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Thailand plans to track non-citizens with their mobile phones

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... and does he sell golf-ball detectors to Iran, to use as explosives detectors ?

Thailand waters down alien-tracking plan

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Trackable SIM

But the spiel on the World Service said "tracking the phone - even when turned off" - now how was that going to work - and what if you GPS was off in any case.

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Re: Registration in most countries already

I got a Blau.de SIM in Germany without showing passport ...

Funny story, this. UK.gov's 'open banking app revolution'. Security experts not a fan of it

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Jellybean counters ...

Pretty useless anyway - Banking app (and eg. Barclaycard app) developers only seem to support the latest software version(s) in phones anyway, even though the base functionalities should not change over versions.

So - my phone uses Gingerbread - why withdraw the app that supports that, when to display numbers and text, even Doughnut would do !

BBC detector vans are back to spy on your home Wi-Fi – if you can believe it

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We also get free healthcare - which is anathema to Americans ...

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Re: Pay up and stop moaning you tight bastards

I've never used the Forth rail bridge - and yet my taxes are funding it !!

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It's too late to stem the flow of comments from the Anti-BBC "stop these bastards jailing innocent people" brigade ... but it sounds like some John- Whittingdale-inspired scare story to me.

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Does The Beeb already correlate Sky subscription fees with licence fees - or does Sky already do that for the BBC ?

Email proves UK boffins axed from EU research in Brexit aftermath

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Comment from Theresa May - NOW !?

OK, BoJo ? Gove-ia ? WerrityXXXXXXFox ?

BlackBerry: Forget phones, Lawsuits In Motion is back – and it's firing off patent claims

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Re: Hmmm ...

The old Sony Ericsson "Mini" Android phones circa 2011 had a slide-out keyboard, very good too !

But everyone has gone "pop-tart" format now ...

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Thought they'd sued you into stopping use of the phrase "L.I.M" ...

HMRC's IR35 tweaks have 90% of UK's IT contractors up in arms

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" to clamp down on self-employed workers not paying the correct employment taxes."

Shouldn't that be:

"to make self-employed workers pay the same taxes as if they were employees" ?

Brit startup adds intelligent search to Amazon storage

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"can backup documents" ?


Can back up documents ....

back up - verb

backup - noun

Ditch your Macs, Dell tells EMC staff

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Apple's OS refuses to run on other hardware.

Other OSs don't mind running on compatible (ie x86) hardware

Google tells Android's Linux kernel to toughen up and fight off those horrible hacker bullies

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Android would be more secure if they allowed phones to update components.

There is no way I am bricking my phone with one of their "Big Bang" updates.

Argos changes 150 easily guessed drop-off system passwords

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Re: Wait a minute

Happens in the UK too - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/30/cuthbert_mckinnon/

Skyscape rebrands to UKCloud following legal challenge by Sky

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"Above us only xxxxxxUKCloud ...."

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What about John Williams' guitar group ?

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A bit like Stelios trying to claim everything containing "easy" ...?

Tesla autopilot driver 'was speeding' moments before death – prelim report

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"volunteers not surviving" ? link please !

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So if the car's so clever, how was it letting him exceed the speed limit ?

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Re: Bar none

But the car systems might have spotted the bars as well ...

Ex-Citibank IT bloke wiped bank's core routers, will now spend 21 months in the clink

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Re: Amateur hour, makes all of IT look bad

No, a REAL BOFH would have put the network config wipe into a timed job running a month later - when he was in another job anyhow.

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Re: Pah!

And would have left an ISIS-related calling card, to mislead ...

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Re: Lock out their accounts first...

Well, in this case, "tendency to go Banksy ..." ?

Gullible Essex Police are now using junk science lie detectors

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Oh, so they are using polygraphs - The headline made me think they were using those golfball-finding explosives detectors ...

Linux infosec outfit does a Torvalds, rageblocks innocent vuln spotter

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Re: re: how this has anything do with Linus

I'd make Inquiries about that.

Brit chip bods ARM quietly piling up cash. Softbank will be happy

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Was it paid for in dollars, or pounds ?

What's losing steam at Apple? Pretty much everything

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""We believe that iPhone replacement cycle/upgrade rate is like an accordion around new product cycles "

HOW is it "like an accordion" ??!!

Keys ? Buttons ? Weight ? Music ? Pneumatic ?

Harrison Ford's leg, in the Star Wars film, with the Millennium Falcon door

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Anyone else trust [their life to] a firm called .... "Foodles" ...?

Hans off! Ericsson unplugs CEO after gräsliga results

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Having worked at Sony-Ericsson - not the same thing, I agree - the flipchart-presenters need to take more notice of business and process improvements from lower down in the food chain.

Nearly all cloud ERP projects will 'fail' by 2018, reckons Gartner

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Re: x 7

And tested ?

Man killed in gruesome Tesla autopilot crash was saved by his car's software weeks earlier

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Regression test

No doubt this scenario will be added to the Regression Test suite for the car's "autopilot" ...

By Jove! NASA's Juno prepares to slip into orbit around Jupiter

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Yes, "MON" aka "mixed oxides of nitrogen" is "a mix of nitrous oxide and dinitrogen tetroxide" - but that's just the oxidiser.

The "hydrazine" is N2H4, effectively two ammonia (NH3) molecules stuffed together.

StreetView gets the willies in Victoria

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Looks more like a amplitude response diagram of a digital filter to me

Steve Jobs vindicated: Google Android is not open

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Closed until it's open

By some of the arguments here, Android "Poptart", "Quality Street", "Rum Truffle", "Spotted Dick" etc are also closed ... until public push occurs.

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Why use the phone naming convention ?

If, as I understand it, Honeycomb is just for tablets, then why give it a name in the Android Phone sequence ? They should maybe have started a new 'tablets' sequence, with initial letter aligned with Android phones perhaps. Hazelnut.

Woman loses Bebo privacy case against lad mag

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In future

Watermark all your photos before posting them online - then at least you'll have a copyright case.

pedant corner:

"aren't we all p[a]edos now" - well since she appears to be sexually mature, technically, no.

Open-source Sugar snared by Jobsian code block

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"really leverage HTML 5" - you mean, use it ...

Industry groups leap to Chip and PIN's defence

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*Please* give us cash on the PIN card - like Proton etc. in Europe

Windows 95 to Windows 7: How Microsoft lost its vision

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Not only but also

Lost in the mists of time is OS/2, which gave Windows a run for its money at the time (as well as the Taskbar) thereby demonstrating that a little competition can improve the end result, even if the other competitors fall by the wayside.

Yes, I did run OS/2 Warp for a while and found it much better than Win 3.11.

HP busts out fall PC lineup

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"The fall PC buying season"

And nobody asked Mark E Smith ?

Apple yanks C64 emulator from App Store

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"draconian controls Herr Jobs imposes" - pandering to UK tabloid national stereotypes, by any chance ?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7

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"As the reviewer notes, there isn't a viewfinder, but it's not particularly common in cameras of this class " - well my old (2003) Olympus D390 2.0 Mpixel camera has one !

How else can you frame your shot and steady the camera at the same time ?

How to set up your HDTV like a pro

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But I _still_ can't get my Sony Bravia to reproduce as many flesh tones as my Sony WEGA - try them side-by-side ....

Ofcom to start new number mobility consultation

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Spurious adjective

>>by not buying in gallons upon gallons of water everyday<<

"everyday" (adj) - common, normal

"every day" (adv phrase) - each day

PerlMonks suffers unholy hack

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Well, you should never trust people ...

... who don't know the difference between "your" (YR) and "you're" (UR) .

Small biz warns on contractor law

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Don't forget that if you are working away from home, B&B and petrol for the week can easily take up ~£5/hr of the rate ...

Google tosses Android a Donut

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Do not

"Donut" - brought to you by the people who think "and" is spelt " 'n' " ...

Lunar orbiter beams back first Moon snaps

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Not quite

"I reckon you'd send a standard golf ball into orbit." - well with 'g' on the moon being 1/6 that on Earth, you would require to get it to 1/6 Earth orbital velocity, around 1 km/sec (depending on the orbit) - can you hit a ball that fast ?


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