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British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it


Apple UK auto resizes front page to hide "apology"


Apple UK website now automatically resizes itself to push the statement off the home screen. Technical way of complying with the judge whilst not complying. Challenge to UK law - US technical letter of law applies or UK common law test applies?

Story appearing in Reddit


Re: "Here's to a contempt of court charge."

Apple already has lots of lawyers and their costs are already well factored in Apple's financial operating model based on recent history.

As for understanding UK/EU law then it is you that shows the lack of knowledge. The Court ordered an action and specified how Apple were to comply. Apple chose not to, hence they lost and had to amend their website.


Proud of British judges

I'm very proud of our judges, and that's a rare thing!

Not only have they acted with speed and knowledge in this case, but they also created the argument that Apple is cool and Samsung not cool. Amazingly Apple decided to fight that judgement rather than accepting it and enjoying the comparison.

No GPS in the iPad Mini Wi-Fi: People are right to criticise


Re: Offline mappage

Google Maps downloads much more than that limit. I've just made 67 sq miles available in one download, that covers Birmingham to Bristol UK. Sure, not perfect, but still very useful.

I'm quite surprised that there is no GPS, from a usability perspective, but not at all surprised from an Apple profits perspective.


Re: GPS?

Weird route to Rome, and certainly not the quickest. Does that route avoid toll road, too?


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