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Wait, what? The Linux Kernel Mailing List archives lived on ONE PC? One BROKEN PC?


Re: £120 for 4MB

You were lucky, first Z80 single board system we built, wire wrapped, had 16k, [might have been less], ran at 1MHz, but not at 2, spent a LOT of time persuading the manager to let us cut a circuit board to increase the clock speed, 1982 I think..

My first PC had 256k with a 384k add-on board. Still have it, might not work tho :-)

Fujitsu, NetApp to drop it like it's Vblock: Year 8 is not 2000-and-late


For the ignorant, vShape has been around for over four years with Brocade switching -- the NFLEX is a reframing of the vShape with Extreme Networks switches - which are essentially rebranded Brocade datacenter switches.

Customers buy these solutions because they want a single point of support and don't want to have to try and design/build one of these from scratch. Not everybody who buys computing solutions reads the drivel posted by anonymous cowards.

Fujitsu hold numerous world records for performance and low power consumption and they are not made in a cloning factory in China. In the interests of disclosure, I work at Fujitsu and am proud to so do.

As usual, commentards who have nothing productive to contribute should sit on their hands.

Sci-Fi titan Jerry Pournelle passes,
aged 84



Byte, absolutely, Goth, probably wasn't, geek, certainly, it was the best bit of Byte, Chaos Manor's tales of the unexpected.

RIP Jerry.

Don't rely on fitness trackers to track number of calories burned


Comments have brightened up an otherwise dull morning. If you don't measure it, you can't measure changes in lifestyle and from my experience I needed a bit of encouragement. So my fitbit transponder lives in my pocket, not on my wrist - so the accelerometer cannot measure chopping carrots. But does show me how much or little I have moved in my sedentary job..and for how long. We aren't designed to sit all day.

It ONLY has ANY value if you watch what you eat - not necessarily calorie counting, just sensible eating, AND NO SNACKS, deep fried Mars bars or other culinary delights that are heart attacks on a plate.

I have never bothered taking a scrap of notice of the 'calories burned', and the Chemists rough counter is much more use - two miles walking = 200cals, plus the height gained, plus a bit more for being 10kg heavier.

Simples really, eat less, more healthily, more exercise, live longer.

The GPL self-destruct mechanism that is killing Linux

Big Brother

Calling libraries written in other languages

Now there's a thought... hmm that would be DEC's VMS - you could make library calls from ANY language supported by the operating system - and the architect?.. Mr Dave Cutler, genius...

Proper operating system, proper clustering, properly scalable, totally reliable, who needs the BSOD?

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