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Ten Linux freeware apps to feed your penguin

Iain Elder

"Gone are the days of attempting to run Microsoft Office with WINE just to keep documents in a compatible format"

Hey, that sounds like a good idea!

Try using Libre Office to edit a dissertation-length .docx with change tracking, tables and footnotes and let me know how you get on...

The experience nearly drove me to madness. I considered rewriting the peice in LaTeX.

Iain Elder
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Geany is the PowerShell IDE of Linux

Geany is wonderful stuff. With libvte9 it becomes the PowerShell IDE of Linux.

Seriously, I use Geany as my shell for anything more complex than a one-liner I can type from memory.

Bind F8 to "send selection to terminal" to make it work like PowerShell IDE. It requires more key strokes than PSIDE, but it's close enough for productive script-writing.


Big Data's big issue: Where are all the data scientists coming from?

Iain Elder

Data Science at Dundee

The Data Science course begins for the first time in January. An announcement from the University contains the same information as this article:


The page explains that "there will be significant overlap between the BI [Business Intelligence] and DS courses".

Dundee has offered the Business Intelligence masters for three years now. A summary of the BI syllabus is available here:


I would guess that the Data Science course would focus more on algorithms and presentation, whereas the Business Intelligence course would focus more on design and implementation.



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