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Petraeus sex'n'menaces webmail trail leads to NATO A'stan general

marc anton


Isn't Petraus wellknown for years as BetrayUs? I think I read it first in TheReg, when he took over the Afgan command. In Biden was always dubbed as BiteUs...

Obviously people - even in "the wild", vulgo the public - did know the "special" character of those guys quite well, and for that without the FBI's help...

As the saying goes, fish mostly stinks from the head!


Windows Server 2012: We defluff Microsoft's 'cloud' OS

marc anton

closed sources are never a good idea

I work in a mostly MS Windows environment and for us MS products are not bad. But if one ever will have to change things, hard- or software related - MS puts major obstacles in the way to change. And then even the proprietary "free" stuff suddenly gets very expensive, if not preventing a transition at all. I will prefer VMware and in my opinion the initial costs and TCO are not higher than with MS. And it runs many different flavors of OSes since long without giving problems when changing.



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