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Microsoft reveals terrible trio of bugs that knocked out Azure, Office 362.5 multi-factor auth logins for 14 hours

arctic_haze Silver badge

"gaps in telemetry "

Yes. Only more telemetry can save us. Every user of Microsoft software should have telemetry installed in his/her orifices.

If at first you don't succeed, you may well be Cisco: WebEx patch needs its own patch

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My love/hate relationship with WebEx

I have a long history of problems with WebEx (European Space Agency made me use it). A pity because we need a viable alternative to Skype.

NASA has Mars InSight as latest lander due to arrive today

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It has landed so it is time to congratulate NASA and everybody involved in preparing the mission!

Talk in Trump's tweets tells whether tale is true: Code can mostly spot Prez lies from wording

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Re: Accuracy

"It's not very useful to claim "73 per cent accurate". What they should give is a percentage of false positives and false negatives."

False positives are 100% minus the hit rate (that is 23%). From the x-axis of Figure 2 in the manuscript it is visible that false negative is also close to 25%. I know this from the description on page 11 (search for "false positive").

Blighty: We spent £1bn on Galileo and all we got was this lousy T-shirt

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Re: Spoof Galileo in the English Channel

Most of the victims would be Irish ferries replacing the lorries stuck in Dover.

In Space, Still: 20 years since Russia hurled first bit of floating astronaut hostel into orbit

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We need ISS in orbit just to have an argument against the growing flat earth fallacy which claims there is no space. Now everybody can see it by naked eye and even see its silhouette using a small amateur-class telescope.

With no ISS, even more people will believe there is no gravity, stars hang on a glass firmament and the Earth pancake is surrounded by an impenetrable ice wall.

Behold, the world's most popular programming language – and it is...wait, er, YAML?!?

arctic_haze Silver badge

Speaking of programming language definitions

I like the definition of R language saying simply that "R is an open source implementation of S".

Holy moley! The amp, kelvin and kilogram will never be the same again

arctic_haze Silver badge

Re: How easy it is to get an international deal

They treated it as an embassy. The only problem is embassy of what exactly?

PortSmash attack blasts hole in Intel's Hyper-Threading CPUs, leaves with secret crypto keys

arctic_haze Silver badge

Not a big problem on a modern OS

If your OS is Win10 you need not worry about software snooping your encrypted transmissions. All your keyboard input is sent to Redmont (and who knows where else) anyway.

Another Meltdown, Spectre security scare: Data-leaking holes riddle Intel, AMD, Arm chips

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Re: New phone

Yes, we should revert to using Z80 processors. At least my half-forgotten knowledge if its commands could make me indispensable!

John McAfee is 'liable' for 2012 death of Belize neighbour, rules court

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Extradiction unlikely

Mac is an American citizen so he will not be most likely extradited. Isn't it unfair that an American may do such things abroad and be practically immune from criminal persecution while the US wants everybody and his dog extradited from all over the world if it feels its interest were at stake?

Want to hack a hole-in-the-wall cash machine for free dosh? It's as easy as Windows XP

arctic_haze Silver badge

The banks don't care

It is peanuts for them and they are most probably insured, anyway.

Sudden Windows 10 licence downgrades to forced Xcode upgrades: The week at Microsoft

arctic_haze Silver badge


Now two corporations will get all my data at once!

Junior dev decides to clear space for brewing boss, doesn't know what 'LDF' is, sooo...

arctic_haze Silver badge

I was also clueless at the time

But sill, I would start with renaming the file and checking what happens.

Brit boffins build 'quantum compass'... say goodbye to those old GPS gizmos, possibly

arctic_haze Silver badge

Inertial navigation system

This is what it is:


Maybe it is supposed to be better than the existing ones due to the quantum thing, but for mow it is two orders of magnitude larger than what is commercially available.

That amazing Microsoft software quality, part 97: Windows Phone update kills Outlook, Calendar

arctic_haze Silver badge

Worse than a shot in the foot

It is an eye opener how Microsoft treats "those who cling to Windows Phone devices" (as the article calls them) or in other words its most loyal fanboy cadres.

International politicos line up to get shot down by Facebook

arctic_haze Silver badge

Re: It may take a while...

Do you honestly think that he uses commercial airlines to move around?


Samsung 'reveals' what looks like a tablet that folds into a phone, but otherwise we're quite literally left in the dark

arctic_haze Silver badge

Now wait for its Second Coming

Isn't the Church of the Surface Phone waiting for a rapture caused by a device exactly like that?


Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server

arctic_haze Silver badge

Will this never end?

Microsoft at least in consistent in the quality of its services.

Russian computer failure on ISS is nothing to worry about – they're just going to turn it off and on again

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In Soviet Russia computers upgrade you.

Russia inches closer to launching a crew again while NASA waits for a delivery from Germany

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Leave the testing to Microsoft. I heard they are good at it.

The nights are drawing in. Pour a cup of cocoa and join us for Windows 10 Autumnwatch

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Win 10 vs Soyuz debacle

The latest Win 10 edition had a setback on the scale of the Russian Soyuz program. Russia wants to send successfully three Soyuz rockets before it starts to test the device on humans, again. Shuldn't Microsoft be at least equally careful?

Nikola Tesla's greatest challenge: He could measure electricity but not stupidity

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Not the only scientist on a banknote

When Germany still had its own currency, the 10 Mark note had Carl Friedrich Gauss together with his eponymous bell-curve distribution, both on a graph and a formula.


Which reminds me that when I worked in Germany a Japanese colleague from the same lab asked me if I remember the Gauss distribution formula. I told him to look at the 10 Mark note. He did but went to the library to double check. He was surprised the formula was correct.

The Register Lecture: Great gravitational waves! LIGO's next cosmic act

arctic_haze Silver badge

I actually advised my godson (also a physicist) not to go into gravitational waves as the consortium had not detected anything in 30 years and who know if they ever would. He did not follow my advice and is one of the 1000+ authors of the papers the Nobel Prize was given for.

Good for him!

D.O.Eh: Here's the new privacy law Canada can't really enforce

arctic_haze Silver badge

Not a big problem

The most prolific source on such breaches are not the companies themselves but whistle blowers. The law will at least make possible to fine the guilty party.

IBM's Red Hat gobble: Storage will be a test of Big Blue's commitment to open-source software

arctic_haze Silver badge

There's method in this madness

Keeping Red Hat as a separate unit makes it possible to sell it if something goes wrong.

Hi there, Hubble, glad to hear you're doing okay

arctic_haze Silver badge
Thumb Up

All the bbest, Hubble!

My best wishes to the best telescope humanity is lucky to have.

Excuse me, but have you heard the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Chr-AI-st?

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Let us translate the RFCs into King James Bible language

For now, we can translate it to Shakespearean. There is an online app for that. This is the Preface of RFC791 in the Bard's lingo:

"This document specifies the dod standard int'rnet protocol. This document is bas'd on six earli'r editions of the arpa int'rnet protocol specification, and the presenteth text draws heavily from those folk. Th're has't been many contribut'rs to this w'rk both in t'rms of concepts and in t'rms of text. This edition revises aspects of addressing, 'rr'r handling, option codes, and the security, precedence, compartments, and handling restriction features of the int'rnet protocol"

Hubble 'scope gyro drama: Hey, NASA, have you tried turning it off and on again? Oh, you did. And it worked? Cool

arctic_haze Silver badge

Beer for everyone!

This is the best news I've seen in a long time!

Zip it! 3 more reasons to be glad you didn't jump on Windows 10 1809

arctic_haze Silver badge

Final Windows version

Now I see why Win 10 is supposed to be the final Windows version. It will end as a steaming pile of crap.

Apache OpenOffice, the Schrodinger's app: No one knows if it's dead or alive, no one really wants to look inside

arctic_haze Silver badge

Re: Counting is not so easy.

I always use the torrent for installers of Libreoffice. Therefore I guess I do not count as "a download".

Pentagon's JEDI mind tricks at odds with our 'values' says Google: Ad giant evaporates from $10bn cloud contract bid

arctic_haze Silver badge

The JEDI way

These aren't the AI Principles you are looking for.

Microsoft yanks the document-destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update

arctic_haze Silver badge

No surprise

The policy of more and more intrusive upgrades with less control by the actual user.

What can go wrong?

What could be more embarrassing for a Russian spy: Their info splashed online – or that they drive a Lada?

arctic_haze Silver badge

An important lesson comes from this story

Being evil does not make you competent.

Uncle Sam gives itself the right to shoot down any drone, anywhere, any time, any how

arctic_haze Silver badge

No one asked the question yet

Is it limited to US territories or covers the whole planet?

Also what is the upper limit? I mean, are satellites in danger?

Microsoft: OK, we have no phones, but look how much we love Android

arctic_haze Silver badge

Re: Surprised they don't make their own Android phones

The Android running Nokia X has been killed by Microsoft soon after it has been announced. Some people claim that Nokia X was a way of forcing Microsoft into buying the company's phone business. The irony is that the phone has been announced a quarter after Microsoft bought Nokia phone business but obviously developed earlier.

UK space comes to an 'understanding' with Australia as Brexit looms

arctic_haze Silver badge

A great success!

Especially that neither country is likely tol have its own navigation satellites any time soon.

Astroboffins may have found the first exomoon lurking beyond the Solar System

arctic_haze Silver badge

Moons of the moons?

Isn't it like fleas in the famous Jonathan Swift poem?

"So, naturalists observe, a flea

Has smaller fleas that on him prey;

And these have smaller still to bite 'em,

And so proceed ad infinitum.

Thus every poet in his kind

Is bit by him that comes behind. "

Microsoft resurfaces Surface kit alongside Windows 10 update

arctic_haze Silver badge

Re: Could you at least pretend to be writing for a UK website

...and talk some more about Brexit?

New Zealand border cops warn travelers that without handing over electronic passwords 'You shall not pass!'

arctic_haze Silver badge

Nothing to hide?

Do you really share your bank passwords with anyone who politely asks?

Robot Operating System gets the Microsoft treatment

arctic_haze Silver badge


We are so doomed...

Android Phones are 10: For once, Google won fair and square

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Re: Sun's CEO welcomed Android

How Sun ended? Bought for $5.6 billion. Not exactly the worst result if you were a major shareholder.

Why are sat-nav walking directions always so hopeless?

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Re: Too many apps

If lost in a forest go always down. You will reach a stream or gully and leave the forest along it. Going up will inevitably end on a hilltop.

Pain spotting: Russia's Aeroflot Docker server lands internal source code, config files on public internet

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I'm shocked, shocked! Websites are created by incompetents!

Still using Skype? Good news! After HOURS of meetings, Microsoft reckons it knows when you're Not Active

arctic_haze Silver badge

I wonder

Why people still bother with this application becoming worse and worse with every "upgrade"?

Out of nostalgia?

Enigma message crack honours pioneering Polish codebreakers

arctic_haze Silver badge

A new book on the Enigma story

Nice story.

Enigma is now in the news again due to a new book titled "X, Y & Z: The Real Story of How Enigma Was Broken" by Dermot Turing, great nephew of the famous man.

According to its review in the Nature journal, it also tells the forgotten story of the Polish cryptographers who saved Turing at least a year.

The review is here:


Pluto is more alive than Mars, huff physicists who are still not over dwarf planet's demotion

arctic_haze Silver badge

Re: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus

That's why some people call them giant planets.

It's been 5 years already, let's gawp at Microsoft and Nokia's bloodbath

arctic_haze Silver badge

Neither the Finns nor Nadella

The man who killed the Nokia phone business was Ballmer. He sent Elop to Nokia and Elop burned the platform without giving any replacement soon enough to stop the slide. He announced Nokia will be 'Windows only", The day he did that, I told my wife "Nokia is committing suicide". I was right.

However Nokia itself (the company) survived also due to Ballmer. His decision to buy the phone part of Nokia saved them making iit possible to pay off debtors. Microsoft wrote off all that money as loss the next year but that was not Nadella's fault. Nadella just stopped the large money stream going straight to a black hole ear after year.

Official: Google Chrome 69 kills off the World Wide Web (in URLs)

arctic_haze Silver badge

A question

What do you get if you copy the URL? If the copied URL is not complete it may not work.

How stupid would that be?

NASA 'sextortionist' allegedly tricked women into revealing their password reset answers, stole their nude selfies

arctic_haze Silver badge

Re: 64 years

He should have kept all his heroine in the cloud.


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