keep a record of your vitals and all this without needing to be networked! Now add the potential that networking can bring to this: mountain rescue, wunderground with a MILLION mobile weather stations etc....

This level of inovation just proves that Samsung can really bring about Cunning Stunts.....

.... and confirms that Apple and there fanbois are just a bunch of Stunning C.........


Samsung mocks Apple lawsuit in SuperBowl teaser ad


Re: Very funny

"Yeah, it's hilarious watching a me-too Korean knock-off company taking the piss out of a company who innovates."

Watch and weep, ifool


Sent from my splendid S3.


Re: So if the next iPhone is utter rubbish

I'm afraid that most probably would.....

Correction.... I think iP5 owners aleady have!


Chips in spaaaaace: old tech is in


Re: SpaceX eXception (using modern chips) - prove the rule

Reminds me of one of my favorite ubernerd put-downs (as quoted from ST: TNG by a silicon based lifeform [what else] via Data) when describing humans as

"ugly bags of mostly water"

Still makes me chuckle.


SECRET 28 'scientific experts' who Greened the BBC - Revealed!


Re: risk management problem.

Equating MMGW with the laws of motion and simple probability is nonsense., because to 'deny' these would be to essentially abandon causality as a real concept. Something which even Hume would not do when crossing the road!

You're conflating something with a very clear physical mechanistic explanation (car accidents) with something that is imprecisely (by definition) MODELED which may or may not correspond to any actual real data (man made global warming).

Are you so sure that future generations will not be bewildered and dismayed that all the dosh you want to 'invest in our future' may have been better spent mitigating the effects of nature rather than trying to be King Canute mark 2?


Man, 19, cuffed after burning Remembrance poppy pic is Facebooked


Re: Over the top

When you quote:

"The guns have stopped because even our generals arent mad enough to shell their own men; they find it much more sporting to let the Germans do it"

as a historically salient point in your general argument, i find it hard to take you seriously.

Especially as i know it is a quote from the final episode of 'Blackadder goes forth'. A sensitive handled piss take ofthe bufoons who led this tragedy, NEVER AT THE EXPENSE OF THE ORDINARY TOMMY.

You are a child, a fool and a disgrace humane(ity)


20 years of GSM digital mobile phones


Smart phone battery myth

OH by the way, i get really fed up with the 'my old nokia xxxx can go for 15 years on one charge, you know, i use it as a PHONE'

Well, I can get easily close to a week out of my SGS off one charge if i only use it to for calls on 2G. That is, remarkably, if i use the SGS3 in 'dumbphone mode' the battery lasts as long as a dumbphone!!!

Or. i don't know why you would bother with those fancy electronic computers, my abbacus never runs out of power and i can still do maths with it. Who needs all that extra stuff.


Re: Re-writing History

Want to know the reason tech geek types (almost by definition every reader here) get very upset when you infer smart phones did not exist before the iphone? Because it strengthens the RDF.

For example, you didn't even mention the Sony Ericsson P800!!!!!

I could browse the internet with my blue plastic stick, do a remote desktop vpn thingy with it so i could command my pc to capture tv with my nebula dtv card while on holiday in cornwall. Oh, and take pictures with it (and video with a hack) and use BLUETOOTH (iphone users- don't worry, you can look it up) to connect to my gps dongle and use osmaps 'acquired' from usenet and stored on the EXTERNAL MSDuo memory chip to do geocaching and stuff IN 2003!!!!!!!!!! You could do everything and more with that phone than an iphone 3 YEARS EARLIER. The usual reply by non techy mates at the time to this wizzardry was "gosh, your phones big isn't it!"

These mates now own fruit based phones that are much larger than my original P800.

E.g. an ifriend, when asking about my new SGS3 recently, informed me that I should get an iphone (4S) like her because they are obviously better. I replied "but my new phone has a quad core porcessor???"

"whats 'quad core'?" was the answer.

Your article strengthens the RDF....



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