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Half of Brits abuse apostrophe's

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why does it still go after the S in children

It doesn't

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Seen in Boots ...

"Kid's medicines"

Poor kid.

Sun Java piggybacks Microsoft searchbar, divorces Google

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I've never had an answer from Sun as to why the Java Update scheduler widget under Windows runs continuously - whereas it could just run each time at startup and then die.

Just another annoyance ...

Tomy, Zink launch camera with built-in printer

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Reminds me of a Polaroid ...

a bit

AT&T cops to Jesus Phone-as-modem app

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No, it's now the Obama phone ...

... does it come in different ... no, someone else can go there.

Spooks foils fictional Russian plot

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Open square ...

the point being that the open square took so long to get to that there was no "safety margin". Neither could you guarantee it being empty.

A nearer, less "optimal" location (surely in their database) might have been preferable.

"at the T-junction, turn left ... the blast confinement zone is second right. goodbye ! "

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Black Helicopters

"TIA" was _much_ scarier

but why did Adam have to drive to an open square - the nearest tunnel, bridge, courtyard or underground carpark would surely have done ?

Hubble back in full snapping mode

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... I predict a failure in the SIC&DH module ... I suggest we let it fail, and then replace it ...

Mobile blocking tech for trains

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Rather than blocking ...

You must have seen those novelty gadgets that flash when your mobile rings ... or logs onto a cell ?

Anyhow you could have a more nanny-like version built into the train seats, flashing up the message, "YOU APPEAR TO BE MAKING A PHONE CALL - PLEASE LEAVE THE QUIET CARRIAGE TO CONTINUE - THE GUARD WILL BE ALERTED IN 30 SECONDS ..."

New Scientist goes innumerate in 'save the planet' special

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Although we don't all smoke fags ...

like they do in the novels, Asimov had it right - we need to build our own Second Foundation ...

Police collar kid for Wi-Fi pinching

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So that's why they say they need 42 days

As the 'expert witness' above says, they must have de-skilled considerably ...

But in the old series of Morse, Lewis could just walk over to a green-screen PC, clack on a few keys and locate hidden gold !

IT contractor broke law in data raid on playground firm

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At least in "following orders" like that, the contractor could not claim he was outside IR35 !!

Congressman quizzes FCC on white space management

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"WiFi on steroids" ?

What - to alleviate inflammation & irritation ?

BBC's TV detector vans to remain a state secret

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Hope you enjoy battery-powered telly, fed by an aerial with an LO notch filter, inside your mesh cage !

Intel badmouths Jesus Phone

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Censorship ?

I'm sure I posted a "Sarah Palin"-related quip here last week, mocking a republican worried that Obama was an "Arab" ... and linked to "badmouthing" a "Jesus"-phone ...

Oh well, must have not been funny enough - or maybe I used the wrong icon.

Or perhaps another similarly-named article ??

Microsoft 2.0 feels data center pinch

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I'll let go ..

... data "centers" ... as the writer is in the US - but should know better !!

Speed cams ditched in Wiltshire

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Better use of technologies

Speed camera that flashes you if you are closer than your stopping distance to the vehicle in front ... now that would improve safety !

The two times I have been flashed (or rather, 'vanned') in Wiltshire on the aforementioned dual carriageway the road was empty and I was 10 mph over the limit ...

Nano nano

Will they also abolish

those camera vans on the A417 - you know, the white vans with blacked-out rear window that sit in the layby OR on the bridge over the main road.

Thought not.

Apricot drops 'too complicated' Linux from netbook line

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Is this "Apricot", like ...

you can still get items sold as "Goodmans" or "Grundig" ... ?

BBC clarifies location of England

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Shortly arriving at London - Prestwick ...

And I thought it was Ryanair that needed geography lessons ...

Lehman Excel snafu could cost Barclays dear

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Whatever happened to EDI ??

or even XML ...

or _even_ CutePDF - what you see in the Print Area is what you get ?

Jacqui Smith trails überdatabase plans

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Here's an idea ...

Why not be tough on the _causes_ of terrorism, not just on terrorism itself - or has someone said something similar before ...

(More cost-effective too)

Verity's further education

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The other OU ...

I believe that Oxford Uni also does a distance-learning MSc in Software Engineering - or it did a few years back.

Try them.

Brussels bemoans low take-up of electronic cash

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Say it again ...

repeat { Chip and PIN rollout ... missed chance for e-cash ... }

Texan boffins working on electric cyber-heart

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Thumb Up

At last ...!

"Cyber" used in its correct, "control systems" usage !!

Scotland Mountain Rescue turns on Ofcom

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Handsets - base stations ?


Handsets are fine point-to-point out in the field, as a "private channel", but don't forget you need to have contact back to vehicles and base which could be well over 10 miles away, plus the RAF Sea Kings need to be able to talk to you which means they have to have a small set of standard frequencies using onboard equipment ... not a couple of 1W Motorola handsets from Comet.

Nano nano

For what it's worth

There are several areas where mountainous terrain is near to the sea - Wasdale, Ben Nevis ... plus from a Sea King at several hundred metres height you would be talking to everyone on land or sea in a radius of a few miles.

Unless things have changed, it's the police that officially calls in the volunteer rescue teams and also issues the radio permits and covers the team members insurance when on official callouts, so the police is the body that should be kicking up a fuss.

Organized crime tampers with European card swipe devices

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Mag stripe ATMs are the problem

They have chip-reader ATMs in France and Belgium ... about time they introduced them in the UK - HOW many years after official Chip&PIN launch ?

Spectrum Bridge solves the white space problem

Nano nano

Absence of radiation ...

... equals "black space".

Or have I said this before ... oh yes, I have.

UK.gov and UK.biz pour £60m into IT skills gap

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Yes, and they could fund it from all the extra IR35 income !

Xyratex speeds up arrays and doubles protection

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Arrays and doubles ?

Where's the expected article on data types then ???

Agile development - can’t scale, won’t scale?

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It's OK now, but ...

... just wait until the 'experts' have left the company and there's no documentation or system/subsystem overview !!

(and I include doxygen content in that ...)

Melamine, poisons and the misappliance of science

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Extra test

OK, so it's now got to pass the protein test AND the melamine test ...

Goes to show yet again that testing to simplistic targets can have unintended consequences !

Microsoft taints open source CodePlex well

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"In the marketplace, open source is socialism." - erm yes, since it intends to place source "ownership" into public rather that private hands.

Your point being ?

Credit agencies get death lists

Nano nano

A plea ...

Pleeeease let's not have these as encrypted spreadsheets that could get 'lost'/made public once decrypted - too simplistic and prey to the CD/memory stick scenario.

Better to have some mechanism that could update the agencies' systems in a secure manner - e.g. agency sends encrypted (new key each month !) name/DOB/temporary record ID list to registrar's office, office sends back (encrypted) record ID of records to be updated.

Or something better that someone PAID to be good at such things has come up with - Schneier or Anderson for example.

Senators push for restrictions on laptop searches

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DRAT - thought they were going to disallow the Indexing Service to be enabled by default ...

Hawaiian anti-LHC lawsuit thrown out

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Didn't Hawaii used to be British - or at least Hawaiian - until the US annexed it ?

We'd have let it become independent, by now ...

Germans give peeking Google one in the eye

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Couldn't happen here

Of course, in the UK they'd be thwarted immediately by a policeman demanding they hand over their camera and film for taking photos in a public place without permission ...

wouldn't they ?

Adobe preps Jesus Phone Flash Player

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What do Islamic people call the iPhone - or would that be blasphemous ?

VMware renders multitasking OSes redundant

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"The other little trick was to have an address flag on the segment and if it was code, it was not modifiable"

Hmm, the x86 architecture used to have a Code Segment register ... which IIRC originally could be used to specify different memory from Data memory, if required.

Another London BT exchange hit by thieves

Nano nano

Phone home

Of course, any self-respecting installed kit would contain anti-theft software that grassed on itself if stolen ...

Airline industry refuses to be ID card guinea pig

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They work for you

I think everyone would agree that MPs at the HoP should trial any ID cards prior to their being "rolled out" onto citizens ... think of Otis Ferry !!

Nokia creates Indoor Positioning

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No, Grasshopper

@Alfred Loo:

No, DGPS only works if you can receive GPS signals - notably crap within buildings or built-up areas, and who knows how shot the timings would be (unless you're tendering for a Govt. offender-tracking contract, that is ...)

Nano nano

Shopping made simple ...

Then I can just merge my shopping list with the local Sainsbury's shelf map, and my Nokia-fied trolley can say "DESTINATION:TOMATOES NEXT LEFT, THEN IMMEDIATE RIGHT FOR PEAS. AT ITALIAN RED WINE TAKE SECOND TURNING" for an optimal route plan ...

Mars rover sets sights on distant crater

Nano nano

Let's hope ...

... they haven't got metric and imperial units mixed up again.

Marketing body condemns 'draconian' Olympic law

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Though presumably if your product actually wins a "gold medal" in some product competition (recent Chelsea flower show ? Beer ?) you will be allowed to say so ?

Or not ?

Nano nano

No problem

Nope, I'm raring for the London 0x7DC games (or should that be MMXII ?)

Firm threatens action against CCTV whistleblower

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Don't worry

1. If there's an (e.g.) anti-war demonstration nearby, CCTV cameras seem to stop working by themselves for some reason ...

2. He should have told Carol "Ocean Finance" Vorderman first anyway.

Stob latest: IEEE flags dodgy paper

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- topical comment of the day -

Basing your academic research on plagiarised junk is kind of analogous to basing your banking credibility on collateralised debt obligations.

China to combine four ships to form space station

Nano nano

Litter louts

Hope they are first going to clear up all that dangerous crap they left around when they blasted that old satellite a while back.


Strikes me a big sheet of orbital Blutack should be able to capture most of it ...


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