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Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why

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Re: Journalism's Haaaaaardd

"Appxdeploymentextensions.dll and Appxdeploymentserver.dll"

Have they run out of shorter filenames?

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"Au revoir"

In Soviet Russia you sell the free software.

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Re: Redmond's not been super-responsive of late.

Revoking Windows XP they are not supporting. Would I feel any difference?

Two weeks of Windows 10: Just how is Microsoft doing?

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Re: I am happy with it

This is exactly what the Stockholm Syndrome is about.

If you installed Windows 10 and like privacy, you checked the defaults, right? Oh dear

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Black Helicopters


Previous versions of Windows had a NSA key. The most recent one seems to have been written by NSA.

Global spy system ECHELON confirmed at last – by leaked Snowden files

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ECHELON and 9/11

ECHELON did nothing to stop 9/11 not because of some absurd conspiracy. I believe the reason was rather the combination of low tech / paranoid terrorists and complacent intelligence agencies which listened to every international phone call instead of infiltrating the group which already once tried to blow up the WTC.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Torrent-U-Like updates GULP DOWN your precious bandwidth

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Re: Should be very effective.

Yes, making distribution of critical patches dependent on a large number of random Internet users is a great idea. What can go wrong?

Windows 10: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to Microsoft's long apology for Windows 8

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Re: Shit shit shit

My dad's PC luckily is a XP.

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Multiple desktops are a new thing?

I'm surprised. You could have them with Microsoft PowerToys on Windows XP. With Windows 7 and 8 you had the choice of registry hacks (the underlying software was there since Windows NT) or third party apps.

So maybe they are a new thing but only to users with minimal IT knowledge and no geek friends.

Windows 10 on Mobile under the scope: Flaws, confusion, and going nowhere fast

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"Still feel like MS peaked with Win 2000"

The Windows GUI peaked with Windows 95. I'm quite serious. Win95 was a shock, a quantum leap. The technology underneath could have been rubber bands and duck tape (as the number of crashes suggested) but the GUI simply shone. Look how it has been aped by every OS ever since, with the sad exception of Windows 8.

Microsoft: Hey, you. Done patching Windows this month? WRONG

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Re: That's the thing about icebergs

Luckily the Windows ship is unsinkable. Oh, wait...

Science sub spots lost Revolutionary-era SHIPWRECK

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Re: Ship to wreck


I believe the IT angle of this piece of news makes as much sense as the song.

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IT Angle

Ship to wreck

To wreck, to wreck

To wreck, did I build this ship to wreck?

What makes our planet's clouds? Tiny INVISIBLE CREATURES. True story

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Re: Original Research?

You mean the CLAW hypothesis named after its authors: R. J. Charlson, J. E. Lovelock, M. O. Andreae, S. G. Warren. The second one is the famous Lovelock of Gaia hypothesis. The paper was indeed published long ago (in 1987) and it is known to the authors of the new study (it's their Ref. 10).

However, it is one thing to postulate something and another to prove it with observation evidence. The CLAW hypothesis is being discussed ever since and no consensus has yet emerged. It even has been buried in a high profile paper 4 years ago: http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nature10580

So this new paper is just another tiny part of a long dispute.

Happy NukeDay to you! 70 years in the shadow of the bomb post-Trinity

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Re: Bombing Japan

What most people don't realize is that Manhattan Project was an answer to the research Otto Hahn and colleagues did in the Third Reich. Einstein wrote a letter to Roosevelt urging him to do something similar. So the real purpose of the project was to bomb Germany. Luckily for itself, Nazi Germany collapsed before the bomb was ready. And because it was ready and the war with Japan was still in full swing.... You know the rest of the story.

Microsoft: Stop using Microsoft Silverlight. (Everyone else has)

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I long suspected that mental health is somehow correlated with using Silverlight.

Java jockeys join Flash fans in the 0-day exploit club

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Re: Writing from a dull place

I now understand why I had problems installing WebEx. However at the webmeeting site there was a link to a "temporary" WebEx installation that did work. So apparently there is a Java free version.

With Java, if you must install it then at least change the browser plug-in to "Never activate". It is possible, at least with Firefox.

PS. Luckily, I do my coding in C++ with no Java attached.

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Writing from a dull place

On my latest Windows 7 (yes!) laptop, I installed neither Java nor Flash. The Web looks much better without all the Flash ads. Youtube works fine on HTML5. So do most news sources where I sometime watch a video. And I do not need to update both every second week.

Is my life too boring?

WHAT ARE the 'WEIRD' SPOTS seen on far-flung PLUTO?

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Regularly spaced dark spots?

It's almost like the definition of a series of letters, in short script.

I wonder what's written on Pluto...

Pan Am Games: Link to our website without permission and we'll sue

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Staying on the safe side

I will not link their precious URL. In fact I will be even more careful. I will neither watch the games nor even read about the results.

Am I safe now?

SatNad's purple haze could see Lumia 'killed'. Way to go, chief!

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This is a logical move

Microsoft bought the Nokia phone business to save Ballmer's face. There was no other reason. The platform was burning orders of magnitude more intensively than when Elop took over.

Nadella is not Ballmer so he needs no face saving moves here. He just wants to stop the money drain on the failed Ballmer/Elop project.

Black and Latina boffins regularly mistaken for janitors, study finds

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It's no better in year 3000

Scruffy was always taken for a janitor even as he owned most of the Planet Express shares

DOUGHNUT (donut?) and whale FOUND ON PLUTO

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Of course we see in the blots things familiar to our brains. It's the idea behind the Rorschach's test.

However we still can have a few days of imagination, thinking out funny thing which the blobs might represent. My fun idea is they are Hebrew characters stating "I am who I am". That would be a true shocker, wouldn't it?

Libre Office comes to Android

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Funny thing but I have the same feelings seeing the multistorey clutter of stacked menu rows. I stopped using Microsoft Office 15 years ago (yes, in 2000) switching to Open Office and later to LibreOffice. I never looked back.

I realized how much I do not need this application when I bought recently a PC with a preinstalled Microsoft Office. I deleted it without switching it on, even once. I have no idea why people are paying money for something which offers them no advantage comparing to free software.

Hardcore creationist finds 60-million-year-old fossils in backyard ... 'No, it hasn’t changed my mind about the Bible'

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Re: Evidence.

I dare to disagree. In my opinion the Universe was created 5 minutes ago, including not only all the fossils but also us and our memories.

EXT4 filesystem can EAT ALL YOUR DATA

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Status on Fedora

It seems the bug is only in kernel 4.0.* versions and therefore affects only Fedora 22 (which is in a beta version) and some fresh kernel updates on Fedora 21. A patch is already available:


Luckily for me I have only Fedora 20 boxes. I always prefer to wait six months before upgrading to the new version.

World of the strange: There will be NINE KINDS of Windows 10

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Re: ???

For the present day corporations existing users are as important as yesteryear snow. Especially with service based contracts. To get a good deal you have to threaten not to renew your subscription. However, I'm afraid with a monopolist, not even that will work.

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Re: Not seeing an issue

I opt for the Strange anti-Windows edition.

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The more expensive the better!

"Pro users also get the option of Windows Update for Business, which allows security updates to be delayed so that Windows Home users can test the patches for bugs."

Let me guess. The Ultimate Supreme Pro version will not update at all?

Enjoying the Spring? Microsoft has 13 ways to fix that

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Windows 10 will be updated like a Linux distribution

There is only one minor difference. Linux needs no reboot after applying the patches unless you update the kernel itself.

China tackles vital strippers-at-funeral problem

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Re: Fantastic idea, I have already booked some for my funeral.

I'll paraphrase Bender the Robot and add:

"... in fact, forget the funeral!"

Pi(e) Day of the Century is upon us! Time to celebrate 3/14/15 in style, surely?

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Re: Americans and PI

It would be even more fun if they voted the ratio of gravitational mass to inertia mass as 1.2.

Bite my shiny metal Ask: Java for OS X crapware storm brewing

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Re: At least on a Windows PC...

I just checked the "Suppress sponsor offers when installing or updating Java" checkbox, then "Apply" and started to upgrade Java. The malware was offered to me anyway.

50 shades of grey can turn Adobe Reader into a hot mess

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What next?

I have the feeling that some of the software companies are able to create a text reader susceptible to viruses hidden in plain ASCII.

Microsoft man: Internet Explorer had to go because it's garbage

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It is a kind of personal victory

This comes after so many years when I had to deal with local trolls who wanted to move the company Web pages to something IE-compatible repeating the Redmont crap about IE being so secure and more standard than the standards themselves. Luckily the guys who had such views could not deliver any working code, compatible or not, so they usually vanished pretty quickly.

Scary code of the week: Valve Steam CLEANS Linux PCs (if you're not careful)

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Re: Two lessons from this

So you backup only one computer? I have a Linux box which is always on which I synchronize all my devices with. Yes, I could unmount remotely the volumes between the backups but I feel this is too much bother. Anyway, if the account doing the backups is allowed to mount them, where's the additional security?

The problem with my setup is that I sometimes use the box to for example do a quick Internet search. This is the moments when I am vulnerable. That's why I'll probably change the account owning the backup volumes and give my primary account only read access (I sometimes need the backed up files, after all). What's so wrong with that to vote it down?

arctic_haze Silver badge

Two lessons from this

One is something I knew for decades: Never run anything as the root user unless you absolutely need to.

The second one is new to me. Use a different account for backups and do not give your primary account writing permission on the backup volumes.

Marriott: The TRUTH about personal Wi-Fi hotel jam bid

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Thumb Down

This matter does not involve in any way Wi-Fi access in hotel guestrooms

Until you have the bad luck of having a room too close to the conference spaces.

Windows Phone bumping along the bottom

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O tempora, o mores!

"Microsoft thinks it's ducks are in a row in its pursuit of those billion"

What pidgin is that written in?

Microsoft whips out real-time translator for Skype calls

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Scary stuff

If Microsoft is able to translate Skype conversations in real time, making transcripts is a piece of cake comparing to that. And that's rather useful for snooping agencies of all kind, isn't it?

However, considering the proverbial Microsoft software quality, what will the government read when you say "She was afraid she would bomb out of school"?

Dark matter-hunting boffins spot EXCITING signal in X-ray spectrum

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Speaking of EXCITING signals

An exciting neutrino has just passed through me. Where should I report it?

Google says NYET! to Putin, pulls techies out of Russia – report

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What if Russia uses the "right to be forgotten"? Will it be totally erased from the Google engine making Russian Fort, CA the only thing you will see looking for info about the country?

Blackpool hotel 'fines' couple £100 for crap TripAdvisor review

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Absolutely outrageous

I wonder if the clause would be enforceable if you booked with booking.com or similar company. After all you did not have the clause in your booking.com reservation so you may argue it was imposed on you after you chose the hotel (an most probably payed). Booking com encourages you to rate the hotel after you stay there and nowhere says you are financially liable for negative reviews.

Generally a clause saying you owe money to hotel you stayed in for things you did afterward is dubious and this is an understatement. Why not add another that if you marry within 10 years after the stay, you owe the hotel your first born son.

Patch Windows boxes NOW – unless you want to be owned by a web page or network packet

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Re: Update FAIL (?)

No, it's success. This way you are much safer.

Microsoft warns of super-sized Patch Tuesday next week

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Re: Windows 8.0->8.1->8.1u1->8.1u2 !!!

My colleague lost his presentation for the next day meeting this way on his Win8 laptop. I did not believe his story of an unexpected system upgrade until I read the above.

Met Office: 2014 was fifteenth warmest on record

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This summer was globally the warmest on record

I have a question to the article author:

Which part of "global" in global warming don't you understand?

Intel: A tiny video drone? Disguised as a bracelet? Great! Take half a million dollars!

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This is too cool to be legal for long

It's not immoral, fattening, addictive, expensive or impossible, so it must be illegal.

July 14, 2015. Tuesday. No more support for Windows Server 2003. Good luck

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July 14, 2015

Isn't it the same very day Hew Horizon will pass the (ex)planet Pluto?


Does Microsoft use astronomers (or astrologs?) when planning its end-of-support dates?

Cheer up, Nokia fans. It can start making mobes again in 18 months

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Nokia was the clear winner of the phone business sale to Microsoft.

Think about that. They got rid of both Elop and his cash drainer Windows Phone at the same time and actually got real money for that.

It is like getting rid of your mother-in-law and earning money at the same time.

'Cortana-gate' ruins Satya Nadella's Microsoft honeymoon

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Isn't it obvious?

Microsoft has everything it needs to become a patent troll champ. They can add more money from parasiting on other companies than from their own devices. And this is how it will probably end, Nadella willing or not.


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