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Redditors start flinging Pooh after mega-forum takes cash from Chinese behemoth Tencent



Well this should be best the sideshow in years.

Look forward to the the redditariat excercising their democratic rights and letting the self interested, and certainly not communist, grand pooh-bahs know what they think, complete with uncomfortable reminders of inconvenient facts.

As for El Registrites, we know they wouldn't ever stoop to that level.

An AI system has just created the most realistic looking photos ever


Image search

Hmm, I'm going to do a Google image search. Bet I find some matches.

What's big, blue, and short on Intel? The supercomputer world's podium: USA tops Top500 with IBM Power9



Very seriously impressive Willy waving.

Glad to see the Douglas Adams school of machine names emerging ...

Sunway TaihuLight

Piz Daint Cray cluster


Volta GV100

Mellanox Infiniband

Epyc 7501

Sugon TC8600

Cavium ThunderX2

Dawn of the dead: NASA space probe runs out of gas in asteroid belt after 6.4 billion-mile trip


Then what??

... and there’s a high probability that it’ll stay in space for 50 years.

Silent running: Computer sounds are so '90s


They're coming to take me away

Cell phones may becoming more civil but the infuriating gimmickry is migrating, showing up on toasters, washing machines and, worst of all, cars.

I long for the days when you turned these things ON and OFF without these elaborately choreographed Startup and Shutdown.

Wi-Fi Alliance ditches 802.11 spec codes for consumer-friendly naming scheme


About time

A change that is long overdue.

New Zealand border cops warn travelers that without handing over electronic passwords 'You shall not pass!'


An app opportunity

Full off-device backup.




A web where the user has complete control of their data? Sounds Solid, Tim Berners-Lee


So my data lives in the Solid environment which guarantees that I control which apps have access to which data and how often. (once only, on request, always, etc). The environment would have to guarantee that a group of apps could not share personal profile data or app activity data, and thatdata is deleted when an app is deleted. What else? Automatic expiration?

What's that smell? Oh, it's Newegg cracked open by card slurpers


Client or server.

Why not server side? The server is delivering these links to the client and it should not be delivering any old un-vetted crap even if that means the link has to be resolved in order to vet the underlying IP. Tedious and convoluted? Yup, but only because webpages have become such a chaotic Cluster. Time for more engineering and less code-slinging.



...Or, just be can't be bothered?

Compiling the candidate list is easy from the logs. Vetting the list is a one-off task. Using the list to look for exceptions and new good-guys is the point. If a unknown/new IP shows up, then who the hell is it, and what the hell is it doing?

It is well past time for serious web bizzies to stop having intimate relationship with whoever shows up.

Revealed: The billionaire baron who’ll ride Elon’s thrusting erection to the Moon and back


Re: pathetic

More in it's exhalations than in yours.

Spies still super upset they can't get at your encrypted comms data


Never never never...

...give these agencies legislated access

They have a solid track record of misusing every dodgy right ever given to them. And of course it is never ever reciprocal, they always Stonewall any attempt to look at their ecrets.

Cobbler feels the shoe-leather: An IP address is still not a human


The issue here is

Not this chap nor this movie.

Once they have a judgement in their favour they can leverage it against ip owners/leasees who have real money and lots of clients who don't like to pay to download cobblers.

Just how rigged is America's broadband world? A deep dive into one US city reveals all


Having Moved in the US from "fibre to the house", to "Cable to the house" to 6.0mb/s "DSL to the house" I am feeling the pain.

Access is no longer a fun pastime, it is now a utility and should be regulated as one. Makes you pine for the mindset that gave us the Rural Electrification Act of 1936 to "to give rural Americans a 'fair chance.".

"REA crews traveled through the American countryside, bringing teams of electricians along with them. "The electricians added wiring to houses and barns to utilize the newly available power provided by the line crews."

Winner, Winner, prison dinner: Five years in the clink for NSA leaker


Re: I find it hard to credit the 'printer dots' with her indictment/conviction

The dots just make it easy.

I doubt OCR would help; as you say, only a few folks printed it, but embedded typos, hard spacing and minor version differences would also point to particular managed versions and so to smaller pools of folks who had access,

She has been very poorly treated, and as The Intercept said, everything she revealed was splashed out by Muller and the facts were known to the FBI and those chaps under our beds a year before. This hardly rises to the level of espionage.

Teardown chaps strip away magic from Magic Leap's nerd goggles


Waveguide wizardry

Anyone care to enlighten me on how wave guides are used to form an image on the multiple focal plane plates??

It may be poor man's Photoshop, but GIMP casts a Long Shadow with latest update


Re: Forget the geeky stuff, sort out the user experience.

I second your sentiment (and I scream ever time I'm offered an app prefixed "my")

In GIMP's case it's less of a Journey and more of a Quest.

US voting systems: Full of holes, loaded with pop music, and 'hacked' by an 11-year-old



It speaks volumes that the industry is so inept that it is unable to come up with a secure machine to expedite voting and counting.

Dilettantes, the lot of them,without exception.

The Register's 2018 homepage redesign: What's going on now?


RSS Rocks

MeToo, & all that.

Just the stories,thank you very much.

Shame RSS seems to be withering elsewhere.

Holy ship! UK shipping biz Clarksons blames megahack on single point of pwnage



...or, they had help on the inside on who to target, and how.

Nah, it won't install: The return of the ad-blocker-blocker


How about ...

... a browser that let's the ad slingers do there thing in a tab you can't see then shows the actual content in a tab you can see?

‘Elders of the Internet’ apologise for social media, recommend Trump filters to fix it


Re: Veritaserum

Everyone of us probably has nasties lurking in our psyche. A Hallmark of intelligent civility is too keep under control.

Dell is still a work in progress as it seeks to dominate all data


The reason

Why? It's not complicated, it's about the money and only the money.

A gives B shares, B gives A money. A joins the ranks of high hubris billionaires who now believe they have the answer to life the universe and everything and that it is their sacred duty to foist that on us, the unwashed ignorami.

Feds charge Man after FCC boss Ajit Pai's kids get death threat over net neutrality axe vote


clowns to the left of me jokers to the right

Difficult to say who is the bigger dick.

Unbreakable smart lock devastated to discover screwdrivers exist


A Prize For These Guys

So, I am honored to nominate theses chumps for the inaugural award of the Elizabeth Holmes Trophy.

Meet the Frenchman masterminding a Google-free Android


Data Ownership

The underlying issue is who owns the data about us.

Once governments make it clear to these pickpockets that an individual's belongs to the individual the better.

And no, I don't care a ff that the collection companies spend time and money gathering and collating it. It no more belongs to them than physical assets in the ground belong to the companies who dig it up.

Cops fined £80,000 for revealing childhood abuse victims' names


So no actual personal sanction for the dolt who did this??

Aussie bloke wins right to sue Google over 'underworld' images


Given airport security's penchant for finering the entirely wrong person, and face identification systems inability to identify a face in a crowd and the plod's readiness to rely on these tools our chap would do us all a favour by succeeding.

Juno finds some lightning on Jupiter is the polar opposite to bolts here on Earth


Re: Now draw me a nice picture of Jupiter....

And while you're at it, the equator is not " a lot closer to the sun". A mere 4,000 miles in 93,000,000 is a close to irrelevant.

John McAfee plans 2020 presidential tilt


Re: Finally!

No power?

If only.

After years of prez's whining that their hands are tied Joe Isuzu gets electedand goes on a rampage.

Foolish foodies duped into thinking Greggs salads are posh nosh



Next up, the wine snobs.

Mirror mirror on sea wall, spot those airships, make Kaiser bawl


Re: Family memories

The first time in the history of mankind than a huge machine appears overhead to rain down death with impunity. The impact on the population must be about the same as as a spaceship appearing and doing the same today.

'Autopilot' Tesla crashed into our parked patrol car, say SoCal cops


So, in crashes per mile driven, does Tesla Autopilot have a better record than meatbags?

The data is out there fer sure.

Boffins: Michael Jackson's tilt was a criminally smooth trick


45°? Pfft.

In the "Nothing New Under The Sun" department,


Machine learning for dummies: You needn't go back to uni to use it



Since time mmemorial and in every field

1) Finding the answer is not the problem, finding the question is. (D.A. yes, I know)

2) The priests will always control access to their gods

IBM turnover shrinks $28bn in 6 years but execs laugh all the way to the bank


She has a long way to go to catch Bezos who thumbed his nose at "Grow the share price now" crowd for many early years while he grew and broadened Amazon.


Re: So what's important?

Undoutedly true that the markets provide essential liquidity for securties, but there is no direct benefit to the company when a share sold at initial issue for $1 is later traded on the stock market for $10.

The last few years have amply demonstrated the Ills of chasing share price growth at expense of long term viabiliy.


So what's important?

So what's more important, share price (total market capitalization), or the health of the company?

I'd argue shareholders are generally parasitic (share trading does not provide capital to the company)

I'd rather have a company that takes care of it's healthy businesses and invests in promising new businesses.

IBM looks ok to me.

Corking story: Idiotic smart wine bottle idea falls over, passes out


Re: If you want to only drink one glass at a time

Yup. Too obvious. Keeps all that nasty O2 out, and is wicked cheap if you dig a little - which is half the fun.

Prof Stephen Hawking's ashes will be interred alongside Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin



Religion claims to be the truth.

Sciences proffers the best explanation, so far.

CEO of smartmobe outfit Phantom Secure cuffed after cocaine sting, boast of murder-by-GPS


Banning encryption.

Your facts are exactly correct, but..

... do you want to put your money on a wager that this will be used as an excuse to ban?

I'll take the bet any day, and I'd also bet that many in our commentard community would also.

Identifying planets with machine learning, dirty AI searches, and OpenAI scholarships



What an effable waste of time.

Android P will hear no evil, see no evil, support evil notches


To The Register's mind,

"To The Register's mind..."

And here was I thinking El Reg was an undifferentiated bundle of nerve endings optimized for Pavlovian knee jerks.

Hawaii governor: I wanted to tell everyone nuke alert was fake – I just forgot my password



So they saying Radio doesn't work?

Nor TV?

Neither cops nor National Guard on the street?

Laughable if not so desperately serious.

Storage Christmas cracker: My band is called 1023MB. We haven't had a gig yet



Christ, my retirement didn't come a day too soon.

Good luck with that lot.

IBM asks remaining staff to take career advice from HR-bot



I'd love to tell you how much I loathe these types initiatives and bots, but I don't have strong enough powers of invective.

It starts with anything that begins with the cringe-worthy "my", as in "my likkle pony". Obsequious, condescending, profoundly insincere and utterly self serving. This is the IBM that Apple railed against and subsequently became.

There isn't one example of these bots that comes close to even the most incompetent customer service rep (Google support has come close though).

Dystopia is this running on on Watson.

Teensy weensy space shuttle flies and lands


Re: Playmobil

The pocket money account ran at a deficit for a longtime.


Re: Playmobil

Ah, the awesome jetex.

In my impatience to fire up my new Payloader, I hung it from a washing line strung inside the greenhouse, lit the fuse and retired to a not quite safe distance. It quickly became a blurred into a disc around the washing line before achieving escape velocity.

It smashed a neighbour's window before the shattered greenhouse glass had hit the ground.

Self-driving bus in crash just 2 hours after entering public service


Why is this even news redux

What has this to do with the Self Driving Vehicle (SDV®)?

May as well report every fender bender

(At least the news would be less depressing to read)


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