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Imagine you're having a CT scan and malware alters the radiation levels – it's doable

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Re: The next russian spy story

(N)"MRI" does not deliver ionising radiation ...

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The "attack surface" is big .... there are lots of people "trying things" ...

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NMRI is CT ...

Of course, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a "computed tomography technology".

Hence the distinction should really be between X-ray CT and NMR CT.

I should get out more, but I belong in Private Eye's pedant's corner ...

No password? No worries! Two new standards aim to make logins an API experience

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Always true ...


int main(int argc, char * argv [])


return 0; /* non-error return code */


Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin

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No doubt the Brexiters will proclaim this is all Fear, we can change "frictionlessly" to .commonwealth or .britishempire ...

Not one, but 20,000 black holes hiding in Milky Way's heart

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Re: Thie "dark matter" business is strange. I keep thinking of Occam's razor

The simpler "answer" does not account for observed behaviour ...

" At the edges of most galaxies, stars orbit so quickly that they should be flung away. The fact that they don’t implies that these galaxies have far more mass than we can see, and the gravity of that extra mass – dark matter – holds them together."

NOTE - "at the edges"


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Re: On the flip side

Nice series of videos - one about black holes ....


Apple, if you want to win in education, look at what sucks about iPads

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One app to rule them all ...?

Surely one solution would be to take a "Citrix"/network computer type of app which just provided a front end to a local educational server providing the required managed apps and resources ...

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Are Android tablets any better (eg Samsung ...)

As subject ....

'Every little helps'... unless you want email: Tesco to kill free service

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Déjà ...

Just like Freeserve ... and so it goes ...

O2 wolfs down entire 4G spectrum as pals fiddle with their shiny 5G band

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Goodness, do[es] the UK / UK companies own *any* of its infrastructure these days .... thought O2 was BT at one point ...

Intel admits a load of its CPUs have Spectre v2 flaw that can't be fixed

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Let us choose

Not everyone needs CPU-level fixes anyway.

I'd be happy with an OS update allowing selected process (-trees ?) to run in KPTI mode as required ... or conversely for some applications, NOT run ....

2001 set the standard for the next 50 years of hard (and some soft) sci-fi

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Re: Forbidden Planet

Actually, having re-watched an episode of "Space Patrol", I noted several points that seem to have "jumped" into Star Trek ! Pointy-eared logical aliens, "I'm a scientist, not a ...." etc.

Roddenberry must have seen some episodes

Meltdown's Linux patches alone add big load to CPUs, and that's just one of four fixes

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Exceptions to every rule ...

So could we have a (privileged) means of running processes in a non-KPTI environment ?

FCA 'gold-plates' EU rule, hits BYOD across entire UK finance sector

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Gold-plated foot-dragging

The UK also has a reputation for foot-dragging in most environmental and rights legislation ...!

Your connection is not Brexit... we mean private: UK Tory party lets security cert expire

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Too many experts ...

Clearly, Gove sacked the bod(s) responsible ...

It gets worse: Microsoft’s Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs

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So: Unplug network, Create restore point, Re-enable network, Install patch ...

perhaps ...?

Here come the lawyers! Intel slapped with three Meltdown bug lawsuits

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Capability Needham

Looks like Roger Needham's (+ Bjarne Stroustrup) Capability architecture should get another bite at the cherry ?!


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Re: We have only ourselves to blame

Itanium had a x86-32 compatibility mode which allowed x86-32 code to run, albeit more slowly than might be expected at that clock speed. I had an Itanium desktop system in 2000 on which I ran IA64 and IA32 code and benchmarks ...

A minister for GDS? Don't talk digital pony

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And any junior ones, who in the past would have had the expertise, when being a civil servant was a respected role, will have been cost-cut, or walked due to lack of morale or remuneration.

Research suggests UK consumers find 'fibre' advertising misleading

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Re: Simples

That's rather sexist ...

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"Broadband" ???

Yes, it's also surprising to hear them describing this as a "broadband" product.

Bitcoin breaks US$1,000

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That's "buoyed" ...

no further comment

Go ahead, stage a hackathon. But pray it doesn't work too well

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Where's Page 2

- giving the detail ?

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Re: Uhm...

... which laws ... - surely

74 countries hit by NSA-powered WannaCrypt ransomware backdoor: Emergency fixes emitted by Microsoft for WinXP+

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Re: The Good Listener on BBC R4 (spoiler alert)

In the BBC drama,


it was the National Grid that was taken down ...

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Re: "the SMB server bug is the result of a buffer overflow in Microsoft's code. "

To be fair, it could be 2008 SP3 ...

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So their first step should be to see what's possible - biggest bang per buck.

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The Good Listener on BBC R4 (spoiler alert)

Anyone recall this drama last year

... turns out (spoiler alert) our "friends" were testing their "weapons" ...

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Re: Welsh nhs

Or it wasn't in Welsh ...

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Hmm, Lint, anyone ?

" It reveals that the SMB server bug is the result of a buffer overflow in Microsoft's code. A 32-bit length is subtracted into a 16-bit length,"

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IE 7

What about all those "corporate" systems still stuck on IE 7 due to in-house legacy web apps ?

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Rogue One ...

I wonder if the killswitch domain name was put in by someone acting with the same motives as the creator of the Death Star put a vuln into that - ie we are not going to stop this thing going out, but let's embed some means of stopping it, covertly.

Ransomware scum have already unleashed kill-switch-free WannaCry‬pt‪ variant

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Turn off SMB v1 file-sharing ?

Why not !

Linus Torvalds explains how to Pull without jerking his chain

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Re: Those 128 Petabytes

Just check the edge-cases ...?

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Re: 5 level page tables

Who - the former leader of the Lib Dems ???

Malware infecting Androids somewhere in the supply chain

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I just wish you could replace/update the components in Android rather than having to update the whole distro

Boffins find Galaxy making killer radiation, rule out Samsung phone as source

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Re: "All of these would ruin your day if you happened to live in the same galaxy"

You could be on the far side of your planet ... or in a gas cloud / nebula ... all of which would save you from gamma-cookery.

App proves Rowhammer can be exploited to root Android phones – and there's little Google can do to fully kill it

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And other platforms ?

So, which of the Apple iPhones are vulnerable to this, given that it's a DRAM issue ?

Apple's Breaxit scandal: Frenchman smashes up €50,000 of iThings with his big metal balls

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He was beaten to it - by WIll It Blend ...

Nuff said.

Top interview: Dr Patrick McCarthy – boss of the world's future largest optical telescope

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Table size measure - Re: "...computers about the size of this table [snip]"

They should at least give the corresponding Ikea table name ...

Turing, Hauser, Sinclair – haunt computing's Cambridge A-team stamping ground

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Also ran ...?

What, no mention of Bjarne Stroustrup in the Computer Lab, typing away on a teletype on his work for Roger Needham's CAP machine ?

Or Dr. Martin Richards in his office there, having most of Cambridge using his implementable subset of CPL - BCPL which was later boosted into C by AT&T ?

Or Prof Wheeler, known to his students as "Prof Edsac" ....

Prof Hawking to mail postage-stamp space craft to Alpha Centauri using frickin' lasers

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Short visit

The device would only spend a few hours in the target system before exiting on the other side ...

Hello, Star Trek? 25th Century here: It's time to move on

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In the First JJA Trek film ...

Since they arrived too early from the black hole, the first time, why did they not just go directly to the supernova star before it was too late, and drop it before it scorched Romulus ?

Brexit makes life harder for an Internet of Things startup

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Don't you know that it's different for pies ?

However, if you are making Melton Mowbray pies or other foods with naming currently protected by EU rules, you need to think again ...


The calm before the storm: AMD's Zen bears down on Intel CPUs

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Wrong metaphot ?

" let's just cut to the quick "

Which means cut back to living tissue .... "cut to the chase" ?

You shrunk the database into a .gz and the app won't work? Sigh

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see above.

Vodafone: Dear customers. We're sorry we killed your Demon

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Re: Still on Demon?

Or number, at any rate !

'I found the intern curled up on the data centre floor moaning'

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Re: What are the odds

They sometimes come as an extra bonus small brown-box package in the main Interocitor kit of parts.

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Re: What are the odds

"drank" ?


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