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Talk about beating heads against brick walls... Hard disk drive unit shipments slowly spinning down


Good Catch, I was surprised to see nearline market declining in the Big Data storm..

Thought Macbooks were expensive? Dell UK unveils the 7 meeeellion pound laptop


I'll order two because it flatters me with its "Built for your brilliance!" slogan..

My 2019 resolution? Not to buy any of THIS rubbish


Vinyl is an inferior transfer technology, and hence will not allow to much volume compression or the needle will skip. Hence even for contemporary music, Vinyl has a sonic advantage in many cases since the master is not as brickwalled. (Google Loudness wars).

For all music up to 1994, I can guarnatee you ythat the original vinyl release will be far superior to any remaster or CD version.

There are inferior vinyl relesaes, mostly issues in different countries from bad tape copy or reissues..

I remember bying Diana Ross, Diana in the in the early 90-ties and the transfer was worse than 10 year aged casette with wrong Dolby setting.

Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz


Re: Amidst all the wailing and knashing of teeth here

AIX Features that have no common Linux equivalent.

Live OS upgrades

Active Memory Expansion (Inline memory compression)

Active Memory Sharing (connect swap device to hypervisor and let OS overcommit memory)

Memory De-duplication

Great Cohesive admin framework

ASO/DSO (automatically tune the operating system for the workload)

Workload Partitions

Suspend / Resume

Great Filesystem (JFS2) and volume manager

"ODM" as opposed to DevFS

Transactional Memory

Support for CPU embedded accelerators

Memory Protection Keys




kill exadata

Finally, now IBM can starve out the leech Oracle Linux and kill exadata for good. FTW

Scanning an Exchange server for a virus that spreads via email? What could go wrong?


Well there was NCD wincenter and a few other options before RDP..

Snap, crackle ... patch! Apple kicks out iOS 11.0.2 to tackle crappy calls, fix email glitches


Who cares about SMIME attachments? Have they fixed the battery drain?

Microsoft hits new low: Threatens to axe classic Paint from Windows 10


Re: The end

Snipping tool is great, but cant capture most dialog windows, which PrtScn nails perfectly.

Good God, we've found a Google thing we like – the Pixel iPhone killer


Where is the Pixel plus? 5" phone is sooo 2013

Does life as a hostage change your attitude to life as an IT contractor?


Very disturbing story about the state of civilization and politics. The end really makes you sick.

When you need the world to be black and white you are betrayed by this grey mess.I hope you will be able to amass enough strength to continue to share your experience.

Whitman's split: The end of Fiorina's HP grand expansion era


Re: HP's original strength

Canon invented and manufactures "all" proper laser printer assemblies, incl HP.

HP adds the plastic and maybe some firmware.

IMO HP does it better than most.

Who's the fat kid on the storage see-saw? We think it's All-Flash


I would not lump IBM all flash "IBM Flash Systems 900" with "traditional SAN/SSD" solutions like eXtremeIO.

Oracle reveals 32-core, 10 BEEELLION-transistor SPARC M7


Re: POWER8 disappoints


"Why would anyone want a huge P795 server, when they can get a small 8-socket M7 server? Tell me."

Because you you the term faster incorrectly. Your definition of faster is not yielding shorter response times. A lot of people actually has to open the branches in the morning and cannot wait indeterminately for EOD processing to finish. Telcos need to rate and bill transactions before raw data is discarded.

Couple slow processing of SPARC with anemic virtualization capabilities will allow these customers to do a lot more with POWER than SPARC M7 regardless of your definition of faster. And it will require a lot less Oracle licenses.


M7 is a rebadged T7!

there is no M7, to hide the fact M7 development is cancelled after current M5/M6 fiasco Oracle renamed T7 to M7. (and suitably dropped T7). More interestingly this will allow to use the same server designs across the line and the M5/M6 monster can be take out the back. Oracle can finally fire the high end old Sun design team that did not produce a single viable server design for 10 years after E25k. One product (M5) in 10 year is not acceptable by any standard.

Look at the core strength, number and pitiful cache size it is clear that it will not be able to hold a candle against Power 8. Compression? Well POWER7+ and POWER8 already has HW assisted compression/decompression.

Unmatched 1024 core scalability? Well IBM already announced the "TrueNorth" 4096 core chip.


Re: This explains IBM's $3 billion systems invest FUD

Captain Server Pants writes:

"Do you realize the 6 core chips in the 2 chip modules (remember 2x6=12) contain inactive cores? Why would this be the case? Maybe IBM fabs cannot manufacture the single part in high enough yields. Will Oracle follow IBM's lead and introduce 2x16 core (with deactivated cores) SPARC chip modules because it's a better solution? Sorry no, it's the opposite."

If you check the IBM POWER8 S824 Redbook you notice that all 4 IO buses are wired from each socket. So in fact what might look like a way to use broken chips, the 2x6 dual chip socket design increases the IO performance by 100% compared to a 1x12 core designs.

Samba 4 arrives with full Active Directory support


Samba AD implementation still broken?

The SAMBA AD implementation used to be "broken" and requiring a Linux hack to increase the number of groups per user, thus making incompatible with UNIX. (Ie Solaris, AIX, NFS etc). Is this still the case? Or can SAMBA 4 actually be used on anything but Linux? Other SMB implementation would not directly map a UNIX group to a Windows group thus avoiding the issue of running Windows 2003 server in native AD mode.

Apple to ditch Intel – report

Thumb Up

Since PAsemi developed/ sold a dual core 64 bit PowerPC processor before acquisition by Apple maybe they can switch back to a high performing Power architecture. :)

New iPad's innards: Good news for recent fondleslab buyers


Do the ipad 4 suffer the same heat/overheating spots that ipad 3 or is it closer to ipad 2??

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