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'This is Apple. It will take them 2 weeks to alter their website, will it?'


Two weeks? Nobody is that incompetent!

I've been a computer programmer for almost forty years, the last 18 as a web developer and I say if they need more than one day they are clearly incompetent and I don't think they are that.

Worse case scenario, they are database driven so all they really have to do is manually update one column in one table and they already know which one that is so it's a couple of lines of DB script or they just have a web app(most likely) that they type it into.

Apple just wants to play with the judges cuz they think nobody knows what they are doing. If I were the judge, I would have simply slapped a contempt fine on them,charging a huge fine every day until they change it, then they would change it in a day.



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