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Microsoft reveals Xbox One, the console that can read your heartbeat

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Looks Good to Me

Had a few consoles in the past and owned a Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and do a bit of PC Gaming to boot.

Watched last nights launch and have to say I hope the talk and gesture feature work other wise the Kinetc 2 will just sit atop of my TV gathering dust.

Will be interesting to see if they show any games running on the XboxOne hardware at E3 as to me the demos from last night (apart form COD Ghosts) just looked like tech demos.

The launch itself was okay but would have been happier if they had shown of all the new game aspects first and then said 'oh btw it also does the snap mode, voice recognition etc'.

Overall I shall going into this with an open mind and see what happens at E3, if I don't see any real gaming content then may pass for now.


Live Blog: Google I/O keynote


Nexus S4 for How MUCH!

Galaxy Nexus S4 for that price!

I shall stick with my Nexus 4 thank you very much

Why the Fail? for the price of course.....


Smartphone running 'Facebook OS' said to debut this week


Oh lord no

TBH I cant think of anything worse than a Facebook phone

Terminator Face - because Facebook could be Skynet in disguise.....


Apple adds Fusion Drive IO to iMac


Love it

I love this idea an think it will really help boost performance on the iMac.

Hate to say it but Reg is right a whole load of PC manufactures will now release new products just to compete. I am sick to death of other companies playing catch up all the time on design and simple integration to apple.

Can the other companies please take 5 mins to think what can we do in terms of innovation for the home computer market.


Apple's skinny new iMac line: Farewell, optical drives


Where's you DVD Drive?

My girlfriend and I bought a 27" iMac in July as she works in animation have to say love the product can cant deny it looks good.

Not at all jealous of the new iMac line I can she why you want to remove the optical drive from a laptop as you want to reduce the weight but on a desktop based machine that's never going to move I think they would have been better including a drive rather than making something pretty.

Some people do still RIP cd's I make a quiet a few MP3 CD's since I cant use an AUX out in my car CD player.



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