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Microsoft: Just swallow this tablet ... the rest will take care of itself


The desktop is a dream, I think people just haven't been able to understand how it's used by reading articles, mostly because people review it before using it more than an hour. They talk about it felt to initially transition to it, rather than talking about how they feel NOW.

Windows 8 Pro is many, many times better than Windows 7, which I'll admit was almost acceptable. Windows RT on the other hand is consumer grade weakness, but so are tablets at this point. Gotta figure people that hate Windows 8 Pro haven't tried it. Metro is kinda neat to play around with, but there isn't any good software yet.

I've never been interested in a tablet or smartphone before until Surface Pro was announced. It's a shame they couldn't launch it at the same time as Windows 8 RT. And it's a shame with the names of these things, probably causing confusion. 8 Pro is a full computer and 8 RT is so far, an experiment.

Microsoft mulls 'Xbox Surface' slate for games


Xbox games on PC

What I want is to play Xbox games on my Windows 8 PC. I've refused to buy a console because I built and have always maintained a powerful desktop PC to play games. It makes no sense to me to buy an Xbox which contains the same elements (actually less) than a PC. If Microsoft would make a PCIe adapter which contains any necessary chips to be able to put Xbox discs in my PC and play them, I'd do that for sure. Of course, it should have a setup software to allow me to set it to 1080p and 60 or 120 FPS, in games which are compatible with an increased framerate and 3D. MS is already supposedly making a PC version of the Kinect, and I heard it was better. I have an Xbox controller already. Would like to play Xbox exclusives like Forza and Halo for example. I'm already bored of the idea and gave up, but I would again be interested if it was possible.

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