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Lunar orbiter beams back first Moon snaps

Nano nano

Never heard of them

Who are all these so-called conspiracy theorists anyhow, are you sure they exist - I've never met anyone who didn't believe there were manned moon landings anyhow.

AND the TV coverage at the time was presented by (Sir!) Patrick Moore and James Burke, and you can't get much better than that.

IT contractors demand overhaul of company transfer visas

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Sumer is icumen in ...

"has gotten worse" ?

Periodic table adding new element

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In any case, isn't a neutron star just one hell of a lot of neutrons with, I imagine a few protons in there somewhere, so that could conceivably be considered to be a "nucleus" since it's held together by the strong force ...

Darth Vader tops movie misquote poll

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False to the character ?

I don't think the book's Dr. Lecter/Lektor would ever have used the naff phrase, "a nice Chianti" (correct me if it's in the book !) ... but I guess the scriptwriter didn't want to appear too elitist .

Nano nano

Punctuation misquote ?

I would have thought that since the first sentence was what "the punk" would have been asking himself ('direct speech'), it should itself be in quotation marks , i.e.

""Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?"

(also added the comma !)

Moderatrix quits El Reg: Latest

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Slashdot days...

Who's the Meta-Moderatrix ?

And how many Mod points have you got ?

Westminster forced to switch off digital CCTV cameras

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Cumberland jam ..


Appeal ! and keep on appealing. Write to your MP. Then write to the Daily Mail if all else fails ...

Shuttleworth gets cloudy with Ubuntu 9.10

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Good Fellows

The name "Shuttleworth" is indelibly associated with such ditties as "Pigeons in Flight" - let's hope Ubuntu release 'P' is Pigeon, of some description.

Right Ken ?

McDonalds to cook up EV charging station network

Nano nano

Surely ..

"The first 230V, 16A pilot McPost ..."

also, slight kudos to McD for their free Wifi - more than many hotels can offer !!

Apple sued over iPhone smooth scrolling

Nano nano

Smooth scrolling ?

Didn't the VT100 have that ?

Woman sues over Vista to XP 'downgrade' charge

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BMW Shoe

... don't you think that a 1 series looks like a slip-on shoe ?

ITV 'could dump' Friends Reunited

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Better controlled

FR, at least when I joined it, seemed to be better-controlled and moderated than the current likes of Facebook.

From that point of view, the higher quality of information was worth a premium over the freebie free-for-all ad-supported sites.

Satellites crash over Siberia: Iridium bird destroyed

Nano nano

I think you'll find

that I already suggested a big sheet of Blutack for the China satellite scrap event ...

Windows 7 UAC flaw silently elevates malware access

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User friction

They should try it the other way round - make non-admin tasks a hassle under an admin account.

Then people might use a non-privileged account for everyday stuff. (Ok, sysadmins ...!)

But it's hard to change people's mindset - I still come across developers brought up on Windows, when using Linux, logged in to 'root' for their normal work.

SkyBox cracks open as Microsoft Mobile timetable leaks

Nano nano

Confusion over names ?

Wonder if Sky has any issues with the name, given that most satellite users have a 'Sky box' ?

Firefox 3.0.6 fixes yet another JavaScript bug

Nano nano

Sorted ?

Will I still require History Search Sorted plugin - or have they fixed that now ...?

Three hospital worm infection dubbed 'substantive failure'

Nano nano

Sack the Infection Control manager ...

'nuff said ...

Boffin dubs global warming 'irreversible'

Nano nano

What coral reef ...

I thought that rising ocean CO2 levels increased the acidity of the water, threatening the existence of corals ?

Linux to spend eternity in shadow of 'little blue E'

Nano nano

Not just Mars probes

"... corporate air that's been heated to a temperate 72 degrees ..." - unless you don't like working in a sauna ...

Brown backs down on expenses secrecy

Nano nano

Oh, well ...

"support that we believed we had from the main opposition party was withdrawn"

... it shows that the Daily Mail has some use after all ...

Philips creates cinema aspect-ratio HD TV

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World's first ?

Maybe the world's first commercially available such telly, but didn't IBM demonstrate a large super-high-def screen back in around 2000 ? I remember the spin saying you could read the newsprint in the paper being read by a man in the picture ...

Maybe that was just a graphics monitor.

419ers take Canadian for $150,000

Nano nano

Before you Reg people get all sanctimonious ...

What about the people who punted their money on Bernard Madoff ?

Prisoner star Patrick McGoohan dies at 80

Nano nano

DM influence

Don't forget Danger Mouse !! (or Penfold ...)

Mom stole daughter's ID to shake pom-poms

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IT Angle

The (sex offenders) Register

IIRC wasn't a bloke put on el (s.o.) Reg due to taking a leak in a shop doorway at night ?

PS no offence to the Real Reg !!!

Violet Mir:ror DIY RFID kit

Nano nano

Judging by their spelling ...

doesn't give you much confidence in the prod:uctZ ...

US teen clocks up 14,528 text messages

Nano nano

Please, somebody challenge this ...

"Text-messaging is now hard-wired into our culture"

What ???

Obviously no idea what "hard-wired" means ...

Experts trumpet '25 most dangerous' programming errors

Nano nano


"Guarantee that the code is free from those errors" ?

Hmm, Mr Turing had something relevant to say on that ...

BT cuts 0870 charges

Nano nano

say no to 0870 phishing ...

Only trouble with the 'say no' website is you have no guarantee that the alternative number you are calling is the pukka service ...

NASA deploys huge clingfilm strato-pumpkin over Antarctic

Nano nano

Ozone repair

I read somewhere that if dollops of ammonia (NH3) gas were lobbed into the Antarctic air, that would kill off the CFCs ... don't know if one balloon-worth would be enough though ...

Intel launches convertible 'kid-friendly' netbook

Nano nano

kid-friendly ?

and it makes a bleating noise ...

Take a hammer to your hard drive, shrieks Which?

Nano nano


Surely those wishing to be thorough would use Secure Erase THEN splat it physically ...

NASA warns of 'space Katrina' radiation storm

Nano nano

Howzat ?

"which will allow errors to be bowled out" - but how ? LBW ?

IBMers hear sound of axe being sharpened

Nano nano

Common sense

"giving the standard "we don't comment on rumors or speculation" line" - since it's the only 'line' anyone could sensibly give, unless they actually had something to say.

If they selectively commented on certain "rumors", that would allow pundits to draw conclusions on them, and the rest that they didn't comment on.

NASA rovers survive five years on Mars

Nano nano

Made to last ...

"The American taxpayer was told three months for each rover" - but obviously there were few "made in P.R.O.C" components so it lasted better than most current consumer goods ...

PS to Mike: It's spelt "hear hear" !

Sky demonstrates 3D telly vision

Nano nano

They could try ...

to transmit those "Magic Eye" speckly pictures - picture detail a bit lacking but they would be 3D ...

Applers howl over Mac OS fix

Nano nano

Reg terminology ?

Surely this should be about the Jesus OS on the Jesus PC ?

Larry Wall on the Zen of Perl 6

Nano nano

Coming second ...

"distinguished itself from the rest of the pack allowing developers to write full-featured programs using nothing but punctuation" ... what, never heard of APL ?

OK, not for web programming ... hmm, mod-apl ?

Junk science and booze tax - a study in spin

Nano nano

Abstinence by choice ?

I understood that the alleged health benefits of C2H5OH consumers over abstainers could be put down to many 'abstainers' actually being off the pop due to fairly serious illnesses that precluded alcohol intake - and led to them being, erm, unhealthy.

Bollywood to remake The Italian Job

Nano nano

Big Germans

Yes, the new BMW 'Minis' are too big to fit where the original Minis went !

And I bet they would never fit in the back of the coach !

US gun lobby blogs Thanksgiving gun 'facts'

Nano nano


"among other tidbits" - the word is "titbit"

MPs lost for Word over creaking Microsoft packages

Nano nano

Office 97

Still works - what's wrong with it ?

Nano nano

I should be so lucky ...

"Web 2.0-stylie" - another of the Minogue sisters ?

Sirius satellite radio squashes 6-year-old bug

Nano nano



"In the UK" - that'd be the licence fee ...

China slams Guns N' Roses album

Nano nano

Shouldn't that be

"Guns 'n' Roses" ?

Sky mulls PVR software rollback

Nano nano

Upgrade ?

Isn't it about time they brought out a Sky+ f/w update that:

- lets you use the full HDD rather than just 50%

- gives you a reasonably readable EPG rather than a DOS-mode text one

- lets you text search the EPG programmes rather than having to wade through "Starts with A ... B ..."

- displays Radio programmes in the EPG thereby letting you series-record Milton Jones

NASA's lost toolbag filmed from Earth

Nano nano

Spinoff ?

I thought Velcro was invented for just this eventuality - or were those stories about Teflon etc. just hype to justify the space-race ?

Chips are down for Transmeta

Nano nano
Thumb Down


"Chip's are down" - do I detect an apostrophe infraction - and after all we said on that subject the other week - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/11/11/apostrophe_abuse/ !!

Intel badmouths Jesus Phone

Nano nano

"Intel badmouths Jesus Phone" - Or as Sarah Palin might say ...

"Jesus was an ARAB !!!"

Boffins plan Titanic balloon trip

Nano nano

SSP Boffin post !!

we are not worthy ...

Vintage IBM tape drive in Apollo moon dust rescue

Nano nano

Drivers ...

but I imagine there's a Linux driver already written for the drive ...


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