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Ex-MI5 agent Shayler claims to be chav messiah

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Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad ...

Doctor Who signs up thinking man's crumpet

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Thought that was Joan Bakewell ... or is FK "TMC-NG" ?

And what about Stephanie Flanders ?

We'll never get alien telly, says Zagreb boffin

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Next series

Surely the best way of taking new shows out on your sublight spaceship is to have a store of quantum-entangled DVDs. Then they just have to burn the corresponding data onto the copy back on the home planet, and the entangled copy on board gets updated.

Or is that too simple ;)

[Yes, I have patented that, Blockbuster ...]

UK Information Commissioner: protect your own data

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Not so fast

"I had a reply to the effect that if a person or company who has personal details on record thinks that any legal action may be forthcoming against the individual, it appears that they are quite at liberty to disclose addresses, personal information, etc; to third parties without falling foul of the act."

Oh yeah - try getting the phone details of a malicious caller, that the police can't be bothered to tick off, out of BT then !

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Need to know

Why is the Oyster card - basically as I understand it a glorified underground ticket - holding or referring to a person anyhow ? It should just hold anonymised points or 'travel rights' or pounds and pence.

Maybe this is one reason why the UK still hasn't got the ability to store anonymised cash on our chip&PIN cards like they can in Europe - they like being able to track us too much.

Adobe bends to might of US printers

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Don't call me that

Oh - I thought it was the work of some redneck hacker, who had a grudge against those Kinkos at FedEx ...

PS you can remove the startup bloat by moving the plugins to another directory - search and ye shall find !

Cassini to make third Enceladus flyby

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That Webster Phreaky wouldn't fare well in the US - I hear they have a commitment to freedom of speech and tolerance over there.

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Couldn't we have had a different image of Enceladus from the last time ?

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Epilepsy-triggering advert given the green light

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Don't sit so close

I believe that the other relevant parameter is the area of retina stimulated by the flashing, so this ad could be preceded by a note to stand back from the screen or turn on lighting in an otherwise dark room.

Google: Kill all the patent trolls

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Any "obvious quick fix" ... will be flawed for one reason or another.

But don't forget that the much-abused "biggies" have to play the game in order to not get done over by their competitors.

What is needed is a patents "Billy Goat Gruff" to deal with the trolls !!

Petrol latte for Kiwis in dairy biofuel push

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At least they know that "latte" means "milk" - most people in the UK seem to think it means "milky coffee", aka "caffe latte".

eBay rethinks firearms policy

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Reduce probability

You could look at it in the same way as the supermarkets' decision to restrict sale of paracetamol tablets - it doesn't stop someone determined, but it does place a speedbump in the way of casual or impulsive decisions to do harm.

Wider availability of weapons means from a purely statistical standpoint that it's more likely that an ill, unstable or inappropriate person is going to have access.

DVLA turns censor on grubby number plates

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More dirt

So I take it they're not planning any action against those number plates which appear to have been "accidentally" sprayed with mud in order to avoid recognition by those "spies on the gantry" or the parked white vans with the empty back windows (a.k.a. safety cameras) ?

Council worker develops PC energy-saving program

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What about Xbox ?

I think the Xbox would benefit the environment if it hibernated itself if not used for say 30 minutes. Just think how many Xboxes in kids' bedrooms, whirring away and getting hot ...

El Reg issues Satan word alert

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Judging by the ferocity of response I would just swap the suffixes [-ces] and refer to it as an epibile.

BBC iPlayer launches, but with limited viewer reach

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More available

At the risk of swapping one tie-in for another, the Beeb might consider issuing the iPlayer as a VMware packaged application. They could then keep their preferred development platform of Windows but the player would run on anything for which VMware works - which includes Macs and Linux (IIRC). The only thing you wouldn't be able to do (easily) is rip the content.

Reader succumbs to apostrophe apoplexy

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Just as long as he knows the differences between "lose" / "loose", and "everyday" / "every day" ... to which I should add "setup" (noun) and "set up" (verb).

HMRC loses landmark tax ruling

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Company taxation

The fact remains that people are allowed to set up limited companies, and then the shareholders are paid dividend out of the taxed profits of the companies, pro rata with the shares. The shareholders pay personal tax on the dividend so received.

No question of not paying tax, the issue in this case was whether the Revenue was allowed to "deem" that the husband as fee-earner for the company should pay tax on his wife's divis as well as his own, an issue if his income, so adjusted, went into the 40% tax band.

If they hadn't been married this matter wouldn't have arisen in the first place, so the Revenue's interpretation was effectively discriminating against married couples in business together, with unequal income streams arising from their work.

But if spouse A goes on the road to clients, and spouse B is the back-office person, that's bound to happen.

So despite them having an equal interest in the Co, the Revenue was saying "you bring in more than her, hence we want to tax you as if you earned all the company profit".

Somehow, if the boot was on the other foot, I can't see the Revenue buying an argument like that !

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Minimum wage

The couple /were/ being paid the minimum wage at the time (2000/01), if you look at the details.

£10k p.a. is for a 40-hour week at today's rate.

In any case, a company director need not be paid n.m.w.

UK gov rejects Cliff Richard's copyright extension

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Gotta pick a sample or two ..

So on that Madonna record which was mainly "Gimme gimme gimme" by Abba, do Abba as performers on that track only get royalties for 50 years from the release of "Gimme ..", or 50 years from the Madonna cut'n'paste version ?

(Yes,I know that Benny+Bjorn will get writers' copyright as well ...)

Mobile-mast danger is all in your head

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Mind your head

"Mobile-mast danger is all in your head" - yes, that's exactly what the action groups are claiming !!

Surely the title should read "Mobile-mast danger is all in your mind".

Now that's a different matter.

Skype violates open source licence

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Get a grip, Skype

They could quite easily under the GPL: have tasked someone to burn a tarball to a CD and post it out to the guy, charging him €10 for the trouble ... nice little earner !

BBC Trust backs calls for Linux iPlayer

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Open standards

And yet it's not too long ago that the BBC website was serving Ogg audio files ...

Suit blows £105k in London bar

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Back to earth

I think you'll find Tesco does a half-decent champagne ...

Brit IT millionaire dies on Chinese mountain

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Lack of oxygen

Sounds similar to John Peel's untimely demise back in 2004, reduced oxygen levels due to altitude bringing about undiagnosed heart problem.

Power outage knocks out major websites

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Day's work

It's going to be costly to change all their corporate stuff to "364 Main" ...

Google nabs aerial camera company

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Temporal Coverage

Hmm, they seem to have a higher-res image, but unfortunately it's gone back in time, my house hasn't been built yet !!! (built in 2000).

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Hopefully Google et al will eventually get round to higher-res imaging of areas of the UK that /aren't/ London ...

Becta gives schools biometric data guidance

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Horse for course

I would hope that only "biometrics" (key parameters) of the (e.g.) fingerprints would be held, and not images of the prints themselves; also, protected with a site-specific key.

This would render them of little use to a third party.

I would also not expect the system employed to be configured to allow "trawling" if its express purpose is authentication - "is this person allowed in this area ?"

But then again the Govt. doesn't "need to know" where we have been driving in order to charge for road use, but the proposed schemes all involve recording our movements.

Google sees big money in tiny cell sites

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Public service

@Dillon - what's to stop a cable modem firm buying in the chipset as well ?

Ref fewer mobile masts - I don't think Joe Public will be authorised to connect to Jane Householder's femto cell, just Jane and her agreed circle. But in urban areas it will reduce cell loading - wonder if they will still offer emergency calls to the public though - might have been useful after the London bombs.

User panel says US should scrap GPS off switch

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GLONASS coverage

Since the sats are not geostationary, they will cover Chechnya *and* Chipping Norton. Just don't always expect a 3D fix within the first few minutes.

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No such thing as society

@Chris - so, governments don't "earn" the tax paid ? If you can do without healthcare, education, transport infrastructure, police ... need I go on ?

And who voted them in anyhow ? (OK, I guess having Jeb Bush onside helps ...)

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Lorry T(r)ailer - thinking aloud

Presumably the Artic Monkeys is some Eddie Stobart or Norbert Dentressangle -related music group ?

T-Mobile forced to connect Truphone numbers

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So why aren't 0800 calls cheaper ?

I have always wondered why 0800 calls are not at least less expensive than standard mobile calls since they are subsidised by the callee.

Disputes like this go no way to clarifying matters !!

Martian ice swaps poles every 25,000 years

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"coincidentally Mars is warming at the same time as the earth" - no, I read it to say the hemispheres are swapping the ice cap over.

However, if I installed double glazing in a previously single glazed house, I would expect to either have to turn down the heat input, or to prepare to get hotter !!

(Increase in 'greenhouse efficiency' in the case of CO2/CH4)

Is your phone free?

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What's in a name III

Also, SEGA in Italian (I was informed) means 'saw' and is slang for "self-abuse".

Oracle 11g’s new toys

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Headline was updated - Konstantinos

The Reg chappies had updated the headline by the time you came to read it - it originally said "11g's new toys". No mention of Oracle.

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Mistaken technology

Drat - thought this was a Wifi article about 802.11g !

Can you take more care over the headlines, please ?

Microsoft's software IP prophylactic

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Plus ca change

Hmmm, doesn't Java run inside a dynamically securable VM ?

Water found on extrasolar planet

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Well, if the light from the star shows the absorption spectrum for water vapour when the planet passes in front of it every x days, that sounds reasonably conclusive to me.

Please brush up on your spectroscopy if you remain unconvinced - it's only A-level stuff.

Belkin builds download 'speedometer' into next-gen Wi-Fi box

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Signs of family breakdown ...

Rather disturbing that the Mac-owning child of the Belkin household is known - impersonally - as the "Kid" ...

Skin cancer claims sun bed 'addict'

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Need for solar airconditioning

You'd have thought that with all that sun, they'd have invented a solar-powered air con system ... or at least better building design, for example passive cooling as used by e.g. Pierre Koenig http://www.guardian.co.uk/obituaries/story/0,3604,1190539,00.html

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Oz latitude

Another increased risk factor for Oz compared with the UK is that even in the far south (Melbourne) of the country it is closer to the equator (hence UV is less filtered by atmosphere) than the UK (same as Athens I believe) ... and anywhere north of Melbourne is closer still to the tropics.

Oz boffins tout Trekkier-than-thou teleportation system

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More pedantry

Since the "L" in "laser" stands for "light", a "light laser" is a tautology, and an "atom laser", a contradiction.

And I recommend that earlier posters read "Eat's shoot's and leave's" [sic] ;-)

NASA packs bucket and spade for new Mars mission

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Guys at NASA (and associates)

... as long as they don't get their newton metres confused with their foot pounds !

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I imagine that since the essence of this mission is not about moving to different areas (as distinct from some previous missions) the more variables you add, the more weight, power, testing, etc is required (plus more possible failure modes), at the expense of other features. It's got to be a tradeoff, like the low res imaging from the Huygens Titan lander. But if you can get something in "for free" then presumably it's OK.

Privacy core to ID success, ICO warns

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Politicians unaware

I reckon part of the trouble is that people in government aren't actually aware of the issues involved, due in part to their sole job experience being that of politician.

Hence when it comes to (e.g.) road pricing, the only thing they think will work is a box which records where you as an individual have been, as opposed to an anonymous/zero knowledge payment system that merely requires you to pay without identifying you or allowing your movements to be tracked from a database.

Ebuyer.com runs on a Commodore 64

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Cray speed

In case some of you were thinking that the Cray might make up for the relative lack of MIPS of the other hosting machines, although the Cray series was good at doing vector floating point multiplies, I doubt whether its pipelines and functional units would give much of a boost to running Apache, though maybe its peripheral processors could serve web pages independently.

SAP upgrades foil buffer overflow flaws

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Shiny software

More fool them for using foil buffers.


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