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Most IT contractors want employment benefits if clobbered with IR35


Re: Contractor rights

And the employee on £300 a day doesn't get that either - they pay tax including higher rate tax, NI, pension, etc. Once you take off the things that both the employee and the contractor have to pay (and you can include accountants if you want) then the difference is the pay for the things that aren't included (currently sick pay, training, paid holidays, etc). What premium is reasonable above a normal employees wage to cover those things that contractors don't get and their lower level of job security? If contracts that pay tax want the perks of sick pay, paid holidays, etc then their pay should go down to account for that. Paid holiday is not covered by tax - it is covered by the employer.


Contractor rights

So, a full time employee might earn £300 per day doing a job and get sick pay etc and pays all the normal levels of employee tax/NI.

But, a contractor doing the same job gets £1000 per day, doesn't want to pay normal rates of employee tax/NI but thinks that if they do pay the normal rates they should get 3 times the pay and all the benefits because their job is less secure? What is the premium for job security? I would suggest a maximum of 50% increase on the standard employee rate and they would still pay normal employee tax rates. Is that fair?

Apple’s facial recognition: Well, it is more secure for the, er, sleeping user


Re: Wasps

An excellent point. Except, you can still make an emergency call with the phone locked. Oh, and you can still unlock the phone with the passcode. Other than those 2 points that is an excellent observation...

Luxembourg passes first EU space mining law. One can possess the Spice


Re: Dodgy Picture

Spice comes from worm activity and is a by product of their natural processes. The water of life comes from drowning a juvenile worm. I had the same thought that the picture was wrong - sandworms die when exposed to water. But in a later book Waff genetically altered the sandworms to become seaworms to live in water on Buzzell - maybe that is the picture? /Geek

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


New haptic keyboard feedback for adrenaline junkies


When Microsoft bought Nokia they didn't understand why Snake was so popular

We wantssss it, we needssss it. Must have the precioussssss

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