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Up close with the 'New Psion' Gemini: Specs, pics, and genesis of this QWERTY pocketbook


All about the software

I also agree that the hardware was great, but it was the software that was the killer feature. If they're simply going to put all the usual standard Linux/Android/whatever applications on this then they've completely missed the point. For me, the 5 was good but the 3mx was the best in terms of the UI. The stylus just slowed things down. Once you learnt all of the shortcuts it was far faster than using a PC. I wrote some not unsubstantial documents using it. Each style could be assigned a shortcut so you hardly ever needed to use the menus, let along point and click - it was incredibly quick. The Diary/Todo application was simply sublime and no PC offer has ever bettered it. It was expensive, yes - even had to bay a fortune for the separate spell checker (which I did), but it all worked wonderfully.

British car parks start reading number plates



What annoys me is that the currently improvements in technology only benefit the vendors. The old Pay-and-Display parks used to be pre-payment only; you inserted your cash into the machine, selecting how long you wanted and displayed the ticket in the car. Of course you always over-payed. Now most shopping centres have pay-on-exit so they know more accurately how long you've parked. BUT they still use half-hour or one hour slots for this. So if I pop in for 20 mins I still pay for an hour. But if they know exactly when you entered and left - why can't they charge you accurately? So will this new generation of ANPR machines be fairer - or will the companies still be collecting hundreds of hours more payment per day than their customers actually used?

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