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'Serious flaws in the Vertigan report' says broadband boffin


Re: The USA is currently enjoying WHAT?

The USA has its National Broadband Plan, we have the NBN. Under the plan private companies like Google are currently rolling out to a few places. Google is in fact rolling out to Kansas and Missouri. They held a competition to see what cities would get it first. Those cities had to make a contribution.

As far as I am concerned that is infinitely fairer than a bunch of politicians and their servants in a private locked room making the decisions.

Yes there are people very hungry for broadband. But what you must realise is that the faster you roll it out the more it will cost per unit. So you slow it down a bit and now you are favouring one electorate over another, or you try to speed it up as happened here. That policy proved to be a vote loser. For every satisfied voter there were at least two that were pissed off either because they were no where on the schedule or because the economy turned south and they feared losing their jobs.

Optus to shutter Unwired


I got that notification by email yesterday

The email contained a set of alternative 3G / 4G plans from Optus, and a link to a coverage map. According to that map Optus have no plans to provide 4G. So I guess I will be migrating to Telstra. They already have 4G in my area and I have a line-of-sight to both Optus and Telstra. I plan to install an external MIMO antenna.

My guess is that in future years, this event will end up being a case study in Business Schools. Why would anyone pay $230 million for a business then shut it down without having an equivalent offering (read 4G) in place? The spectrum they acquired is all very high frequency and does not penetrate that well. Users needed to place modems near the right window or use an external antenna. The spectrum is not worth any where $230 million.

The other issue is who in their right mind would want to do business with a company that would likely cut you off in this way?


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