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Split on support for 'old' Java in next Eclipse

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My little contribution ...

Well, at least I got the dependency of 'get time and date' on AWT removed from 1.4 ...

'Experimental' Linux distro Exherbo eyes serious developers

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Linux project forks ...

... nothing to see here ...

UK.gov plans central database for all your communications

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National Database ?

See the appropriate "Yes Minister" episode ...

Intel: future iPhone to be Atom powered

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CPU lock-in

And yet MS must have known it was burning a portability bridge when it discarded NT on Alpha and focused on x86.

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6502 rules !

Will my Atom require extra TMS2114 RAM chips to run iPhone software ?

Read, test, don't repeat - how to avoid code complexity

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98, 99, ... (text required by Reg comment posting system)

Yes but "those of us who knew much about computers " also knew that

a) the potential scope was, at the time, unknown


b) doing nothing was not an option

Additionally I recall that much robustness improvement came out of the "Y2k" work as a by-product of the reviews and testing work.

Aircraft falling from the sky was not likely, but it was not possible to say how unlikely at the time.

More likely was out-by-one (or worse) errors in flight navigation systems or air traffic control, or counters logging flying hours that scheduled component replacements.

Failure to replace components _could_ have resulted in aircraft loss when the component failed.

How to rescue Java from the men in suits

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There is .... NOW !

"... Sun computational theologist Alex Buckley, ..."

Crikey - using computational methods to solve theologcal problems ?

This I _must_ see !!

(see "computational geometry")

Hitachi slips past Fujitsu with speedy 320GB laptop drive

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Death wish ...

"Hitachi's drive is gunning for notebook builders ..." - why ? - surely it doesn't want to kill them ?

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour

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Green day ...

But ... it fails the EC "recycling of electronic goods" directive !

Best way is to issue the ATA disk 'secure scrub contents' command, then leave the HDDs on the back seat of an MOD vehicle overnight.

Freesat launches in UK

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Radio EPG

Let's hope they have an EPG (with series linking!) for the Radio stations, something Sky seems unable (or unwilling) to provide ...

White space fillers are hospital system killers

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Media types


That's what you get when you have too many 'media studies types' talking about things they don't understand ... someone should put them straight when using terminology about spectra !!

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'Black' space surely ...

since the band is 'empty' of radiation at that frequency ?

'White' implies spectrum is occupied (cf. white noise - all frequencies)

Police nick 460 a day for using mobiles while driving

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Cognitive load

Surely the cognitive load for being on the phone is the same whether using handsfree or not.

Of course adding the distraction of looking at keys and hitting them is worse again.

Mel Gibson to star in Edge of Darkness

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Ringing changes

Let's have Michael Caine in a remake of Rocky Balboa - get his own back for Carter ...

(Mel, you're a big bloke, but you're out of shape ...)

BBC should not pay for fibre, Ofcom tells MPs

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Never mind BBC / Youtube ...

I thought some large fraction of Internet traffic was spam and P2P/torrent stuff - so why knock the BBC ... because it's an easily-identifiable target ?

AudioEngine AW1 wireless music system

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Which Bach ?

Certainly JS didn't write any 'cello concerti .... partitas for unaccompanied 'cello, and trio sonatas, maybe.

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

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UK's most popular Wi-Fi router defaults to insecurity

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Don't forget the USB ADSL dongles

which I would imagine are behind most of the zombie botnets connections in the world .... offering as they do a backdoor without firewall into the PC.

Ofcom slaps Beeb for Live Earth swearing

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Meanwhile in the US ...

.... effigies are burnt because Janet Jackson has a "Judy Finnigan" moment, a sight which could be seen any time there is a breastfeeding mother in the vicinity.

Bodies are "natural", but casual swearing is just bad manners / lack of intelligence.

Brown ignores scientists and pushes pot reclassification

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Can't help thinking

that if the advisory report had agreed with Brown, he'd have been quoting it endlessly...

Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers

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Creative's beancounters ..

...have probably sacked all their decent driver developers.

After all it's only a bit of code, those guys in India could knock it out for next to nothing in a couple of weeks - couldn't they ?

Fixing the UK's DAB disaster

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For better or worse ...

Having read this item last night (and being engineering type too) saw a Sony battery/mains DAB (-only) in nearby Sainburys for £30, and thought, "what the hell - good make, Sony".

Well it works fine (on mains) and BBC7 (80kbps) was great fun must admit. Signal at 99/100 at the B&B in rural Yorkshire, and no bubbling mud yet, though I have heard that effect at a friend's house near Hursley, Hants.

R4 (128kbps) and R3 (192kbps) seem OK for the money too. (Wouldn't have minded pause/mem card feature on the set, but hey ...)

Good S/N, but still picks up mobile phone incoming ring interference - as do most electrical appliances ...

Intel's 'Living Large' mantra threatens tour guide industry

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and more

what about the kit that would let you walk into a room, as before, and notify that new girl of your interest in her - but only if it was appropriate to do so !

Zero-knowledge, anyone ?

CIA demands UK halts interrogation tactics

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non-US typo alert

"... exploding donuts ..." - that should be "doughnuts" I presume, to further flummox spelling-challenged US visitors ...

[or is "donut" an implied reference to "do not" for inhabitants of the superSizeMe continent ?]

Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers

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Mr Hock Leow ...

Inject some common sense here please !

Mozilla plugs 10 security holes in Firefox

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But "History: view by site" is _still_ broken

and just gives a list of all pages without a Tree view of sites ...

DIY satellite TV installer shoots wife dead

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Statistics ...

the more people with guns, the greater the chance of a nut or wally getting hold of one ...

VuPoint Solutions FS-C1-VP slide scanner

Nano nano


Had good results with recent purchase of Plustek 7300, but 50% more expensive. Claims to be 7200 dpi.

Ericsson CMO says Wi-Fi hotspots' days are numbered

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Bad news for Tardises ...

as "irrelevant as telephone boxes" ???

Space Shuttle Endeavour on its way

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Do I detect a tenuous Morse connection ...

Endeavour ... Dexter<H><H>re ... shame there's no crew member called Lewis ...

Why I downgraded from Vista to XP

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Gates Horns

Vista taketh ..

You can have a chuckle <shudder> by looking at the 'features removed from Windows Vista' section on Wikipedia.

My pet hate is IColumnProvider disappearing - breaks several utilities without a way of reinstating the functionality.

El Reg decimates English language

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Yep, two common 'puns' on numbers-as-words don't strictly work:


a) "to" - pron. "tuh"

b) "two" - pron. "toow"

c) "too" - pron. "tooh"


a) "for" - pron. "fohr"

b) "four" - pron. "foor"

Whether it's just ignorant yoof, we should also have,

"you're" - pron. "yoowr" - which I txt as "ur" (you are)

"your" - pron. "yawr" - which I txt as "yr"

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Molesworth spelling ...

"as any ful no" ?

I thought it was "as any fule kno" ...

Wife rings up £11,000 downloading bill

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Reg dictionary ...

"... at a remarkably fortuitous time for the EU ..."

"fortuitous" - happening by chance [Chambers]

Perhaps you meant "lucky" ?

Sun will swallow Earth: Official

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Sun's last photon

@Greg Pedder - read the SciAm article linked in my previous post.

Nano nano

I wouldn't worry ...

A little later (10^12 years, or a _proper_billion_ years hence), there won't be much of the rest of the universe left that we can see


since space will have expanded non-gravitationally-bound galaxies outside of the region of space that we can see ...

UK rattles 'three strikes' filesharing sabre (again)

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Who came up with that magic number, and why is it always quoted without derivation or justification ?

What's wrong with two ("if I have to tell you ONCE more ...") or four ("I've already told you TWICE, I won't tell you again ..."), for example ?

BT business customer contracts to change Thursday

Nano nano
Paris Hilton

Where will it all end

Well if Thursday starts, they'll all want to do it - a bit of botox here, a lift there.

And Thursday's agreed, more's the pity.

If BT didn't like Thursday the way it was, it should never have started in the first place.

Big Climate's strange 'science'

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Chad H, you forgot:

Bush's Possibility 5: Jesus teleports believers to paradise.

Otherwise, hear hear !!

Netflix falls in behind Blu-ray

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Headline typo ?

Surely "... falls IN behind ..." rather than "... falls behind ...", which sounds as if they are not keeping up!

Polaroid to close instant film plants

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Roll on OLEDs ..

No doubt already patented - but a waffer-thin OLED or electrophoretic (see Motorola F3) display with builtin memory and power (for OLED) could perhaps serve a similar purpose to the Polaroid pic ...?

'Crash tested' e-voting machines spread doubt on Super Tuesday

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Analog(ue) voting ??

So - people have been voting by being given a chunk of of plasticene which they could then split up and throw into boxes depending on how much they liked each candidate/party, and then the outcome was determined by weighing the boxes on election night ?

Hmm, come to think of it, it might have some advantages ...

Honest startups versus City bastards - the CGT conundrum

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Not just 10% -> 18%

Another reason for the outcry is that AD is also scrapping indexation which means that assets held before 1997 (ie. pre-GB's first CGT "simplification") will no longer be inflation-indexed, thus capital gains purely due to inflation will also be taxed when these new changes kick in.

Hence for some the increase in tax paid could be (say) 1000% - not good.

Messenger reveals Mercury's hidden side

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Hidden - wrong word ?

No side of Mercury is actually 'hidden' except insofar as you might happen to be on the other side as you go past, or on the unlit side. It's not in a locked orbit, as our moon is, either. I expect you could probably see this 'side' using Hubble, were it sensible to point it so close to the sun.

No, the side now revealed by Messenger is that which was unseen on the previous visit by a spacecraft, ~30 years ago.


Bjork lays into NZ snapper

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Maybe ...

.. you can get very annoyed if people can never pronounce or spell your name correctly, despite being a celeb.

Car crash driver blames pterodactyl

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Must be publicity ...

... for the upcoming series of Primeval.

Why has no-one else twigged ?

Now RIAA says copying your own CDs is illegal

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Philips WACS 7000

is designed to copy CDs onto its HDD - so where's the RIAA/Philips spat ?

Gov departments need better data systems, NAO says

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People will never learn

It's possibly a cyclical thing.

A some point, there's a big problem, people set up systems and procedures to fix and catch the problem.

Job done.

Then a new generation of hardware comes along, the people who had their fingers burnt have all moved on or retired. New generation of whiz-kids arrives - why do we need all this crap, it's not 'agile', it's bureaucratic. Get rid of it all.

Big problem (that would have been caught / never happened under previous system) arises. Oh my God, how can this happen !

So it goes ...

Watchdogs probe Sky dominance on pay-TV

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Hot air from Murdoch

Not only that, but a Sky+ box uses 22W on standby !

Compare that with a Hummy PVR on less than 5W.

BBC's iPlayer launches Christmas Day

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Radio licence

What if you use your Freeview box solely for receiving Radio programmes (say you have it hooked up to a couple of mains-powered PC speakers and that's all).

(Much better bitrate and coding than than DAB nonsense)

Do you still require a TV licence ?! (Black & white, or colour ?)


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