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Flight 666 lands safely in HEL on Friday the 13th

arctic_haze Silver badge

Apollo 13

"Houston we have cleared the tower at 13:13"

Yes, they really did take of at the very minute.

Chinese boffins: We're testing an 'impossible' EM Drive IN SPAAAACE

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Re: Launch it!

If you launch it and it does not show the expected effect, the proponents will say that it was made not according to the specs (2 mm too short and the alloy was slightly different). We will have demands to launch another one. And another. And another...

Ham-fisted: Chap's radio app killed remotely after posting bad review

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Let them find my call name!

Is there an independent forum where one can post reviews of products made by this great chip-in-the-shoulder company?

It's OK to fine someone for repeating a historical fact, says Russian Supreme Court

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Re: Interesting

Britain actually became close to fighting the Soviet Union when it prepared troops to come to help to the Soviet invaded Finland in the winter of 1939/40.


It did not happen only because Norway and Sweden refused transit for the troops. A side effect of that was that Britain had some troops ready for Arctic warfare in 1940 which were sent to Narvik to fight the Germans after they invaded Norway.

Busted Windows 8, 10 update blamed for breaking Brits' DHCP

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I'll correct that for you:

In all our cases, they are all win 10, downgraded from Win 7.

Has Samsung, er, rounded the corner with Apple court win?

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Didn't the local El Reg legal expert predict a total victory by Apple?

CERN concern: Particle boffins join backlash against Euro Patent Office's King Battistelli

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CERN just remembers the history of physics

Where has Albert Einstein been employed while working on the relativity? Yes, the patent office.

So if the head of the office used the behavior "worthy of the 19th century" in 1905, he would most probably find Einstein not efficient enough and fire him ending all chances of ever building THC.

Lib Dems to oppose porn checks in Blighty's Digital Economy Bill

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Brave New UK

So Britain is going to be not only Brexited but also Victorian?

Three certainties in life: Death, taxes and the speed of light – wait no, maybe not that last one

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Re: Faster than light

I have even better gedankenexperiment for you.

Imagine giant scissors hanging in the vacuum of space. They can be as large as you like, even greater than our Galaxy. They are as rigid as baryon matter lets us but it is no problem as they are powered by rocket engines ingeniously placed along them. We can program them to make the scissors cut as fast as we want. The only limit is that the points have to move slower than c.

It is easy to calculate that the Space Scissors can cut much faster than light without breaking relativity or causality. The engines have to be programmed before the cutting stats and the signals along the scissors cannot travel faster than light. But if you start with sufficient time to spare you will succeed in all the segments of the scissors moving in perfect unison.

So it is possible to create an effect moving faster than light without transferring any information with super-luminous velocities.

'Data saturation' helped to crash the Schiaparelli Mars probe

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Re: Life somewhat imitating Art

You beat me to it. Yes, Ananke was the story which came out of my deep memory the moment I read the article.

Mars - tick; crash landing - tick; overloaded computer - tick; bad programming - tick.

The only difference was that the automatic ship Ananke was landing on Mars while we already had bases over there.

Microsoft's cmd.exe deposed by PowerShell in Windows 10 preview

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Re: Yet another Windows 10 annoyance

As long as I stick to Windows 7, they will not pry cmd.exe from my cold hands.

Especially as I use Cygwin, anyway.

Gone in 70 seconds: Holding Enter key can smash through defense

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I've discovered the worst Linux vulnerability

If you have physical access to the keyboard and the root password, you can do virtually anything!

What strange madness is this? Microsoft makes patch data RESTful

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The safest version of Windows

Funny thing but only one of the patch bulletins on the first page of this new "Guide" mentions Windows 7. It could mean this is the safest version of Windows (grudgingly) supported by Microsoft.

Leaked paper suggests EM Drive tested by NASA actually works

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Some additional comments

The paper is right that a microwave leakage would give thrust several orders of magnitude smaller then the recorded one (about 3 uN/kW).

However Fig 19, showing the results of the vacuum test, does not prove that the thrust increases with increased power used. The error bars make it possible to draw a horizontal line across the graph. I wonder why the measurement values start at 40 W. I wonder what they would be for smaller inputs...

arctic_haze Silver badge

Re: It's a scam.

I would not call it a scam. Rather a poorly conducted and wrongly analyzed experiment. It s what happens when the researchers believe too much in the effect they are looking for. The Cold Fusion [1] is one example, The "Weber bar" [2] detecting gravitational waves is another. Both sets of experiments still have their believers but both are unreproducible and therefore cannot be treated as good science.

[1] http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v489/n7414/full/489034a.html

[2] http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/02/remembering-joseph-weber-controversial-pioneer-gravitational-waves

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More bad physics (or bad writing)

I don't buy the part about it being "twice as powerful as the thrust produced by solar sails". I believe they mean twice the thrust for the same energy input. However, solar sails do not need electric power. Therefore they may have much more than twice the area of solar collectors with the same weight. And I'm not sure they've taken into account the effectiveness of changing solar radiation into electric power.

'Extra-supermoon' to appear next week

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That's no moon… It's a space station!

Disney should think of a way to make the Moon look like the Death Star for the Rogue One movie premiere.

Dark matter? More like diet matter: Super-light axions may solve universe's mass riddle

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Re: DAMA and her mysterious WIMPs

Yes, that's not logical but human being are not completely logical as Mr. Spock will notice in a few centuries.

So you misread my comment. I was simply stating the fact that more researchers get interested in axion research the longer the search of WIMPSs brings no results (except for the controversial DAMA ones). According to Web of Sience, papers having "axions" AND "dark matter" in the title or abstract or key words were cited 1628 times in 2014 and 3248 in 2015 (a 100% increase in one year).

Which does not change the fact we are not even certain axions exist. I'm also still not convinced.

arctic_haze Silver badge

DAMA and her mysterious WIMPs

The arguments for axions as the dark matter gets stronger the longer no WIMPs are discovered. And not only the WIMP dark matter detectors but also LHC which was supposed to find supersymmetry particles (strongest WIMP candidates) by now. Discovering supersymmetry would be a great step forward and much more fun than axions but the nature likes to play tricks on us.

By the way it is not true that no WIMP detectors had any results. The Italian DAMA have been seeing an unexplained seasonal change of signal which may be a result od Earth changing its speed versus the galactic dark matter particles while circling the sun. The problem is no one is able to reproduce the result.


Adobe emits emergency patch for Flash hole malware is exploiting right this minute

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It's almost 2017 and people are still using Adobe Flash???

Microsoft goes back to the drawing board – literally, with 28" tablet and hockey puck knob

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Microsoft has an answer looking for a question.

Kids today are so stupid they fall for security scams more often than greybeards

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Re: Even scientists are gullible

The joke is the papers in hijacked journals do not show in Web of Science so they do not count. At least in the institution I work in.

BTW I already know what happened in the case of my friend. She let a graduate student (the first author) choose the journal and he found the wrong one. So, after all, the title of this piece is right. The kids are easy to scam.

arctic_haze Silver badge

Even scientists are gullible

Two of my colleagues have fallen for scam scientific journals passing for respectable ones of similar or even identical names.

One of them working now in a different institution have published two papers (each for something like $3000) in a scam journal and never noticed something was wrong. He was so proud of the papers I had no heart to tell him the truth during our brief meeting. Especially as my history of contacts with the person was not on the "friend" level.

I learned about another one yesterday. A colleague from my institution showed me her paper in a journal I knew had been hijacked and ask me why this paper is not visible in the Web of Science database one year after being published. I double checked (there was a small spelling difference in the journal name, the ISBN was identical but it was not the same journal) and send her an email explaining what happened. She has not replied yet and I'm feeling bad about letting her know. But someone should.

It is a shame such fake journals exist for years even if they are based in some rather shady corners of the world. But I'm still surprised that a scientist can be duped by (I guess) a simple email with a link to the false webpage.

arctic_haze Silver badge

Re: Wonder if they are any better at butchering stats?

Yes, the sentence is very confused. Is the 17% the fraction of all people tested while 34% is the fraction of people from one age group? I do not think so. So something is certainly wrong.

Red Hat eye from the Ubuntu guy: Fedora – how you doin'?

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Re: Fedora has its ups and downs...

This is why I upgrade to a new Fedora version only after 6 months (roughly when the previous one stops being updated). All the major problems of the versions are history by that date.

IBM: Yes, it's true. We leaned on researchers to censor exploit info

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Re: A wizard should know better...

True, but still IBM should know better.

arctic_haze Silver badge

A wizard should know better...

...as Gandalf used to day in similar situations.

Student software finds new Minor Planet found way out beyond Pluto

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That's no moon… It's a space station!

And we need to hire a nice looking British actress to steal its plans.

Yahoo! halts! email! forwarding! to! outside! email! addresses!

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I'm not surpised

I'm not surprised with this new change seeing for years everything Yahoo! go to the gutter. I had a mail account with them. It most probably had been forwarding mail to my main email account elsewhere. But seeing the general level of Y! service, I stopped using it years ago and hopefully it's been long blocked (at least I do not get any spam from them).

I am however surprised that there are people who still use this crap.

No surprise: Microsoft seeks Windows Update boss with 'ability to reduce chaos, stress'

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Re: The said truth about Windows nowadays

It absolutely did happen. The comment was under the "Our Windows windows will be resizable, soooon, vows Microsoft" article. The status of the comment is "Rejected 3 days".

The subject and full text was:

"The sad truth

Microsoft Windows has evolved into a state where it is a running joke."

Is there a Miicrosoft mole in the Reg team?

PS. That was under a piece by Andrew Orlowski. He may have a slight dislike of me after I wrote that I recognized he knew more about climate than IPCC but I had no idea he knew more about copyright than professional judges ;-)

arctic_haze Silver badge

The said truth about Windows nowadays

When I wrote a few days ago that Microsoft Windows became a running joke, the comment has been deleted as going against the Register comment guidelines. I wonder which, especially as Le Reg uses the very same phrase in many articles on Windows.

User couldn't open documents or turn on PC, still asked for reference as IT expert

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The computer Tao

I have also seen users complaining that a mouse works strangely while holding it upside down and ones having problems with switching computers on or off.

Having said that I must add that there is an additional (mysterious) component. There are people computers seem to obey and ones the hardware and software itself seems to hate. I call it "computer Tao" as I don't have a better name for that. You either have it or you don't.

Someone calls me that the server cannot be switched on. I ask him to show me how he tries to switch it on. He does everything correctly but the box is dead. I push the very same button and the server comes alive. As irrational it seems to be, I've seen it too many times to ignore this. And always with the same persons. Sometimes applications crashed the moment such person entered the room. Superstition? Coincidence? Maybe but it did happen too many times to just shrug it off.

Badda-Bing, badda-doom: Microsoft search guru heads up giant's new AI boffinry unit

arctic_haze Silver badge

Artificial intelligence created by artificial intelligence

I've just read another Register story about a user who could not switch on her PC but still got a job as an "IT expert".

Now, I have a lurking fear I know where she got the job.

Our Windows windows will be resizable, soooon, vows Microsoft

This post has been deleted by a moderator

UK copyright troll weeps, starts 20-week stretch in the cooler for beating up Uber driver

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Re: "He'd better make sure he never drops the soap"

"send [them] to a remote Scottish island where they would have to live on a diet of organic brown rice and vegetables and learn Buddhism and meditation."

I'm a vegetarian and like to spend holidays on Scottish islands. Sounds like fun to me!

Ever longed to be naked in Paris? City council votes TODAY

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A clever move

A nude sunbather cannot hide a bomb (except for rather wee ones)!

The law is an ass: Mooning banned at arse end of the world

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Banning "obscene songs or ballads"

They are close to banning "Waltzing Matilda" if you really stop for a moment and think what it's about. Bill Bryson did and added another verse, in his opinion, fitting the existing ones:

"Forgetting that spoons stir hot liquids much better

The swagman immersed his tool in his tea

And as he sadly watched his wee willy boiling

He said "now I can't bugger you, will you bugger me?""

EU court: Linking to pirated stuff doesn't breach copyright... except when it does

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A real Renaissance man

So now Orlowski became an expert on EU copyright right? It is obvious that he understands climate better than IPCC but this is new to me.

Exploding phablet phears phorce Samsung Galaxy Note 7 delay

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Re: Requires 440VAC for charging

You mean it needs a 88 kW charger? ;-)

The icon represents the inevitable result.

SETI Institute damps down 'wow!' signal report from Russia

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Has SETI been taken over by the Greys?

If so, we're doomed, doomed!

False Northern Lights alert issued to entire UK because of a lawnmower

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Infrequent lawn moving

It is possible that they've recently switched from a combustion motor powered one to an electrical one, forgetting why they had originally chosen the non-ecological mover.

Some Windows 10 Anniversary Update: SSD freeze

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Happy Anniversary, Microsoft.

Luckily I managed to avoid the semi-obligatory Win10 upgrade downgrade.

Native Skype for Windows Phone walked behind shed, shot heard

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No native Skype on Android?

Good riddance. Now, how do I delete it from a Samsung phone? I did manage to disable it but still, why should I have 115MB of dead-weight storage?

Italian MP threatens parents forcing veggie diets on kids with jail

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Criminal persecution for teaching mainstream climate science?

I go almost every year to the EGU conference in Vienna. It seems most of the 12,000 scientists who take part should be arrested for agreeing that greenhouse gases do warm the planet.

The last time people were threatened in Europe for teaching mainstream science was during Galileo times.

Google Chrome will beat Flash to death with a shovel: Why... won't... you... just... die!

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Last refugee of Flash?

Soon the world will forget all about Flash. There will be only one small island using it, Britain watching productions of its official TV company. It would be a great place to insert a Brexit joke but I think it would be too cruel

BlackBerry: Forget phones, Lawsuits In Motion is back – and it's firing off patent claims

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Re: The sign of a dying company

To be able to boycott BlackBerry I would have first to start being their customer.

So far, I never had a BlackBerry device in my hand.

Email proves UK boffins axed from EU research in Brexit aftermath

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Thank you Mr. Cameron

Thank you for making Britain the pariah of Europe. Thank you for the risk of UK splitting for the second time in two years.

We appreciate you did it all for your career inside the Conservative Party. It was well worth it!

Microsoft buries the bad Windows Phone news: Mobile sales collapse

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Re: Other phones?

The feature phones, mostly in Asia. They sold the whole division to Foxconn recently so the fat lady has already sung.

Plenty of fish in the C, IEEE finds in language popularity contest

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Re: Haven't heard of R

I use R a lot. I love the almost magic-like syntax which recognizes whether you want to add numbers or vectors. Loops are used only when the R developer imagination fails.

And true, when someone asks me what R is, I say that is an implementation of S.

Microsoft stops to smell the roses, creates the Shazam of flowers

arctic_haze Silver badge

Is there any synergy with telemetry?

Will they be able to monetize the data on the flower lovers?


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