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Help-desk hell


Re: beware of pissing off BE Tech support.....

I can honestly say only good things about BE.

However, sometimes their tech support can be a bit... well... overzealous.

We had a problem with our router, for some reason the wifi would randomly drop, and we finally established that the router, that lives on top of the games console cabinet, had gradually been jostled enough to loosen the antenna so the connection wasn't constant.

Still, the new modem was a nice surprise three days later...

Latest scam spam ploy: Bogus pay-by-phone London parking receipts


What I always find hilarious is that the emails invariably do the following:

• arrive in my Hotmail inbox, which has been derelict since before I could drive

• list the license plate of a car which I scrapped in 2009

• list a location in London that not only have I never been to, I have never heard of

• list an 'offence date' that is not only impossible, but has on one occasion been AFTER the email was sent

Combined they make a brilliant read, oh and the little malbyte that tries to open really excels at failing to launch in a Linux/MacOS environment.

BBC in secret trial to see if you care about thing you plainly don't


The Problem with DAB

T-- --obl-- ---h --- --- is ---- --ro-

Oh bugger this *changes back to FM*

I said, the problem with DAB is that, from personal experience, living near to a tree reduces the number of DAB stations from 30-ish to 0. Also, having walls in your house stops the signal. Even thin walls; and if you're round the back of the house even just thinking particularly hard stops the broadcast.

Now you can accuse me of being Too Northern (I live within clear sight of the Cheviots) to get modern radio, but if you're in direct line of sight of a transmitter and simply covering your (extremely expensive and battery gobbling) radio's antenna with your HAND can stop you getting radio signal, then it is hardly a stable and equally provisional service to venerable FM is it now?


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