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Between you, me and that dodgy-looking USB: A little bit of paranoia never hurt anyone

Black Helicopters

Beware the RED USB drive

When you work on a secure site the networks are of course air-gapped. So the only form of data transfer for normal PC's* is the RED usb stick... Which has to be signed for and audited in and out.

If you saw a red USB that was not in someones possession, you were not to touch it, you were to ring security immediately who would send armed ninja to appropriately dispose of the USB... and the person who had not looked after it. Security used to leave them on the floor in hallways as a honey-trap for the unwary.

It's not called sneaker-net for nothing!

*Secure Magneto Optical drives (EMP proof) were available for those who could use them!

Microsoft Azure gains Availability Zones and Immutable Blobs

Black Helicopters

Re: "can be created and read, but not updated or deleted"

If there is an incident (think air crash) or security incident, then all data referring to that incident has to be put on hold so that forensic investigators can look at it. You have to prove it's been put on hold and nobody (including admins who may have caused the incident in the first place) have played with it.

What can you do when the pup of programming becomes the black dog of burnout? Dude, leave


The Joys of Contracting

I love being a contractor, if I get pissed off I can just leave and get another contract. There is no pension to worry about, no loyalty, no end of year bonus, no review bollox. It's a business deal. Move on to the next one for a couple of years.

I have been permie a few times, More than once I have ended up suing them for unfair dismissal or breach of contract. Once they were actually offended, wasn't I grateful they had employed me?

How do you teach your children? You owe your employers exactly what they owe to you, will they give you money for not working (e.g. a bonus?) Yes? Feel free to give them free work when they need it. Will they pay overtime? No? then don't do any.

Is your employer loyal to you? Really? They won't drop you at a moments notice if it's more profitable to fire you than keep you? That's called business and it's a 2 way street.

I'm planning to retire in 2 years time, get on a boat and sail around the world. There is no advantage to me working another 20 years, so I need to quit and spend the money I have been earning for the last 30 years (yup, there is no inheritance!)

I will have the joy of knowing exactly who to blame if it all goes wrong...

HMS Queen Liz will arrive in Portsmouth soon, says MoD


Already There?

I'm pretty sure the USS George (whatever) Bush was getting in the way a few days ago during Cowes Week waiting to go into Portsmouth

Exposed pipes – check. Giant pillows – check. French startup mega-campus opens


I tried to point out at WeWork that the exposed airducts went out of fashion in the nineties, just after the dotcom monster spiderweb egg sacs started popping. The resident millennials all just looked at me like I had stepped out of the Natural History Museum.

Acer Iconia W3: The first 8-inch Windows 8 Pro tablet


such a shame

I really want a decent W8 small tablet.

I have a 12" x86 tablet, use it all the time... onenote is the big game changer for windows tablets as far as I am concerned. But battery life still isnt good enough, its still big and heavy and just a bit too much for everyday use.

I now have a Samsung Note 8, perfect size. But I cant find a replacement for onenote... s note, evernote, moblenoter dont have the integration. Although at least Microsoft have updated the android onenote 'viewer' I always have remote console for my 'big PC' work and an hdmi cable! (Or widi)

The big driver here is the stylus, which can finally make paper redundant, despite what Steve Jobs said!

So either a really good android onenote integration will arrive, or a decent Windows 8 small form factor tablet please. Dont care if that combination costs £1000, I'll never need another pc...

N00bs vs Windows 8: We lock six people in a room with new OS


Windows on a Mac as a test?

Did I understand this test correctly? You used a Mac to demo Windows 8, a machine without a Windows key and traditionally no scroll wheel? What did you expect?

I have tried testing Windows 8 on my kids. I didn't help them or tell them, I just changed the home PC and left it for the after-school fun. I will admit I was expecting all sorts of problems, but no.... All they mentioned was that it was quicker, which was annoying as I was looking forward to showing off and humiliating them, but from that experience I don't think there is going to be any problem with the 'reimagined' start menu.


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