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Help-desk hell


Problem with TV

"The TV attached to my PC does not appear to be working and I've got a lesson in a few minutes. Help!" She points remote control at the TV. Nothing happens.

I reach across and press the craftily hidden power button on the underside of the flatscreen monitor.

"Oh, I didn't know it had one of those. I'm really embarrased."

"That's okay. I won't tell a soul!" :-)


Australian Win 8 launch fails to mention business


They left that to Steve Balmer in NYC



Microsoft's 'official' Windows 8 Survival Guide leaks


Poke fun, by all means...

...but would it be too much to ask to keep things acurate.

It is not possible to turn the menu bar black. Turning all slliders down in the RTM version sets the bar to grey, not black, unless you have a buggy graphics driver perhaps?

Printing, as has been mentioned before IS possible from Mordern UI apps

Other myths being published by various bloggers:

The traditional control panel cannot be found, except by: pressing the start and typing "control", by calling up the charms (Windows+C) click settings, click control panel, by right clicking my computer and selecting properties, by opening windows explorer and navigating the bread crumbs (who gave it that name????)

IE App is the default explorer (not on Enterprise version)

Window 7 is better (He's never had to deal with the print driver interface, synchronous profile load times, boot times, wonderful desktop apps that create 25MB loads in app data just by being run for the first time... thank you Java, et al.)

Some of the benefits business is going to get out of windows 8 are going to be ignored because people keep extending these myths. My boss walked in the door one morning and said "Did you see that article, blah blah blah, you can't even bring up the control panel." It did not help that I turned round and demonstrated there an then how wrong that was. In the end he walked away muttering about how the reviews are still bad. I am beginning to feel a little BOFH coming on... Now where did I put that cattle prod...


Windows 8: Is Microsoft's new OS too odd to handle?


Working backwards: What has UEFI got to do with what people are calling an Open platform. Most programmes still work on Win 8, as stated.

I held an opinion about Apples shiny-GUI-on-a-UNIX platform before I worked with a Mac. I then worked with it. I now have had that reinforced. I can now say with some authority that it sucks as a platform and, if Apple do not move from it in the next couple of years, it is going to be a 'what's that OS called again? OS2, no OSX, yes that was it. Named it after cats, that's right. It's a pussy now init...'

And if locked down is your problem, then hold on, money dictates that lock down is the way to go. Ask Google - they know everything!!!


Windows 8: An awful lot of change for a single release


Re: What no-one is saying is

"Oh and make it so you can't group the shit the way you want to."

Yes you can. That's the whole point.

"Win7s start menu works rather well and is anything but ungainly."

That's why MS analytics show that most people are typing what they want and pinning, not hunting through a layered treeview.

"Sometimes you want to look at your start menu and desktop, without having dual monitors."

Like when?

"I've been using W8 for months now and it still surprises me with odd shit it does to this day."

Likewise, but surprising? Like when a toaster pops and the bread sticks out at an odd angle and you say "Wow! I didn't know it did that!"

The point had been made time and time again that people do not like what they are comfortable with, that does not make it bad/wrong/crap. The RTM is much better than any of the preview releases and there's nothing surprising... unless you want to elaborate, perhaps?


What no-one is saying is

That the Start Menu even on Win 7 is ungainly and most people never use the treeview style interface to get at programmes. Remember with XP going all the way to the side of the screen and back again with levels inside the start menu?

What the new interface provides is a clever way to group the programmes you use most into intuitive groups. It's genius. I know, I've been using RTM for 2 months now, on both touch and non-touch PCs and Laptops.

Half the people who moan about Win8 have never used the RTM and have not bothered to see if it will fit before casting their dispersions. Win7 caused me disorientation the first time I used it because things were subtly different, Win8 was no different. After use would I go back - Give me the Win8 Start menu any day.

Give over with the gripping and get on with it.



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