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Gift-giving gotchas: How to avoid Xmas morning EMBARRASSMENT

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Re: Rechargables

Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables are the ones to get as they don't go flat after a few weeks of not being used. Some NiMH cells can lose over 50% of their charge doing nothing in just a few weeks.

As for chargers don't go for the all singing all dancing rapid ones, they just cook themselves and the cells.

Since I accepted charge times of hours rather than minutes the problems I had which were similar to yours have gone.

In a meeting with a woman? For pity's sake don't read this

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Whats a chuffing power lunch?

Does it mean it has loads of calories?

Wow! British Gas bungs a million remote-controlled sales-droids in UK homes

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So do they get their power from the mains before or after the sensors?

If its after and you use sod all energy they will actually put your bill up.;

Samsung Galaxy S3 explodes, turns young woman into 'burnt pig'

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This is exactly why I never put a phone in my front pocket. Ans last time I said this on here I got down votes so please down vote away :-)

Moscow's speed cameras 'knackered' by MYSTERY malware

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Re: 3.2 Million reasons to love speed cameras

Accidents are generally caused by driving too close or too fast for the conditions.

Stopping folks from breaking an arbitrary set speed limit is hardly going to stop the above.

But its a good earner for the government.

Curiosity Mars rover flashes pics of GREY drilled powder sample

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Looks like

they forgot to empty the ash tray before they packed it up and shipped it to Mars.

Microsoft: Office 2013 license is for just one PC, FOREVER

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No problem with that

Assuming its £19.99?

Clarkson: 'I WILL find and KILL the spammers who hacked me'

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He generally says

What most of us think and would love to say. Even if it isn't politically correct, but who cares about that anyway.

Mobe networks bag UK 4G for a steal - £1bn shy of Osborne's £3.5bn

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4G, very nice

Wonder when I will get f'ing 3G reliably.

They seem so focused on tomorrow they forget about today.

Software update knocks out Space Station communications

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If it aint broke

Don't fix it.

AMD: Star Trek holodecks within reach

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If they want performance why suggest an interpreted language?

Own a drone: Fine. But fly a drone with a cam: Year in the clink

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Its the USA isn't it?

So why don't folks just blow them out of the sky with a 44 magnum?

Its OK to shoot pretty much anything over there isn't it?

The universe speaks: 'It's time to get off your rock!'

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Why the suprise over the russian hit?

Meteors and asteroids are the products of collisions and its safe to say the huge one that passed us by was going to have some debris following it. It was the size of an Olympic pool Friday but it would have been even bigger thousands of years ago, did they think the fallout from millions of old collisions just evaporated?

Satanic Renault takes hapless French bloke on 200km/h joyride

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Re: Hmmm

Assuming its the same system as my Laguna MkII, you put a credit card type key into the dashboard and and then press a button to start the car. When the engine starts the key card is locked in place. When the car is moving the stop/start button is ignored.

iOS 6.x hack allows personal data export, free calls

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But the question I want answering is

Who the hell finds these things out?

How bored must you be to do all those actions to see if anything happens?

Spanish boffins increase GPS accuracy by 90%

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does the 2 metre accuracy mean it stops just before or just after the STOP sign??


2e2 cloud cash fiasco puts NHS IT and biz 'over a barrel'

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are things that generally rain all over you.

Both in the real and virtual world.

A new Mac Pro coming this spring? 'Mais oui!'

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You say it will be barred from Europe and refer to a standard on a none European website?

Failure to comply to EN60950 is not a reason to bar an item from Europe. Failure to comply with the LVD (Low voltage directive) is the only way to bar an item from Europe.

Compliance with EN60950 does not automatically infer compliance with the directive.

You can market something provided it complies with the directive even if it does not meet EN60950.

Jammy b*stards: Admen flog chocolate bars with 'Wi-Fi-free' zones

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Re: Even a Portable Faraday Cage?

Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 is a UK act I think. To apply in the EU it would need to be a directive or something.

Researchers break records with MILLION-CORE calculation

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Re: The future of home computing

But they are crap. They give you a 5 day forecast and change it every couple of hours.

They give a % because the whole process is so complicated they can't give a definitive answer, so why bother?

I have given up trying to predict lottery numbers, it's too complicated. So I guess, and I'm not too proud to admit it.

Naked intruder cracks one off in Florida rampage drama

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If they had shot and killed the naked bloke would they have got away with it?

Should that be gotten?

This week's BBC MELTDOWN: Savile puppet haunts kids' TV

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Innocent until proving guilty?

Has our Jimmy been tried and found guilty then?

They guy is dead and the government is probably spending a children's hospital per year to do exactly what about him?

It was an indirect reference to the guy, so bloody what, who cares? Obviously do gooders with nothing better to do.

NRA: Video games kill people, not guns. And here's our video game

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Just curious

Why you say "Adam Lanza shot dead 20 children and 6 adults" rather than "some gun crazed loony shot" and then list the 26 names?

The more publicity his name gets the more chance there is that some like minded loon will try and better him.

Boffins develop microwave weed-zapper

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Re: depth

" Even if you did it is trivial to toss down a box of worms after the radiation"

Sadly that sort of cavalier attitude is what screws so much up these days.

Hey, lets have to kids then we have a spare if we brake one.

Brit boffins build projectile-vomiting robot to kill norovirus

Electric sheep

Cure for cancer?

Nope lets try cure a bug that's makes a few people throw up for a bit.

Satnav-murdering Google slips its Maps into car dashboards

Electric sheep

Integrated satnavs are way better

Because they still work very well with no GPS signals. The GPS antenna on my car died but the satnav still worked perfectly. It uses the compass to know which way its pointing, reads the speedo and figures out very nicely where you are. I had no GPS signal for 6 weeks but the satnav was still spot on.

The other big plus point is you don't have have a stupid lump stuck to your windscreen obstructing your view and 50 miles of cable running off to a fag socket.

The down side is they add obscene costs to the price of a car.

Toyota motors ahead with radar crash avoidance tech

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What about auto pilots?

They manage it.

BBC in secret trial to see if you care about thing you plainly don't

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D igitall A udio B allocks

Japan Display cranks up ultra low power colour LCD panels

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Re: Transflective

True, but they took a damn sight more than 3mW.


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